The picturesque river island
( 4.3 )
Mising, Assamese, and Deori.
1 Days
October to March
Jorhat Airport
25℃ to 34℃

Majuli Tourism


The lush green, quaint, and pristine island of Brahmaputra River, Majuli is every traveller’s picturesque dream. Located at 269 kms from Assam, Majuli is an untouched beauty in Northeastern India. Often claimed to be the world’s largest river island, Majuli attracts tourists from all over the world. Known to be the abode of Assamese neo – Vaishnavite Culture, It is a long piece of land with the Brahmaputra flowing in the north and the Burhidihing flowing in the south until they met at Lakhu. As a wetland, Majuli is famous for its many endangered species of flora and fauna.


Majuli Photos

A strong contender for the UNESCO World Heritage sites and inhabited by Tribals, Majuli is unique with is heritage and culture. Known to be the cultural capital of Assam, the festivals celebrated here are joyous and wonderful. The pastoral views overlooking the river, Majuli attracts tourists, photographers and nature lovers from all over the world.

Majuli Itinerary

Day 1

Start early from Jorhat. Drop off at Neemati ghat in Jorhat and then take a ferry from there. After the breakfast. visit the Mishing village and the sunset point. Spent the night at the Bamboo huts of Majuli.

Day 2

After the breakfast visit Kamlabari Satra, Auniati Satra and the Mask maker's house. Leave for Jorhat after the evening tea. 


Local cuisine


The local cuisine of Majuli is quite limited to the Assamese food, seafood and some multi-cuisine delicacies. Local dishes like purang apin (rice wrapped in special leaves), apong (rice beer) and dishes made of pork, fish and chickens are served once you are in Majuli.


Some of the famous restaurants in Majuli are:

·        Meridian Restaurant
·        Saffron
·        Belle Amies
·        Dutta Restaurant
·        Hotel Monalich


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