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Malappuram Tourism

Aside from being a lovely green expansion on the guide of God's Own Country, Malapuram is a city that has seen a broad history before and has created through it. Be it the woodland scopes of the city with coconut manors, the stream belt of Bharathapuzha, rainforests of Nedumkayam, the excellence of the waterway Challiyar, birds in Purathur, or the happy state of mind of the whole city consistently. Malappuram is the ideal case of a healthy treat and retreat for everybody who comes here to explore. The touring alternatives in Malappuram incorporate Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, Keraladeshpuram Temple and Thirunavaya Temple. The region houses various different temples and mosques, for example, Malappuram Juma Masjid, Mannoor Shiva Temple, Thiruppuranthaka Temple, and Vettakorumakan Temple. The sloping garden at Kottakkunnu, Biyyam Lake and the riverside park of Shanthitheeram draw thousands with their potential for the travel industry. Best of Malappuram visitor puts additionally incorporate names of Kottakkunnu, Keralam Kundu Waterfalls, Nedumkayam, Arimbra Hills, Adyanpara Waterfalls, and numerous others to investigate. There are various components that make up the city of Malappuram a most loved among vacationers. The best time to visit Malappuram is between July to March. This is the point at which the climate is adept for touring.

Things to do in Malappuram

1.Valiya Juma Masjid

37 kilometres from city centre

Perhaps the most seasoned mosque in Kerala, the Juma Masjid is a significant journey si...

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2.Bharathapuzha River

66 kilometres from city centre

The River of Bharata, otherwise called Nila, the Bharathapuzha River is a west-streamin...

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3.Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

27 kilometres from city centre

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary, a beautiful stretch spread over a cluster of little islands, ...

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Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour
Malappuram tour


Malappuram is a northern area in Kerala known for its rich culture, chronicled significance, and astounding legacy. The locale of Malappuram, spotted with little slopes and hills, legitimizes its name which in Malayalam signifies 'Hill Top'. With a history that weaves old and present-day times together, the district contributed widely to the way of life, religion, economy just as the travel industry of Kerala. Three waterways, in particular, Chaliyar, Bharathapuzha, and Kadalundi move through the place where there is Malappuram enhancing the two its dirt and its way of life. The ground-breaking armed force of the Zamorins lords of Calicut was headquartered here in the times past. The name of the region is set apart in the historical backdrop of Indian patriotism for being the scene for Khilafat Movement and Mopila Revolt. Malappuram is the origin of the Muslim dance structure, Oppana. The communities of Malappuram added to the social, political, scholarly conventions of Kerala in inimitable habits. Thirunavaya was a center for Vedic training during medieval occasions and from Kottakkal began conventional medicinal arrangement of Ayurveda. Ponnani (an old focal point of Islamic learning) and Nilambur (otherwise called the teak town of the nation) have given worldwide approval to Malappuram.

How to reach

Malappuram appreciates great availability by roadways, rail and air empowering voyagers to visit the spot around the year.

How to Reach by Flight

The airplane terminal closest to Malappuram is Calicut International Airport (otherwise called Karipur International Airport) which is situated at a distance of around 25 km from the core of Malappuram. Calicut airplane terminal has various flight administrations interfacing with the major cities of India and a few communities in the Middle East.

How to Reach by Train

Malappuram region has various minor railroad stations including Angadipuram, Tirur, Tanur, Kuttippuram, and Parappanangadi. Numerous trains interfacing the northern and southern parts of Kerala go through these stations. Ordinary trains are accessible to Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Kannur, and Mangalore. The individuals who travel via train can likewise consider arriving in Calicut railroad station which is 50 km away.

How to Reach by Bus

Kerala state transport buses, just as private transports, are accessible to and from Malappuram. Transports are the most practical choice to explore the towns inside the locale. Extravagance transports buses are accessible to Malappuram from Bangalore, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram.

How to Reach by Road

Malappuram appreciates great network by roadways to all its neighboring areas, for example, Calicut and Palakkad.

How to travel within

Cabs and Busses are effectively accessible to move around in the city.


The strength of Muslim populace has offered to ascend to a staggering nourishment culture in the region which consolidates Arabic and customary Kerala flavors. The characteristic excellence, exciting history, fascinating cooking styles of Malappuram takes into account the movement desires for nature fan, history lovers and foodies alike. Malappuram food is otherwise called Mappila cooking and has huge Arab just as Muslim impacts from the huge number of Muslim Keralites that live here. These impacts mix with the components of normal Keralan food to give your taste buds a really special encounter. In spite of the fact that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian nourishment is accessible, the zone is rich in non-vegetarian indulgences of lamb, pork, and meat. Famous things here incorporate Biryani, arranged with lamb, chicken. pork and so forth, Erachi(meat) Puttu and Parottas. One can likewise attempt Pathiris, which is a bread arranged with rice.

Malappuram Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in the Calicut International Airport, hire a cab to take you to Malappuram which is just 25 km away from the airport. Reaching the city, get checked in at the hotel and get freshen up to start your day. Getting refreshed head out first to visit the Bharathapuzha River and the dams located close by to it. Later visit the Valiya Juma Masjid and the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary. Finish the day tasting the local Malappuram cuisine and rest for the night before heading out back the next day.

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