Renuka Wildlife Park

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Started in 1957 over an expanse of 3 km, the Renuka Wildlife sanctuary was first home to a stray male spotted deer - Moti. Since Moti, Renuka Sanctuary has rescued over a hundred species of animals such as green pigeons, jungle cats, palm civets, barking deers, spotted deers, blue jays, black partridges, samber, leopards and many more. Not only this, it also boasts of a great flora including carrie mangoes, cordia, khair and terminalia. It is very famous for it's lion safari. The first lions were brought here from Zunagrah in 1975. Furthermore, Renuka zoo is the oldest zoo in Himachal Pradesh and has an exotic variety of animals. 

The Renuka Santuary is of high religious importance as well. It is considered as holy ground by many devotees. It is the abode of temples of Lady Renuka and her son God Parshuram. Many legends and mythical folk tales surround the area. The lake, the temple and the forest, all three have mystical stories describing their origin. Locals even claim that the goddess roams the grounds at night. This makes it very exciting. 

Overall, Renuka wildlife sanctuary gives tourists a very enthralling and majestic experience. 

Renuka Wildlife Park Photos

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