Phillaur Fort

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The Phillaur fortification has a captivating history behind it. Located on the Grand Trunk Road, it has an extraordinary recorded foundation. The town of Phillaur in which the fortress is found owes its roots to a Sanghera Jat, Phul, who named it after himself as "Phulnagar". It was built in answer to the British who had constructed a little Fort at Ludhiana on the remainders said to be of an old Lodhi Fort, and to protect the ship of Phillaur. The post was renamed as 'Maharaja Ranjit Singh Fort' by the Punjab Government by a notification dated sixth April, 1973. The stronghold reveres under one of its arches the tomb of a holy person affectionately recognized as Pir Baba Abdullah Shah Ji. He had yielded his life to maintain the human estimations of affection and graciousness according to the accompanying legend.

Phillaur Fort Photos

Captured by <a href="">Diamond Dharwal</a>
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Captured by <a href="">Diamond Dharwal</a>
Captured by <a href="">Diamond Dharwal</a>
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