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october to march 

Maharana Pratap Airport
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Kumbhalgarh Tourism

The town of Kumbhalgarh is yet another royal embodiment of Rajasthan. Embedded deep under the same of Mewar district, this town has to offer the majestic experience to its visitors. The fort of Kumbhalgarh is of vital importance to Rajasthan despite not coming under the three J’s of the state that is Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur. The fortress is regarded as the second most important fort for Rajasthan and provides travellers with a sight of pure luxury and heritage.
Kumbhalgarh is not just a town which attracts the architects or the archaeologists rather it proves to be a successful two-hour drive from Udaipur for people looking for some buried jewels of India. Flamboyant markets, skyscrapers like forts, rich culture and tranquil places of this town will make you want to question is this really a place within the deserts of Rajasthan? The place does not only ends up with the forts per se but has the plethora of temples to visit and the beautiful, enigmatic Wildlife Sanctuary which also provides the travellers with the enthralling Lion safari as well.
The place has not only maintained its legacy for rich heritage and culture since the time memorial but has also preserved, conserve and even expanded the natural beauty of the town also. Floral and fauna of Kumbhalgarh are a treat to the sore eyes and as shade during the sun. Kumbhalgarh has magnificent look with the charming blush of nature making it a gorgeous town for a holiday weekend.

General Trivia

The majestic fort of Kumbhalgarh has not just been out of the blue discovered rather have an ancient history dated back to the 14-15th centuries. The Fort was built by the King Kumbha, king of Kumbhalgarh. The foundation was not the only birthplace of Maharana Pratap but also have been home to the refuges of Mewar during the difficult times. The fort was laid down on a strong foundation as despite many invasions it remained the same which depicts the power of the reign of Kings of that time. Fort not only have the astounding architecture but the serene surroundings as well inclusive of the lush greenery enclosing the fort, splendid view of the sand dunes, and temples all the way down the fort make it a complete weekend location. This place when became the popular destination spot gone through a renovation in the 19th century by Maharana Fateh Singh.


The Kumbhalgarh fort is not only known for its exciting history but a matter of pride for the Indians because of its beautiful and massive architecture. The fort which resides in the lap of Aravali ranges is on the height of 3600ft above the sea level. The walls are the highlighter as they cover about 12 square km and have the length of 36km and width ranging from 49-15 feet. This thereby makes this wall the longest in the world after the Great Wall of China. Also, a fact to be known that the oldest and the largest gate of this fort has a name and that is Ram Pol or Ram Gate which is quite an interesting piece of information for the visitors.

How to reach

The hidden town of Kumbhalgarh in the Rajsamand district has no airport and railway station of its own but very well connected to the nearby airport of Udaipur and travelling road is also a convenient option. 

How to Reach by Flight

Maharana Pratap Airport of Udaipur is the nearest airport and from there one could hire a taxi, drive by themselves or take any bus to reach the town of Kumbhalgarh. 

How to Reach by Train

There are no railway services at Kumbhalgarh but the frequent services are provided till the Rani Railway station in Rajasthan and from there at the proximity of 36 km you could take a car or hire a taxi. 

How to Reach by Bus

There are seldom bus services for this place and mostly the route is not directly connected with the major cities and hence it is not a very convenient option to choose from. 

How to Reach by Road

Travelling by car or hiring a taxi is the best option. Drive through this small town is amazing and refreshing. From Udaipur, it is just a two-hour drive and quite a smooth one. 

How to travel within

The town is not a metropolis but just a small place. Hence, the local commute can be the car and there are horse rides also available. But if exploring and fitness are what you are looking then you should preferably walk. 

Kumbhalgarh Itinerary

The town of Kumbhalgarh is ideally a one day trip but to have a relaxed weekend and enjoy the free time drip by drip it could be extended to two days at maximum.
Day-1: You could begin by chilling at your hotel and have breakfast and then move out to explore the place. Visit the temples and the local areas around. You could eat at the markets there and taste the food of Rajasthan at its best.
Day2: You could begin by travelling to the Kumbhalgarh Fort and travel it to the core learning about its history, culture and the places in the vicinity. In the noontime visit the sanctuary and have the fun of taking the lion safari.
And this would be the end of a wonderful yet a short trip.