the nawabi city of Bengal

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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
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Murshidabad Tourism

Murshidabad, which was at first known as Maksudabad, is one of the greatest places of interest in West Bengal known for its chronicled significance that has seen a portion of the renowned Nawabs as the rulers of the spot. Nawab Murshid Quli Khan, who was the Diwan of Bengal under the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, moved the capital to Maksudabad from Dhaka and renamed the spot as Murshidabad. Located on the banks of the Bhagirathi, it is a city of wonder and is well known for its silk. It was made the capital of Bengal in 1717 preceding the British shifted it to Kolkata in 1773. Plassey (Palashi), where the noteworthy battle was fought in 1757 between Nawab Siraj-ud-Doula and Lord Clive of the East India Company, is just 40 km south of Murshidabad. Considering it a religious town or a landmark city would mean constraining its excellence and confining its heavenliness. This town reminds you that regardless of how forward innovation has presented to us, a few things are best experienced by walking. The city will transport you to an excellent, antiquated time and give you an incredible feeling of harmony and stunningness. There are various spots to visit and explore in Murshidabad that will give you a chance to see the heap shades of the past substance of this old city. While summers get excessively sweltering and winters excessively cool, the late-fall months, notwithstanding, remain charming and consequently serve the best time to visit. October to March is the greatest months to visit Murshidabad.


Murshidabad is a standout amongst the most noticeable verifiable spots of Bengal. Generally, it was a flourishing city of culture and workmanship that once succeeded as the Golden Period of Bengal. The craftsman of this old city of Bengal is very gifted and various kinds of craftsmanship and art are polished in the district. Ivory cutting, gold and silver weaving work and silk-weaving are a portion of these specialities. The craft of carving ivory was an expertise that was belittled by the Nawabs of old, and today, around 99 per cent of the complete production is exported. Another prevalent art is sandalwood carving. The general population of Murshidabad are additionally well known for their brass and bell metal product. The two most prevalent celebrations in Murshidabad are Bera Utsav and Hazarduari Mela. Bera Utsav is celebrated at Lalbagh. Customary folk dances and music exhibitions along with firecrackers are fundamental parts of the festival of this celebration. The celebration speaks of Murshidabad's rich history and features how the local’s affection for culture and custom join them. The Hazarduari Mela is organized by the West Bengal State Tourism Department with assistance from the Murshidabad District organization. Music is a significant element of the Hazarduari Mela, with exhibitions from local craftsmen like the Bauls and Fakirs having a place with the Murshidi and Marfati genres.

How to reach

Murshidabad is very much associated with the remainder of India by rail, air and roadways. Ordinary rail, just as transport administration buses, employ forward and backward from Murshidabad intersection, all around associated by a few traveller and express trains.

How to Reach by Flight

There is no non-stop flight availability to Murshidabad. The closest business air terminal is in Kolkata, the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, which is associated with Murshidabad through GT Road and SH 7. A portion of the significant major cities in India with flights to and from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport are New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Jaipur.

How to Reach by Train

The Murshidabad Railway Station is located at the core of the city. There are numerous trains working on the railroad lines that interface Kolkata to Lalgola. The trains stop at a couple of major cities and towns en route. A portion of the better-realized stops is Krishnanagar, Berhampore, and Ranaghat. Khagraghat, the other fundamental station, is linked with the Howrah Station.

How to Reach by Bus

There are no immediate transport buses for Murshidabad; you have to break your adventure at Malda for a taxi to the equivalent. These incorporate both private, just as, government transport buses. Another prevalent path for travellers to get to Murshidabad is by first boarding a transport bus to Berhampore, which is again associated with conspicuous cities of Bengal. Few more major cities outside the state with transport buses to and from Murshidabad incorporate from Madurai, Panchkula, Rampur, Jehanabad, Jorhat, and Kandhamal.

How to Reach by Road

The road routes to Murshidabad are by and large in great condition. In any case, a couple of stretches that associate Berhampore to Murshidabad have potholes, and this can be very perilous. The city is situated at sensible separations from different major areas and towns in the state and can be gone by road in a car with no issue.

How to travel within

Intra City driving is entirely productive as it is significantly state run. Autos for hire, transport buses and taxis are anything but difficult to discover. Numerous hotels likewise offer their private visit aides and vehicles for additional charges. It is anyway encouraged to hire a local taxi as they are cheap and promptly accessible.


Despite the fact that Murshidabad isn't especially renowned for any extraordinary cuisine, various restaurants have respectable eating dishes where you can appreciate a decent supper. Be that as it may, be cautious about the water. Every one of the staples of Bengali cooking makes for ordinary dinners for local people in Murshidabad. Have just filtered water as the neighbourhood civil water is polluted with arsenic. Murshidabad is likewise known for murgi biryani, Gobindo bhog chaal and Misti polao among a large group of other Bengali and Mughlai dishes. The illustrious cooking of the nawabs and the indulgences of Bengal have amalgamated throughout the hundreds of years to a genuinely rich legacy food with astonishing natural flavours. We see succulent potatoes in the meat curries, there is plentiful milk utilized in desserts, the nuts have supplanted at spots with poppy seeds and this without lessening the eminent taste and fragrances of the dishes. Customary sweets were essentially arranged with the pastes of jaggery and sugar. Murshidabad is additionally known for its mangoes and litchis.

Murshidabad Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Kolkata airport, hire a cab that will take you to Murshidabad town which is a journey of fewer than 6 hours by road. Reaching the town, get checked in at your pre-book hotel and freshen up to relieve the stress of the journey. Filling refreshed, head out to visit the Hazarduari Palace which is known as the landmark of this city. Later go-ahead to Footi Mosque which is also established very close to it. Spend your evening in the Belampore market, strolling at purchasing the famous silk sarees that can be only found here. Have dinner at one of the numerous restaurants found in the city, tasting the lovely Bengali cuisine.

Day 2: Finishing Breakfast, start your day by heading towards Katra Mosque known for its octagonal minarets. From there move towards the Jahan Kosha Canon to view this unique work by a local craftsman. Later visit the Jafaganj Cemetery and Kathgola exploring the royal residences and their indulgence. Finish the day by last visiting the Madina to see the fascinating mosque decorated with china tiles and unique craftsmanship.

Day 3: Being the last day of your trip, start up your day with a lovely breakfast and head towards Moti Jheel that still has the touch past in its picturesque landscape. From their visit the Murshidabad District Museum to see the rare artefacts and inscriptions from the royal era. Later fit your schedule by planning to visit the Nasirpur Palace, Nizamat Imambara and the Wasif Manjil to understand the glorious history and culture of Murshidabad in its beautiful architectures and craftsmanship. Finish the day by shopping in the colourful shops of the district buying the local art and craft that the place is renowned for to take back home. Stay overnight and head back to Kolkata the next day to board the flight back home.