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Nahan Tourism

Miles away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Nahan is an ideal weekend getaway, located at the foothills of the great Himalayan range. Complete with lush green fields, blue skies and rivers sparkling in the sun, it is nothing less than paraside on earth for nature-lovers and enthusiasts. While visiting Nahan, there is an endless list of what one can do as a recreational activity! Fishing is a must-do while in the city. An exotic variety of fish can be found in the peaceful yet lively waters of the city. Trekking and bird-watching are also very enjoyable experiences due to the great biodiversity found here. There are many wildlife parks and sanctuaries as well where tourists can witness animals ranging from hares to leopards! No visit to an Indian tourist spot is complete without a heritage tour and Nahan has it's famous Jaitak fort, built by the Ranjor Singh Thapa in 1810. Last but not the least, tourists must collect from hand-made souvenirs from the famous shopping streetsof Nahan. It is a place which is tranquil, yet full of life! 

Things to do in Nahan

1.Jaggannath Temple

11508 kilometres from city centre

Jagganath Temple was built in the year 1681 by Raja Budh Prakash. It is dedicated to Lo...

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2.Simbalwada Wildlife Sanctuary

11523 kilometres from city centre

Situated in the Paonta Valley, Simbalwada Wildlife sanctuary is home to hundreds of mig...

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3.Renuka Lake

11504 kilometres from city centre

GUIDE TO LAKE Situated 672 meters above sea level, Renuka Lake is the largest lake in ...

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11508 kilometres from city centre

Nahan has a good range of products and handicrafts that tourists can buy. Exclusive han...

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5.Trilokpur Temple

11509 kilometres from city centre

Located on an isolated hillock in the wadiyon of Himachal, Trilokpur Temple is haven fo...

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6.Rani Tal

11508 kilometres from city centre

Rani Tal is a beautiful lake situated near Nahan. It is a great place to kick back and ...

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7.Jaitak Fort

11505 kilometres from city centre

Jaitak Fort was built from the remanants of the Nahan Fort by the Gurkha leader, Rajor ...

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12760 kilometres from city centre

Trekking is a very exciting and thrilling recreational activity. Nahan is very fmous fo...

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9.Mall Road

11467 kilometres from city centre

Abuzz with lights and colours, Mall Road is one of the best places to go shopping in Na...

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10.Renuka Wildlife Park

11504 kilometres from city centre

Started in 1957 over an expanse of 3 km, the Renuka Wildlife sanctuary was first home t...

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11.Suketi Fossil Park

11514 kilometres from city centre

Whether it's the tusks of a mammoth or the resins of a woodland tree that lived eons ag...

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11353 kilometres from city centre

Fisihing in Nahan is a very relaxing activity. Tourists can laze around after picnics t...

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13.Chaugan Ground

11508 kilometres from city centre

Chaugan ground is a wonderful place for shopping in Nahan. It is complete with all loca...

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Nahan Photos

Himachal Pradesh tourism


Nahan has origins linked to royal families and saints. Legend claims that where the city stands today, centuries ago, a prince attempted to kill a lion. A saint, Baba Banwari Das, who was passing by saw this and said, "Nahar, Nahar!" meaning "Don't kill, don't kill!" and that is where the city derived it's name. Another legend calims that "Nahar" means lion and the city is called so due to the high population of lions that use to live there eariler. However, history has a different stance. It says that the city was built in 1621, by Raja Karam Prakash, the king of the princely state Simur. This is the most widely accepted version today. In 1947, it joined the Union of India.

Festivals and Events 

Nahan culture celebrates a wide number of festivals and events. Gugga Peer Fair is one of the largest fairs held here. It is in the honour of Gogaji, who is a diety in Rajasthan and a warrior hero in Nahar. The most unique aspect of this is that Gogaji is worshipped by both Hindus and Muslims under the names of Guggaji and Jahar Peer, respectively. Another very popular festival is the Vamaan Dwadashi, which is celebrated toward the end of the monsoon season. During this festival, fifty two pictures of local gods are carried in a parade to the famous Jagganath temple and floated in the pool near the entrance. This is considered very auspicious. 


