The White Desert of India

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Sindhi and Gujarati

3 Days

October to March

Bhuj Airport
19℃ to 25℃

How to reach Kutch

Even though Kutch does not have any railway station or airport but it is well-connected with the road, making it the only direct means to reach Kutch.

How to Reach Kutch by Flight

Bhuj has its own domestic airport which is 73 km from the city of Kutch. The airport of Bhuj is well-connected to other major cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

How to Reach Kutch by Train

Two direct trains, Be Bhuj Express and Ala Hazrat Express, connect New Delhi to Bhuj. Five direct trains connect Mumbai to Bhuj, whereas direct trains available from Ahmedabad to reach Bhuj take approximately six to seven hours to reach Bhuj.

How to Reach Kutch by Bus

State buses and taxis are available to reach Bhuj from all major cities of Gujarat. From Bhuj, direct taxis and governments buses can be taken to reach Kutch.

How to Reach Kutch by Road

Taking a private vehicle is the best option for reaching Kutch as it provides flexibility and freedom of time while visiting various places in Kutch. Cabs can be hired to reach Kutch at reasonable rates. Public buses are also available to reach Kutch.

How to travel within Kutch

For visiting the various regions of Kutch and its neighboring villages buses and autos can be easily hired. The option of hiring a cab is also available in Kutch.