Renuka Lake

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Situated 672 meters above sea level, Renuka Lake is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded with hills and is covered with dense forests on three sides. The sunsets and surises here look gorgeous. The view of the alpine forests is picturesque. The tranquility and serenity of the lake will help one unwind be completely stress-free!

Children will enjoy feeding fish and turtles that reside in the lake. Fish food and rusk can be bought from local vendors. Tourists can go for boating and enjoy the scenic view. Lush green trees and numerous lotuses will interest tourists interested in photography. A trip along the circumference of the lake (approximately 3 km) can be done on foot or on electric vehicles at a minimal cost. There is anotherlake nearby, known as Parshuram Lake. Although this lake is much smaller than Renuka Lake, it is equally beautiful.


  • All boats are pedal boats. Tourists will have to pedal barefoot as the lake is cosnsidered sacred by locals.
  • The cost of a 4 seater pedal boat is Rs. 200 - Rs. 250 and 6 seater pedal boat is Rs. 300 - Rs. 350 (prices as of April 2019)
  • Ride in electric vehicle around the lake costs about Rs. 50 per person (as of April 2019)
  • There are no eateries or restaurants there except for a small chaat bhandar that sells Jalebis, Samosas etc.
  • Keep children by your side at all times and beware of monkeys.


Renuka Fair is a five-day lakeside gala celebrated in the honour of Lord Parshuram's visit to his mother, Lady Renuka. Hundreds of thousands of devotees from all around the country visit the fair. Celebrations begin on Devprbodhini Ekadishi. Tourists must visit the fair to get a taste of the local flavours and feel tthe true essence of the Himachal culture and tradition. 

Renuka Lake Photos

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