#7 of 13 things to do in Nahan

Trekking is a very exciting and thrilling recreational activity. Nahan is very fmous for it's trekking experience for amatuers. One of the most famous trekking paths is from Nahan to Renuka Wildlife sanctuary. It is a beautiful journey that brings tourists close to nature and exercises bodies in a natural atmosphere. It s a very easy journey. One can even trek their way to Jaitak Fort. The whole trek is only 2-3 km long and is delightful journey. This too is multi-dimensional, as one can exercise the bdy along with visiting a monument reflecting the heritage of Nahan.

The Churdhar Peak is another famous trekking point. This one is the highest peak outside of the Himalayan range and is a slighty advanced journey of a higher difficulty level. It is situated at a height of 12,000 feet. It is snow-capped on the upper side and the path goes through steep deodar forests. The base camp is Nohradar.

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