Enjoy the culture of Midnapore

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Bengali and English

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October- February

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
26℃ to 29℃

Midnapore Tourism

Midnapore, locally known as Medinipur, is a town in the state of West Bengal. The place is situated on the banks of Kangsabati River and falls in the Pashcim Medinipur district. During summers, the place experiences extremely high temperatures and winters more pleasurable months.  There are a number of popular institutions in the area like the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Midnapore Medical College, Midnapore Law College etc. Water is however a scarce resource in MIdnapore. The population of the area is divided equally in Hindus and Muslims. The town has Chapaleswar and Mahamaya Temples , certain Hindu and Jain temples, Jagannath temple, Hanuman-ji temple, shitala temple, kali temple and Ramkrishna Mission. The town also has Gopegarh Heritage Park, which can be used as a picnic spot or for boating facilities. The most popular park is Sukumar Sengupta Smriti Uddan and other parks are Sishu Uddan and Khudiram Park. Tourists can also visit the banks of the Kangsabati River for sightseeing, fishing, picnic etc.


Midnapore celebrates Rathyatra in the month of September, on the day of which there is a fair that is organized near the Jagannath Temple of the place. The residents of the place also celebrate Christmas, Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja and Kali Puja. Few other pujas that are celebrated in the area are Shitala Puja, Jagaddhatri Puja, Holi, Janmashtami, Manasa Puja, Kartika Puja and Ganesh Puja. Vishwakarma Puja is the most popular festival of the area, when people fly kites and honour Lord Vishwakarma. There are equal number of Hindus and Muslims in the area and so other festivals likeRamadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Muharram and other festivals are also celebrated with equal zeal and enthusiasm.  

Top things do in Midnapore

1. Chandrakona

39 kilometres from city centre

2. St. Johns Church

1 kilometres from city centre

3. Dantan

58 kilometres from city centre

4. Tamluk

64 kilometres from city centre

5. Jora Masjid

2 kilometres from city centre

6. Bargabheema Temple

64 kilometres from city centre

8. Kali temple

2 kilometres from city centre

9. Jhargram Palace

33 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Midnapore does not have an airport of its own, however it has a railway station and it is well connected by roadways to the nearby areas.

How to Reach by Flight

Midnapore does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is in Kolkata, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, which is located at a distance of around 115 km. There are taxi services available outside the airport.

How to Reach by Train

Midnapore has a railway station of its own and it is one of the most prominent railway stations of the area and has regular trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and other cities. 

How to Reach by Bus

There are state-run buses as well as those owned by private agencies. These buses connect the place with the nearby cities and also with Kolkata, the capital city.

How to Reach by Road

NH60 connects the place with Jaleshwar and Bishnupur. It also connects Midnapore with Kolkata.

How to travel within

Tourists can take a bus or a taxi to visit from one place to another in Midnapore. Taxi is however a better option. People can also walk and explore the place.


People of Midnapore are generally good cooks. They have Gohona Bori, that is a popular dish of Bengali cuisine. Aloo Potol Posto and Shukto are vegetarian dishes which are popular in the entire state of West Bengal and are generally had with rice, the staple food of almost the entire country of India. Ilish Macher Jhol, Mutton Biriyani, Tangra Macher Jhol are among the popular non-vegetarian dishes. Luchi and Aloor Dom or Luchi and Cholar Dal is one of the most popular dishes in the entire state of West Bengal and the trip is incomplete without this dish. Sandesh is also very popular in Midnapore.  

Midnapore Itinerary

Day 1- After reaching Kolkata International Airport, leave for Midnapore. Then visit Chandrakona  and Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Mandir and Forest Area.

Day 2- After breakfast visit Jora Masjid, Dantan, Jhargram Palace and Bargabheema Temple.

Day 3- After breakfast leave for Kali Temple, St Johns Church and Tamluk.