The Cambridge of South India

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Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada

2 Days


Madurai Airport
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Kumbakonam Tourism

Kumbakonam likewise pronounced Coommbaconum, is a charming and satisfying town situated at a pure spot, as it lies sandwiched between two rivers running parallel to one another. This community is arranged in the Thanjavur area of the territory of Tamil Nadu with the two rivers, Cauvery and Arasalar streaming on its either sides; while Cauvery streams on the northern side of Kumbakonam, Arasalar streams on the southern side. Kumbakonam has an intriguing past and it is trusted that the town has been in presence since the Sangam time frame. The spot has been responsible for the real imperial traditions of Southern India like the Cholas, the Pallavas, the Pandyas, the Madurai Nayaks, the Thanjavur Nayaks, and the Thanjavur Marathas too. The town picked up unmistakable quality in the seventh century when the Medieval Cholas made it their capital. In any case, it was amid the British rule that Kumbakonam achieved the pinnacle of its success and noticeable quality. The town turned into a huge focus of social and religious instruction winning the name of 'Cambridge of South India'. The town is one of the most seasoned in Indian history and known for its celebrated temples, Chola legacy and furthermore for its glorious instructive establishments. The town is likewise known for its fantastic celebration called Mahamaham celebration which is commended periodically at the Mahamaham Tank.


Characterized by a superb history, Kumbakonam today is commanded by fascinating fairs and rich celebrations that draw sightseers from the whole way across the globe. The old town is saturated with folklore and is one of the real attractions in South India. Encased by Arasalar River from the south and waterway Kaveri from the north, Kumbakonam is likewise alluded to as a 'sanctuary town' because of the nearness of different sanctuaries. Craftsmanship and specialties, engineering and writing, move and music are profoundly established in the way of life and customs of Kumbakonam. An imperative focus of European training and Hindu culture amid the British Raj, Kumbakonam holds a position of incredible importance. Plan an excursion and book your stay at a lodging in Kumbakonam close to any top vacation spot and appreciate a life-changing background. Here is a knowledge into the social noteworthiness of Kumbakonam.

Top things do in Kumbakonam

1. Sarangapani Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

2. Nageswaran Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

3. Adi Kumbeshwara Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

4. Kashi Viswanath Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

5. Mahamaham Tank

1 kilometres from city centre

6. Shopping in Kumbakonam

1 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

It is one of the imperative visitor goals in Southern India and a piece of the much looked for, after the region of Thanjavur, Kumbakonam is advantageously connected with the remainder of the nation with various alternatives of transport. An all around created street arrange various rail courses and a noteworthy railhead in the town itself, and closeness to two of the real air terminal of Peninsular India makes it simpler for travelers to design their excursion down to Kumbakonam, hassle-free.

How to Reach by Flight

Trichy Airport is the closest air terminal to Kumbakonam. The separation between the airplane terminal and Kumbakonam town is around 96 km. the air terminal at Trichy works for just household flights. There are a lot of non-stop flights among Trichy and Chennai International Airport. Private taxicabs are accessible for the contract from the Trichy airplane terminal to Kumbakonam and charge 1000 INR roughly.

How to Reach by Train

The Kumbakonam Railway Station is found right in the core of the city. The town is all around associated by a set system of rails with towns like Rameshwaram, Thirupathi, Kollam and even Chennai. There are various trains running among Kumbakonam and Chennai and one can board any of these trains from the Chennai railroad station.

How to Reach by Bus

Standard public transports are accessible for close-by urban communities, including Pondicherry and Trichy. Taxi benefits practically spread an expansive zone over the landmass and present the travelers with certain choices to design their excursion down to Kumbakonam.

How to Reach by Road

State-run transports in Tamil Nadu work at ordinary interims among Kumbakonam and different towns and urban areas of the state. One can take a cab or taxi to Kumbakonam from Chennai, Chidambaram, and even Trichi.

How to travel within

Driving is genuinely simple in the city with numerous autorickshaws available at all times. The autorickshaws can be likewise be employed for an entire day yet that will cost somewhat more. There are additionally state transports employing which can get you to various areas. Or on the other hand, you can contract a taxi for an entire day round excursion.


Kumbakonam is a well-known town of temples situated in Thanjavur region in the province of Tamil Nadu. There are a large number of little and huge sanctuaries situated in and around the town of Kumbakonam which are worldwide acclaimed. In the event that you are venturing out to Kumbakonam, you can't leave the city without tasting legitimate Tamil food. The vast majority of the dishes nearby are ruled by rice. Idli, dosas, sambhar, rasam, uthappam and so forth are the principle south Indian cooking styles, however adjacent to the South Indian suppers, North Indian sustenance like paneer dishes, dal makhani, chicken and sheep are additionally accessible at certain eateries. At the point when there is any event or festivities, an overwhelming supper "Sappadu" is offered on a banana leaf to the visitors. This sappadu dinner comprises of rice, sambhar, rasam, hot vegetable curry, chutney, papad, payasam, and poori. The stalls for suppers and Tiffin is additionally accessible at certain eateries in the town.

Kumbakonam Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Chennai to Kumbakonam in the morning. You can reach the destination by noon. Then visit Adi Kumbeshwara temple and Kashi Viswanath temple. Spend the evening exploring the Mahamaham Tank and shopping at the local market. Take rest for the day after having dinner.

Day 2: Start your venture of the day by paying your respect at Sarangapani Temple. Visit Nageswaran Temple after having brunch. Hit the road back to Chennai. You can reach home in the evening.