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Munsiyari Tourism

Munsiyari is located in Pithoragarh, the easternmost hill district of Uttarakhand, adjoining Tibet, which is kenned as the 'Little Kashmir'. The area is an Arcadia for the nature admirers and adventuresome spirits. One can have a breathtaking glimpse of the Himalayan mountain, Panchchuli from this place. Munsiyari serves a the base for the trekkers who wish to proceed to Milam and Ralam Glaciers and Nanda Devi mountain. A swiftly advancing hub for skiing and different wintertime jests, Munsiyari is a moderately influential and evolved Himalayan town sleeping at an eminence of around 2,298 meters. The place is mostly dwelled by the Shauka tribes from traditional times and lies on the commercial route to Tibet. Munsiyari is at the foot of the all-embracing Himalayan mountain ranges and is an outset spot for countless treks into the heart of the Himalayas. Its title, when explicated, implies 'place with snow'. Located on the banks of Goriganga River, it is a fast-growing traveller stop. Glacier fanatics, high altitude trekkers and nature enthusiasts usually employ it as their base camp. Munsiyari also pitches on the old 'salt route' from Tibet and is the entry door of the Johar valley which prolongs simultaneously the path of the Goriganga River to its origin at Milam Glacier. Munsiyari is positioned at a range of 135 km from Pithoragarh and 200 km from Almora. It's the gateway to the Johar area which lies in the heart of inner Himalayas.

Things to do in Munsiyari

1.Shopping in Munsiyari

0 kilometres from city centre

Being a small town away from cosmopolitan areas, this place has not many options for sh...

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2.River rafting in Gori Ganga River

37 kilometres from city centre

River rafting in Uttarakhand will be an ideal getaway for you if you desire for a fasci...

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0 kilometres from city centre

Unwire from the boring routine and reconnect with the glamour of nature in by camping a...

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4.Panchachuli Peak

24 kilometres from city centre

A lofty tip of the Panchachuli resembles true majesty from the hamlet of Munsiyari. The...

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5.Nanda Devi Temple

42 kilometres from city centre

Nanda Devi temple devoted to Goddess Nanda or Parvati, a Hindu divine place where the b...

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6.Birthi falls

8 kilometres from city centre

Descending from the altitude of 126m, Birthi falls appears to be a remarkably stimulati...

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7.Kalamuni Top

5 kilometres from city centre

Positioned at a range of 15 km from Munsiyari, Kalamuni Top is 9500 feet high. The area...

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1446 kilometres from city centre

Munsiyari is rightly acknowledged for its strenuous treks leading to interior zones of ...

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9.Khaliya Top

3 kilometres from city centre

The Khaliya Top is a wandering grassland beset by white snow-clad summits, extending an...

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Munsiyari Photos

Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism
Munsiyari tourism

Munsiyari: Keeping Intact The Incredible Culture

As per the saga, Munsiyari had a part to perform in the lives of the Pandava siblings of the Mahabharata. The hamlet is considered to be the station from which the Pandavas mounted on their ultimate trip to heaven. Munsiyari was formerly a part of the early salt route commencing from Tibet. The local inhabitants of this province were affected by semi-nomadic lives and routinely bartered with Tibet, notwithstanding the critical circumstances of the Himalayan pass. Most of the inhabitants comprise of the Shauka population, often regarded to as the Bhotiyas thus making Bhotiya language one the prominent languages in the region. In 1962, India’s boundary with Tibet was blocked, and this left numerous inhabitants without a source of livelihood. The considerably freezing weather caused difficulty in the cultivation of the crops in the region. As a consequence, a chunk of the residents emigrated to different portions of the nation. This is further why hamlets neighbouring Munsiyari such as Milam and Burfu are still abandoned. The people of Munsiyari are great advocates of cultures and beliefs that have been bequeathed to the generations of Shaukas. Their culture is cherished and simplistic. Fabulous folk dance forms are an essential component of their culture. Some of the most widespread amongst these folk dances are Jhora, Cholia, and Chhapelli. As faith is significant to these people, numerous celebrations and carnivals orbit around their local divinities. The periods of August and September are regarded by the most quantity of festivals and festivities. A popular Shauka carnival observed by the people is Nanda Ashtami, which is in praise of the goddess 'Nanda Devi’. Nanda Ashtami is ordinarily observed in mid-September with plenty of grandeur and ardour. Popular craftsmanships composed by the people of Munsiyari include hand-woven carpetings, pashmina shawls, sheep wool quilts, and wooden artefacts.