Nahan, according to the census of India 2011, has a population of 56,000. Out of this 54% are males and 46% are females. Nahan also has a very high literacy rate, approximately 83.4%. Female literacy was recorded as 79% whereas male literacy was recorded as 86%. It has also been estabilished that 11% of population here is blow the age of 6.

Indian Special Forces Training School

The Indian Special Forces Training School is training institution for Army forces based in Nahan. Established on 15 April, 1987, it is one of the largest and the most important special forces training institutes in the entire country. The Indian Army conducts military and training exercises with many important partner countries such as Russia, France, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Thailand and United States over here. 

How to reach

Reaching Nahan is not very easy. It does not have a railway station, much less an airport. The only way you can reach Nahan is by bus. 

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport to Nahan is Chandigarh International Airport. It is apprxomiately 83 km away. Chandigarh airport is connected to all major cities of India. Following are flights from a few major cities of India to Chandigarh Airport:

1) New Delhi to Chandigarh

2) Mumbai to Chandigarh

3) Kolkata to Chandigarh

4) Bengaluru to Chandigarh

5) Hyderabad to Chandigarh

How to Reach by Train

Nahan does not have a railway station. The nearest railway stations are Dappar and Solan, which are approximately 87.4 km and 43 km away, respectively. Dappar, however is poorly connected to most places. The next best option is Chandi mandir railway station, which is in Chandigarh. It is about 85 km away. 

How to Reach by Bus

Nahan is well connected by bus. State run buses as well as private Volvos run to and fro Chandigarh, Delhi, Srinagar and Dehradun. 

How to Reach by Road

Nahan is located on National Highway 7. It is enroute to Panchkula, Patiala and Dehradun. National Highway 709A also connects to Nahan. Himachal Pradesh State Highways 2 and 6 can also be taken to reach Nahan. Travel by road is smooth and time efficient.

How to travel within

Taxi service is available within Nahan. Alternatively, if you are driving to Nahan with your own car or rented car, it will be benificial as you will save time instead of hassling over things like how to go, what price to pay, etc. Auto rickshaws are also available. Walking is not advisable due to terrain. 


Hotels in Nahan are offer very good ambience and service quality. Hotels near the city centre are recommended as all facilities will be nearby. Resorts are also a viable option if you want to kick back and relax. Some of the hotels and resorts in Nahan are listed below:

1) Sirmour Retreat

2) Sailan Resort

3) Grand View Resort

4) Nestling Meadows

5) Black Mango Resort


Nahan, being a small city, has not much variety apart from Himachal staple diet. However, there are a few good restaurants that offer North Indian and Chinese such as New Mehak Restaurant and Kabira Prem Niasagra. Take away is also available in most restaurants. Fast food lovers can have a meal at Binniz Pizza or Maggi point. Empirial Dhaba and Ambyee's Restaurants offer traditional Himachal Pradesh meals.


Nahan Itinerary

Day 1 (arrive at the hotel and have a hearty breakfast)

- Visit the Renuka Lake for fishing and boating (stop for lunch)

- Visit the Jaitak Fort (stop for dinner and return to hotel)

Day 2 (start with a breakfast enroute)

- Start early for Simbadwala Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy the flora, fauna and natural beauty of the park. Spend the day at Simbadwala. Ensure you carry lunch or opt for a package day tour. (return to hotel for dinner)

Day 3 

- Visit Trilokpur Temple (stop for brunch)

- Visit Saketi Fossil Park. Spend a comfotable 4-5 hours. 

- Visit Rani Tal and enjoy the evening breeze. (return to hotel for dinner)

Day 4 (unwind at the hotel, enjoy the amenities after a good brunch)

-Visit Jagannath Temple 

-Visit the Chaugan Road, Mall Road market for shopping

-Visit the Nahan Bada Bazaar for handicrafts and souviners (return to hotel and relax with a good night's sleep)

Day 5 (have breakfast enroute)

-Wake up early to go to Churdhar Peak for trekking. Experience the bliss and beauty of nature. Lunch can be opted for or carried, depending on travel agent.

(return to hotel, freshen up and check out)

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