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Nagarhole Tourism

Literally meaning the Cobra River, this park snakes through lushy forests and gayly flowing streams. This national park located in Mysore and Kodagu district, is one of India's first Tiger Reserves along with Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The park comes under ‘Project Tiger’, the objective of which, is to preserve endangered wildlife species and also it is under consideration by UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as World Heritage Site. Set up in 1955 as a wildlife sanctuary and later upgraded to a national park in 1988, this is the only park in Asia where one can find the highest density of the herbivorous amongst the inhabitants and thus every part of this park will leave you in awe of it's surroundings.

Flora of Nagarhole National Park

Rosewood, teakwood, Pala indigo, are some of the very common trees found here. Other trees found in this park are silver oak, sandalwood, teak, crocodile bark, Indian kino tree, axle wood, kadam, cotton tree, ficus, beechwood, Indian gooseberry, clumping bamboo, flame of the forest and golden shower tree.

 Fauna of Nagarhole National Park

Top animals to spot here are Bengal tiger, leopard, sloth bear, ussuri dhole, antelope, barking beer, sambar deer and elephant.  jungle bison here. Other common animals that are found here are jungle cat, leopard cat, gray langur, civet, mongoose, bonnet macaque, Indian giant flying squirrel, hare, pangolin etc.

Rich with streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls, abundantly blessed with flora and fauna, a paradise of animals and birds of all kinds, trekking through the evergreen forests and taking pleasures of the safari ride, this national park is one of it's kind and every nature lover's dream place to visit.


Things to do in Nagarhole

1.Rameshwara temple

16 kilometres from city centre

Situated on the banks of the Lakshmana Tirtha River, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Rameshwar...

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2.Iruppu Falls

17 kilometres from city centre

Situated in Brahmagiri Hills between Srimangala & Kutta in Coorg (Madikeri) distric...

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A little close to the Kerala Border, around 7 km from Nagarhole, Kutta is a residential...

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4.Nagarhole National Park


Located in Kodagu and Mysore dstrict in Karnataka, near Bandipur National Park, Nagarho...

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5.Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary


Owing its name to the Brahmagiri Peak, with Nagarhole National Park to its North-West, ...

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801 kilometres from city centre

The best ways to enjoy Nagarhole National Park, is to trek through the lush green fores...

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Nagarhole Photos

Nagarhole trip
Nagarhole trip
Nagarhole trip
Nagarhole trip
Nagarhole trip
Nagarhole trip
Nagarhole trip

Some of the few activities one can enjoy in Nagarhole National Park are as follows; Bus safari in Nagarhole, Minibus safari in Nagarhole, Trekking in the park, Elephant safari around Kabini, Boating in Kabini River, Bird watching and Wildlife viewing in Ngarhole. One can also relax and spend some quiet time amidst the nature in some of the resorts in and around Nagarhole; Kabini River Lodge, The Serai Kabini, The Red Earth, Kabini Springs Resort, King's Sanctury etc.

- Wildlife Safari in Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole national park provides various types of safari experience such as; 

Jeep safari : It is best for spotting large herbivores and predators like leopard, elephant, tiger and others.

Boat safari : This is available on the Kabini River and is the best to spot aquatic animals like water birds, crocodile etc.

Coracle ride : This is also available on the Kabini river. Coracle is a round boat that is best for slow drifting and to spot land animals.

Bus safari : This is available in the morning as well as in the evening. The possibility of spotting animals is higher in the bus safari. 


- Wildlife Safari Timings

- Jeep safari : from 5:30 am to 10:00 am and, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

- Coracle ride : from 9 am to 11 am and, from 5 pm to 6 pm

- Bus safari : 6 am to 9 am and, from 3 pm to 5 pm


How to reach

Nagarhole is easily accesible through rail, road and air.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is the Calicut International airport which is at a distance of 96.2 km from the park. It is advisible to enter India via Bangalore airport and then take up a connecting flight to Calicut. A lot of cabs, buses and other transportations are available to reach Nagarhole national park from the airport.



How to Reach by Train

The nearest railway station is in Mysore. The railway station is 80 km away from the national park. Train services from various parts of the country to Mysore are available. One can hire cab or bus to reach the park from the railway station.

How to Reach by Bus

Mysore, Bangalore, Madikere etc are some of the places from which the buses are available to reach Nagarhole national park.

How to Reach by Road

A taxi ride from Bangalore to the park would costs around 5,000 rupees and from Mysore, it costs around 2000 rupees. The park is well connected by road to most regions in Karnataka. Highways connect the park to the Madikere (90 km) and Mysore (96 km). The trip from both these places takes approximately 2 hours.

How to travel within

Safari and trekking are the best options to travel within Nagarhole National Park.

Some of the few tips to visit Nagarhole are; 

- It is best to reach the park before 6 pm because the road towards the park closes after that.

- It is advised to carry your own medicines, a torch, a mosquito repellent, a sun –block cream etc to the park but also do not over carry things as it would be difficult to trek with a heavy luggage.

- Avoid wearing loud colors and bold prints as that might catch the attention of the animals and might lead you to do danger.

- It is advisable that the safariarrangements are made well in advance to avoid any last minute disappointment.

Nagarhole Itinerary

DAY 1 :

- Begin the day by visiting the Rameshwara Temple along with Iruppu Falls.

- Continue towards the town of Kutta and break for lunch right after.

- Move on to Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctury.

- End the trip with trekking or enjoying the safari ride at Nagarhole National Park.


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