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Madikeri Tourism

When one hears the word ‘hill station’, Madikeri is one place that comes to mind. Lush greenery, lofty hillocks and lovely weather are not enough to describe this town, that is a part of the Kodagu or Coorg district. It sits on the eastern part of the Western Ghats, aptly known as the ‘Scotland of India’.

Madikeri, being 260 km from Bangalore, constitutes a very unique culture and people. The people of this hill town speak Kodava Takk, a language special to only the ‘kodavas’ or ‘coorgis’ as they are known.

Madikeri is home to coffee, rice and spice plantations. Visit the Raja’s seat which overlooks the green sea of fields and the hills that carve into the sky. Visit the source of the Cauvery in Talakaveri. The same Cauvery waters flow down to form Abbey Falls, a small yet powerful waterfall that splashes onto your face. Ride an elephant in Dubare or take a dip in Cauvery Nisargadhama. Enjoy nature's beauty and her gifts the best in Madikeri!

Things to do in Madikeri


27 kilometres from city centre

The source of river Cauvery, Talacauvery on the Brahmagiri hill is the most important p...

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23 kilometres from city centre

An important place of worship for the people of Kodagu, Bhagamandala is a place located...

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2 kilometres from city centre

Chettalli is a quaint yet charming little village next to Madikeri. It is not the most ...

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4.Gaddige Raja's Tomb

74 kilometres from city centre

The literal translation of Gaddige is tombs. The monuments that house the mortal remain...

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5.Namdroling Monastery

25 kilometres from city centre

The incredibly breathtaking Namdroling Monastery situated in Kushalnagar, is the larges...

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6.Omkareshwara Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

Built in the 19th century by King Linga Rajendra II, this temple is a sight to behold f...

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7.Chelavara Falls

25 kilometres from city centre

A roaring and gushing waterfall in monsoon, Chelavara falls is a sight to behold. It is...

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8.Raja's Seat

1 kilometres from city centre

A four-pillared structure on higher ground surrounded by large, green plains and beauti...

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9.Dubare Elephant Training Camp

19 kilometres from city centre

Dubare Elephant Camp houses the retired elephants that used to take part in the Mysore ...

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10.Abbey Falls

4 kilometres from city centre

Abbey falls, initially christened Jessy falls by a British cleric, was captivated by it...

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11.City Shopping

201 kilometres from city centre

The people of Coorg, apart from farming and hunting, also involve themselves in other a...

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12.Cauvery Nisargadhama

22 kilometres from city centre

In the town of Kushalnagar, in Kodagu district is one of the most popular tourist spots...

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745 kilometres from city centre

Trekking is the most suggested activity in the Kodagu district. The weather is perfect ...

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14.Madikeri Fort

0 kilometres from city centre

Madikeri Fort was also called Mercara Fort. It was built by Mudduraja, the king of Koda...

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Madikeri Photos

Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism
Madikeri tourism

History and Culture

The people of Madikeri, the Kodavas, historically started as an agricultural tribe. It is an old tale that the first king of Kodagu was Chandra Varma, a warrior who married his sons to the Raja of Vidarbha and thus began the Kodava race. They were ruled by Indian kings and the British colonists alike until India gained independence in 1947. It was in 1956 that the state of Kodagu merged with Karnataka (then Mysore).


The Kodavas are descendants of warriors. Their ceremonial attire speaks for the same. The men wear a long, black vest over a white ensemble, held by a maroon and gold sash around the waist and a silver dagger tucked into it. This is called a Kupya. The women pleat the Indian garb- the sari, in a very unique way. They also cover their heads with a scarf.


They worship the river Cauvery and celebrate a festival in its honour- Kaveri Sankramana. They dress a vegetable up in silk cloth as a representation on Cauvery and perform puja to it. They also take a dip in the holy river on this day. Puttari is another popular festival to celebrate the beginning of the rice harvest season. It is commemorated with a gunshot and all the members of the family dine together.

How to reach

Madikeri is accessible best by road through the major cities of Mangalore, Mysore and Bangalore. It can also be reached by train or by air but not as easily.

How to Reach by Flight

Mangalore International Airport which is 143km away connects to major cities in the country and other Gulf countries.

How to Reach by Train

Madikeri does not have a railway station. The nearest railway stations are 110km away at Kasargod, Thalassery and Hassan. The most accessible railway stations are in Mysore and Mangalore, around 140km away.

How to Reach by Bus

Buses from Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore and Kozhikode directly go to the Madikeri bus station.

How to Reach by Road

Madikeri can be easily reached via roads since it lies on a state highway. It is 140km from major cities like Mysore and Mangalore. Bangalore, the state capital, is 252km away.

How to travel within

There are no buses within the city. Best way to travel is on foot, by hiring a taxicab or a car.


Kodava cuisine in Madikeri is well-known across the country for its rice and pork dishes. People here are mostly non-vegetarians. Koolu, which is boiled rice is eaten along with Kanjee, a rice gruel is their staple diet. In their everyday meals, they also include Meat, Fish and Pork which are heavily spiced, owed to the spice plantations. Heavy use of coconut and jackfruit can also be noticed in their food.

Some of the best places to eat in Madikeri:

  • Coorg Cuisine
  • Tiger Tiger
  • East End Hotel
  • Barbeque Bay Restaurant
  • Zaffron (veg)

Madikeri is also known for its variety of homemade chocolates and wine. One can get different types of fruit wines like orange, rice, banana and other ingredients like jamun, ginger, pepper and others. Chocolates are found in the form of white chocolates, dark chocolates, ones with raisins, ones with almonds and many more.

Madikeri Itinerary

Day 1

  • Start the day at Dubare Elephant Camp (30km from Madikeri) at 9am. Learn about elephants while bathing them in a rare oppurtunity from an ecologist.
  • Head to Cauvery Nisargadhama next to enjoy fun activities like elephant rides, ziplining and boating along with marvelous views of nature and river Cauvery in the early afternoon.
  • After lunch, spend time in the Golden halls of Namdroling Monastery. Take in the peaceful vibes and enrich your mind with an experience of Tibetan architechture.
  • Drive to Abbey falls, back to Madikeri in the late afternoons and enjoy Cauvery in a different form.
  • End the day with a walk around the Madikeri fort and watching the sun set from Raja's seat. 

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