The White Desert of India

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October to March

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Kutch Tourism

The beautiful ocean of white sand in the shape of a tortoise has enchanted the world for centuries. The erstwhile princely state of India, Kutch is one of the most popular vacation spots among tourists, especially during the month of February. The rich history of Kutch works as the cherry on the cake catching the attention of every travel freak from across the world. The ‘Wild West’ of India is blessed with the cultural and ecological abundance, making the magnificence of kaleidoscopic Kutch reflecting through its beauty and superfluity of colors.

The rich flora and fauna work as the additional beauty, especially when it’s the favorite residence of migratory birds in winter. Famous for its arts and craft, Kutch is the home of popular Mandvi Beach and is totally worth visiting.

The best time to visit Kutch starts from the month of October and lasts till March, as it's the time when harsh marsh dries up leaving behind the white paradise. The Rann Utsav is also a popular time when people from across the globe visit Kutch to witness its unique profusion of culture and tradition. The Rann Utsav starts from November and la0sts till February when more accommodation options become available.

Things to do in Kutch



The highest point of Kutch, Kala Dungar is popularly known as the Black Hill. This beau...

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40 kilometres from city centre

  Dolavira is one of the five largest Harappan sites and a major archaeological site in...

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The little Rann of Kutch is another salt marsh located near the great Rann. This marshl...

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  Exploring these unique villages can be dream come true for art lovers and handicraft ...

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5.Mata no Madh, Bhuj

95 kilometres from city centre

Mata no Madh an ancient temple dedicated to the Kuldevi of Jadeja,  Maa Ashapura. This ...

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6.Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

45 kilometres from city centre

The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is a place you don't want to miss if you visit Kutc...

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7.Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

149 kilometres from city centre

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8.Kutch Museum

57 kilometres from city centre

The Kutch museum is the oldest museum in Gujarat, and some of its exhibits date back to...

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9.Great Rann of Kutch

45 kilometres from city centre

This great Rann spreading across 7500sqkm along the northwest part is the iconic beauty...

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10.Narayan Sarovar, Bhuj

135 kilometres from city centre

Narayan Sarovar is one of the five holiest lakes in Hinduism; believed to be created by...

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114 kilometres from city centre

Mandvi has a calm and serene sea shore, a favourite site for tourists. Clean sandy beac...

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57 kilometres from city centre

  Prag and Aina Mahals are both 19th  century palaces that are located close to each o...

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13.Aaina Mahal, Bhuj

57 kilometres from city centre

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14.City Shopping

1449 kilometres from city centre

Kutch famous for its priceless artworks and handicrafts offers a haven for shopaholics....

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15.Hamirsar Lake, Bhuj

58 kilometres from city centre

Want to cool off a bit, and enjoy floating on calm waters? Then the Hamisar Lake is the...

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16.Kandla Port and Mundra port

91 kilometres from city centre

Kandla Port and Mundra Port are both prominent ports in the Gulf of Kutch. Mundra being...

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17.Kutch Bustard Sanctuary

116 kilometres from city centre

The beginning of the rainy season just after winter is the best time for a visit to thi...

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Gujarati people love food, especially when it comes to snacks. Though Jain and Brahmin communities make the majority of Kutch and the food is predominantly vegetarian, yet the delicacies of Kutch is unmatchable. Top five delicacies of Kutch that you should not miss on when in Kutch are Kathiyawadi Thali, Kutchi Dabeli, Thepla, Locho, and Lilva Kachori.

Since Gujarat is a dry state, hence no alcohol can be found in Kutch.


How to reach

Even though Kutch does not have any railway station or airport but it is well-connected with the road, making it the only direct means to reach Kutch.

How to Reach by Flight

Bhuj has its own domestic airport which is 73 km from the city of Kutch. The airport of Bhuj is well-connected to other major cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

How to Reach by Train

Two direct trains, Be Bhuj Express and Ala Hazrat Express, connect New Delhi to Bhuj. Five direct trains connect Mumbai to Bhuj, whereas direct trains available from Ahmedabad to reach Bhuj take approximately six to seven hours to reach Bhuj.

How to Reach by Bus

State buses and taxis are available to reach Bhuj from all major cities of Gujarat. From Bhuj, direct taxis and governments buses can be taken to reach Kutch.

How to Reach by Road

Taking a private vehicle is the best option for reaching Kutch as it provides flexibility and freedom of time while visiting various places in Kutch. Cabs can be hired to reach Kutch at reasonable rates. Public buses are also available to reach Kutch.

How to travel within

For visiting the various regions of Kutch and its neighboring villages buses and autos can be easily hired. The option of hiring a cab is also available in Kutch.

The spectacular sight of the boundless white desert under the soft moonlight presenting the stunning marvels of nature makes it a unique sight to witness. Kutch homes plethora of sites to visit when you are in the white desert of India, but the top three places that should not be missed are-

  1. Mandvi Beach- The pristine and tranquil seashore of Mandvi can make anyone fall in love with nature. Endowed with the calmness of nature, Mandvi makes a perfect peaceful getaway from the city.
  2. Dholavira is the destination borrowed from the pages of history. Starting from the remarkable excavations of the Indus valley civilization, the history of Dholavira can be traced back to over 4500 years.
  3. Wild ass sanctuary- The lively wildlife sanctuary is said to be the largest seasonal saline wetland areas in the world. It homes various species of flamingos, Indian porcupines, spiny-tailed lizard, wild ass, black-necked storks, and Indian cormorant.

The days spent in the westernmost corner of our country opens a window into the vibrant culture of this Wild West, igniting the light of culture, beauty, and colors in your heart and life that will resonate the song of happiness in positivity in your life.

Kutch Itinerary

Day 1 

Travel from Bhuj to Hodka

Situated at a distance of 80 km from Bhuj, Hodka is the coveted spot of white sand. Because of its close proximity with Pakistan border, it is important to take special permission from the DSP office situated near Jubilee Ground in Bhuj.

Day 2

Take a day trip to Mandavi Beach

Direct taxis are available from Bhuj to Mandavi Beach, which is the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation to reach the beach. You can spend the day lazing around, watching the clear water, windmills, and birds. After spending some quality time on the beach move on to the Vijay Vilas Palace. The royal family of the princely state of Kutch still lives in this palace. The beautiful Vijay Vilas Palace is also famous for featuring the legendary Bollywood movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The luxury tents available provides a spectacular view of Mandavi Beach at night.

Day 3

Travel to Dhordo to experience the dazzling White Rann of Kutch

Hire a vehicle to travel all the nearby place and be the witness of the vibrant culture of the region. You can visit the White Rann of Dhordo, and it's neighboring Banni Villages. The Rann Utsav is the best time to visit these villages located on the Indo-Pak border.

By the end of the third day, it is time to travel Back to Bhuj opening the gateway to the normal life.

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