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Maheshwar Tourism

Arranged on the banks of the river Narmada, Maheshwar advances to both, the explorer as well as the vacationer in you. The town has a fortune trove of wonderful sanctuaries that quiet the spirit, close by man-made manifestations that please the eyes. Far from the ghats and noteworthy structures, Maheshwar's vivid avenues show some splendidly painted wooden houses with overhanging galleries. Maheshwar is an enthralling spot that packs a great deal of punch in an exceptionally little territory. The ghats are a spin of shading and intrigue and the minimal old quarter is a delight to investigate. From various perspectives, Maheshwar is a kind of refined Varanasi. On the off chance that you need to experience old India at its peak, at that point Maheshwar possesses all the necessary qualities. A focal point of handloom weaving since the fifth century, Maheshwar has been creating the well-known Maheshwari saris and texture. The town likewise holds the qualification of being the capital of Rajmata Ahilya Devi Holkar's realm amid the eighteenth century. This noteworthy town weaves ancient architectures and old stories with the magnificence of nature and Maheshwari saris, bringing alive the youth in you. It is trusted that Lord Shiva is adored where the Narmada flows since he is the main symbol of inward harmony to quiet her. It has fanciful and chronicled significance as it is trusted that King Sahasrarjun who was a spouse of 500 wives had ceased Narmada River with his 1000 arms and made a play territory for his wives. Amid this period, the Shivalinga was made by Ravana on the riverside. When he discharged the stream water, the Shivalinga was washed away and that resulted in war between them. Be that as it may, when the king got the triumph, he kept ten lights on the heads of Ravana and one on his hand. Presently, you can see 11 lights in the Sahasrarjun Temple to keep the occasion exuberant.

Things to do in Maheshwar

1.Jaleshwar Temple

1112 kilometres from city centre

Jaleshwar Temple is among those temples of Maheshwar, which are committed to Lord Shiva...

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2.Rehwa Society

0 kilometres from city centre

Rehwa Society is your most logical option in Maheshwar to offer you the lovely Maheshwa...

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3.Pandrinath Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

This temple, in contrast to other people, is committed to Lord Vishnu, the defender of ...

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4.Omkareshwar Temple

1008 kilometres from city centre

One of the holiest hallowed places in the entire of India, the Omkareshwar or Omkar Man...

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5.Rajaraheshwara Temple

1048 kilometres from city centre

Rajaraheshwara Temple was likewise built in recognition of the mighty, Lord Shiva. It i...

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6.Shopping in Maheshwar

0 kilometres from city centre

Maheshwar is a great area for somebody who adores shopping. It is of specific significa...

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7.Holkar Fort

1 kilometres from city centre

As the name definitely recommends, this was the extravagant royal residence of Rani Ahi...

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66 kilometres from city centre

Legend has it that this awesome compositional miracle of Rajwada was built under the st...

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9.Narmada Ghat

1 kilometres from city centre

The Narmada Ghat was worked in the eighteenth century by the then leader of Holkar stat...

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10.Ahilyeshwar Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

This is another temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Ahilyeshwar Temple is additio...

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8 kilometres from city centre

Shopaholics, celebrate! Kasrawad is heaven for ladies customers, particularly on the gr...

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Arranged on the banks of Kunda River, Khargone is the 24th greatest city in Madhya Prad...

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1 kilometres from city centre

A town of temples arranged on the bank of the Narmada River, Mandleshwar has been refer...

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Maheshwar Photos

Maheshwar tourism
Maheshwar tourism
Maheshwar tourism
Maheshwar tourism
Maheshwar tourism
Maheshwar tourism
Maheshwar tourism


Maheshwar has been a focal point of handloom weaving since the fifth century. Maheshwar is the home of one of India's best handloom texture conventions. Maheshwar is noted as a middle for weaving brilliant Maheshwari sarees. These cotton saris are weaved with particular structures including stripes, checks and botanical fringes. The handcrafters additionally make texture material utilized for making kurtas and different items of clothing. The source of Maheshwari sarees is followed to the foundation of Rehwa Society, an NGO established by the Holkars, in 1979 to give ladies business and resuscitate the town's textiles. About 130 weavers related with the general public produce more than 100,000 meters of fine textures a year. The weaving focus is situated in one of Maheshwar's notable structures. Rehwa Society likewise gives a free school to weavers' kids and runs a minimal effort wellbeing plan. There are not many other little neighbourhood associations engaged with the weaving of sarees and different textures.

How to reach

The closest Airport and significant railway station to Maheshwar are in Indore. One can reach from all the significant urban communities of the nation to Maheshwar through all the three methods of transportation through Indore. One would then be able to take a taxi from Indore to reach Maheshwar, which is evidently 90 km away.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest airplane terminal is the Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore which is 91 km away. The air terminal is very much associated with flights to urban areas like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhopal. From the airplane terminal, guests can contract a taxi to reach Maheshwar.

How to Reach by Train

The closest railway station is Marwaha which is 39 km far from the town of Maheshwar. However, not all trains end here. The train station closest to Maheshwar is Indore which is 80 km away. Maheshwar is effectively navigable through street from that point on.

How to Reach by Bus

A few state-run means of transport do operate consistently from Indore, Bhopal, Khandwa, Dhar, Dhamnod and numerous different urban areas of Madhya Pradesh. The city can be reached by many significant urban areas utilizing private transport facilities.

How to Reach by Road

Maheshwar is all around associated by roadway to different urban communities of the state, and henceforth it is likewise simple to visit Maheshwar from any part of the nation. State-run transports begin from Barwaha, Indore, and Khandwa are accessible.

How to travel within

Intracity driving is truly agreeable. Most sorts of intracity transport vehicles - auto rickshaws, share auto rickshaws, taxis, transports are accessible here. Subsequently, getting from one place to the other wouldn't require much exertion here.


The Sacred river celebration of Maheshwar is sorted out for three days in the third week of February to commend the Indian expressions and rich musical legacy. It is likewise a significant encounter to remain in Ahilya fortress and update yourself about the heritage of Holkar's, and Rewa society. At night, the fortification is totally changed like a lady of the hour to be adorned with gems of blossoms and lit up by lights. It is surely a glorious sight to view. At the point when the celebration initiates the fortress will be loaded up with Ragas and Swars of Veena. The melodic exhibitions offer sweet despairing between the gathering and air painted by music and dusk. Maheshwar is loaded with celebrations and festivities, some are Nag Panchami, Gudi Padava, Teez, Mahashivratri, Samoti Amavas, and all other Indian celebrations. There are many visiting places like the gold swing, that is additionally there and it is arranged at Rajwada. Maheshwar additionally has the sanctuary of Goddess Vindhyavasini Bhavani, one of the 24 Shaktipeeths of Goddess Parvati.

Maheshwar Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Indore to Maheshwar early in the morning. You can reach Maheshwar by 10 am. Then pay respect by visiting Omkareshwar Temple and Ahilyeshwar Temple. Then head to visit Holkar fort and explore the spot. Visit Kasrawad in the evening. Visit Jaleshawar Temple while your way back to the hotel.

Day 2: Make your morning divine by visiting Pandrinath Temple and Rajaraheshwara Temple. The head to Narmada Ghat and scout the place. Then visit Khargone and Mandleshwar at noon. Spend an evening in the local market and do shopping. Take rest for the day and return back to the hotel.

Day 3: Start your venture of the day by visiting Rajwada and explore the spot. Then head to visit Rehwa Society. Hit the road back to Indore. You can reach home in the evening.

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