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Lamayuru Tourism

Lamayuru is a serene little village, which falls in the Khalsi tehsil of Leh district in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Housing one of the largest monasteries of Ladakh, Lamayuru is a peace-seeking destination of Indian tourism. Although famous for its Buddhist Monastery, Lamayuru also has a breathtaking landscape that is carved in the mountains in the shape of the moon. Legends say that once it had a large lake, that dried up in few decades and left the surface look like protrusions of the moon. Sitting at a height of 3,510 meters, Lamayuru gives a breathtaking view of this geological wonder moonlike landscape and its surrounding beauty of high hills. The ancient Buddhist Monastery is built atop the ‘moonscape’ showing off the look of a maestro painting. Along with it, in the right side of the Monastery Corridor is Dukhang where you can see column paintings and murals that depict the life of a Lama. The monastery also houses a cave, where you can find the statues of Naropa and Marpa, the courtyard has beautiful paintings of the Four Directions Guardians. Lamayuru is a declared sanctuary here no one could be arrested or collect taxes, thus giving it the name of “Place of Freedom”. The best time to visit Lamayuru will be from April to June.

Things to do in Lamayuru

1.Wanla Gompa


Wanla is a small monastery that serves as the subdivision for Lamayuru Monastery, situa...

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2.Lamayuru Monastery


Lamayuru Monastery is the main attraction of this beautiful pious Buddhist village Lama...

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0 kilometres from city centre

Attached with beliefs and legends, Moonland in Lamayuru is a once in a lifetime experie...

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4.City Shopping

2377 kilometres from city centre

A small village with monastery serving as the home for around 150 monks, Lamayuru doesn...

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Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour
Lamayuru tour


Lamayuru can be considered as one of the ancient cities that has historical accounts from the 11th century and a core environment of Buddhism Culture. Lamayuru monastery houses 150 permanent monks and at least 400 in the surrounding villages. There are many legends associated with Lamayuru, the most prominent ones are firstly where it is said that a Buddhist Scholar Naropa, caused the lake to dry up and founded the Lamayuru Monastery and a small cave in Dukhang is dedicated with the statue of the founder, meditating in this very cave. It is also said in the 10th century, the King of Ladakh ordered the famous architecture Rinchen Zangbo to construct Lamayuru which was originally 5 buildings, although now only the central one remains.  The monastery celebrates a three day get together masked festival during the month of March and July where a mass number of lamas from neighboring countries like China, Japan, Tibet, and Korea participates.

How to reach

Tourist mainly prefers driving a long distance to this scenic beauty, but Lamayuru is well connected through Air and Train for the people from all over the country.

How to Reach by Flight

Lamayuru doesn’t have an airport of its own, but the nearest Airports are Leh in a distance of 125 km away and Srinagar that lies 300 km from Lamayuru, Both of the airports gets all regular flights from the major cities of the country.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest Railway Station is in Jammu but is at a distance of 588 km. tourist have to hire a taxi or Bus to reach Lamayuru.

How to Reach by Bus

Buses from Srinagar, Leh, Udhampur, and Jammu serves the tourist and local by providing regular Bus Services to Lamayuru. Private Buses and Government Transport Buses are available in abundance for the choice of a tourist.

How to Reach by Road

The best option to reach Lamayuru will be suggested as driving by car, one could take the Srinagar – Kargil – Leh Road or the Manali – Leh highway, both of which has breathtaking scenic landscape and nature for your pleasant drive.

How to travel within

The best way to travel in Lamayuru is by walking, it’s a small village and monastery that can be seen thoroughly by foot.


Lamayuru cuisine has the influence of Tibet, and the local dishes are similar to that be found in Leh. The most common dishes found in the locality include Pava, Sku & Thukpa, Khambir, and Skieu. Steamed dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables can be found in the street sold by local vendors. The normal Indian cuisine can also be found for the tourist served by the restaurants in the area.

  • Lamayuru Restaurant.
  • Dragon Hotel Lamayuru.
  • Lamayuru Veg Restaurant.

Lamayuru Itinerary

Day 1: Reaching Leh Airport, hire a car to take the 2 hr. journey to Lamayuru. Traveling the Road while having a beautiful serene landscape to admire on both sides is an experience to remember forever. Reaching the town enjoy a hot lunch of local cuisines and checked in a hotel. Start up your rip by visiting the mesmerizing Moon landscape and the Lamayuru Monastery exploring the ancient culture. Leh experiences early nights so tuck up and get up early the next day

Day 2: Eating the local breakfast will help to keep your energy boosted for the day, start your early morning trip by visiting the Wanla Gompa and exploring the cities purchasing the local handicrafts. Plan your visit during the festivals month to enjoy the mask dance and rituals of Buddhism. Start quickly in the evening to Leh Airport to board flight back to your destination.

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