How to reach

Munsiyari is well connected with most of the significant cities of the state of Uttarakhand. One can reach here by Road, Train or Flight.

How to Reach by Flight

The proximate airport is Pantnagar airport lying at a distance of 249 km. Connected with regular flights from Delhi, it is comfortable to shuttle from the airport to the hamlet by taxis accessible outside the airport. Naini Saini Airport in Pithoragarh is the other option, however, the flight do not ply from this airport very often.

How to Reach by Train

Kathgodam situated at a distance of 275 km and Tanakpur located 286 km away from Munsiyari is the two soundest choices of the proximal railway head to reach Munsiyari via railroad. These stations are well connected to several influential cities via a conforming rail track. Taxicabs and buses can be rented from outside the station in order to arrive at Munsiyari.

How to Reach by Bus

State-owned buses and privately owned buses operate frequently from Delhi and other major states. Considering the travel from Delhi to Munsiyari is pretty hard, it is prudent to split your journey at multiple halts and subsequently switch the bus from either Almora or Pithoragarh.

How to Reach by Road

Munsiyari is a tiny station where one can effortlessly avail taxis for shuttling from one place to another. There is also a benefit of hiring a private vehicle in for of jeep which is the best choice in the instance of inadequate road conditions. However, make sure you outline your trip according to the weather that predominates in the region. Try ducking travelling to the hamlet during monsoon due to massive rainfall and avalanches.

How to travel within

Either you can catch a bus or a shared taxi in order to travel inside the town. A private taxi is also an option, however, if you wish to lessen expense, a shared taxi would be the most workable choice. The city of Munsiyari is a tiny place and thus one can also travel on one's own feet. 

Kumaoni Cuisine at Its Best

Cuisine: The special Kumaoni food can be tasted in the region of Munsiyari. Kumaoni cuisine involves a runny gravy curry having pure flavours of turmeric, chillies, garlic and the mustard oil and the lamb pieces are slightly harder than the average like in the lowlands. Kumaon struts of amazing flavourful local turmeric which furnishes a unique flavour to the curry. The side platter of leafy greens also had a pleasing smell which is prepared in the mustard oil. The complete meal with plentiful mutton is very inexpensive. Eating in Munsiyari is all concerning dining at restaurants linked with hotels. The eateries at Wayfarer Retreat and KMVN Tourist Rest House offer decent food. At Wayfarer, you can taste Indian as well as continental foods. One can also try chicken and mutton dishes in these restaurants. Apart from these, there are shops that offer tea in the local markets of Munsiyari, where you can taste some regional meals accompanying a cup of hot tea. 

Hotels and stays: The tourism in the town of Munsiyari has grown in the past 5 to 6 years and so are the places that accommodate tourists. Hotels such as Zara hotel, Pandey hotel, Martola resort, Hasling lodge, Milam Inn, Nanda Devi and Wayfarer resort offer comfortable stay. Other lodges such as  Chandra Paradise, Mount Kailash Homestay, Thakur homestay and snow view Inn are also available at cheap rates. 

Availability of ATM: It is advisable to carry cash with you while travelling to Munsiyari. There are ATMs like SBI and Punjab National Bank in the town. 

Munsiyari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Munsiyari and after having a refreshing halt at the respective hotels, head towards Birthi falls. After that proceed towards the Balanti Potatoe Farm. Following the tour head towards the shopping place known the Main market where you can buy stuff like hand-woven carpets and world-class Pashmina shawls. Retire to your respective hotels and have rest. 

Day 2: Head towards the Khaliya top and one should unquestionably not miss the trekking experience here. After that move towards Nanda Devi temple from where you can have the picturesque view of the snow-clad hills. Spend last night in the lap of the beautiful hamlet. Leave for respective homes the next morning. 

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