#3 of 17 things to do in Kutch


Exploring these unique villages can be dream come true for art lovers and handicraft buffs. Tribal cottage industries run by skilled artisans in their own homes are hard to miss in Kutch.

Khavda village in Bhui is the visitor’s top priority. Skilled potters making wares with soft inland clay from the Rann that are then decorated with a variety of bright colours. Apart from the fine pottery, Khavda houses flamingo colonies in their migratory season.

Hodka village is famous for its multi coloured Banni embroidery and mirror works while Jura village is known for their refined art of copper bell making. The unique Rogan art famous for bridal wears originated in the Nirona Village.

The list of villages does not end here and a dedicated handicrafts lover can find most of the villages in Kutch a paradise.