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Kullu Tourism

Kullu often coupled with Manali doesn't get as much attention as its other half. But it is an integral part of Himachal and for all the right reasons. It has all it takes to be a perfect weekend getaway- snow-clad majestic mountains, a beautiful flowing river, gushing with all its might, high on musical notes all along the way, thick forest cover full of deodar and pine, stretch of moors which are full of snow for one half of the year, and another half with green grass and colourful flowers, making it a scene impossible to forget ever.

It seems that God actually curated the land of Kullu, making it the beauty it is! The range of altitude itself explains the kind of variety of terrestrial diversity is showcases. Some areas in Kullu have an altitude of around 1000m whereas some are as high as 6000m. Not just having geographical diversity, this magical valley of Gods also has a very impressive range of flora and fauna making it a package nobody can ever think of refusing!

Kullu also holds a lot of religious importance with the number of religious places decked up in its courtyard. 

Things to do in Kullu


9 kilometres from city centre

Lying near the river Beas, Bhuntar is the last commercial town where there's an ATM and...

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18 kilometres from city centre

Naggar, a small, quaint town in Kullu is the first choice of tourists where they want t...

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3.Pandoh Dam

32 kilometres from city centre

The Pandoh Dam is built on the Beas River, in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, India...

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24 kilometres from city centre

Manikaran is the land of hot springs, along with being a sacred Sikh and Hindu pilgrima...

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5.Bijli Mahadev Temple

5 kilometres from city centre

Just like the name suggests, the Bijli Mahadev has a story attached to lightning. It is...

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6.Shringi Rishi Temple, Banjar

43 kilometres from city centre

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shringa and also worships Goddess Shanta in the temple...

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1990 kilometres from city centre

Rafting is a very popular adventure sport which people indulge in. River Beas provides ...

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8.Jagannathi Devi Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

It is a very ancient temple, built around 1500 years ago revolving around a story where...

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9.Hanogi Mata Temple

30 kilometres from city centre

The temple of Hanogi Mata is located on a hilltop dedicated to the Goddess Hanogi. It i...

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10.Parvati Valley Trek

42 kilometres from city centre

Parvati Valley is one of the most beautiful places that exist on the face of the earth,...

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16 kilometres from city centre

India is truly diverse, not only culturally but also terrestrially and geographically, ...

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12.The Great Himalayan National Park

52 kilometres from city centre

The Great Himalayan National Park is undoubtedly the most beautiful national park of In...

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13.Chandrakhani Pass

18 kilometres from city centre

Chandrakhani Pass is the kind of place you would love to make your desktop's and phone'...

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14.Raghunath Temple

228 kilometres from city centre

Raghunath Temple is one of the oldest temples of India, dedicated to Lord Ram. It is su...

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15.City Shopping

2118 kilometres from city centre

Every trip should be etched in memories of a traveler and it is done just perfectly by ...

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1523 kilometres from city centre

Kullu is no less than a heaven for trekkers, having all that makes a trek interesting, ...

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2 kilometres from city centre

Fishing is also one of the popular people indulge in when they are in Kullu. There are ...

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Kullu tour
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Kullu tour
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Valley of Gods

Kullu is called the valley of Gods for a lot of reasons. Some Hindu texts say that Manikaran in Kullu was the home to the great Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati for 1100 years. Also, Sikhs believed and still believe that Guru Nanak Ji did some magical work here too. Apart from that, almost all the villages of Kullu have their own God, its own Devta which is personified and is a part of the daily lifestyle of the Kullu villagers. The Gods are the most important people of their own villages and worshipped like any other diety. They are considered to be so important because they are the ones who take all the care of its people, their needs. Also, they work for the upliftment of education, health facilities and a lot more.

One such fine example is the beautiful and remote village of Malana. 

The Kullu valley being extremely beautiful, also teaches a lot of lessons to the people engrossed in their daily lives, such as the importance to take a break, and enjoy nature, let out a sigh of relief, relax for a bit and offer what all life has to offer!

How to reach

Kullu can be reached from various places like those of Delhi, Chandigarh and any other city of Himachal Pradesh. Though being quite far away from these places and having a difficult geographical terrain, it is surprisingly easy to reach Kullu.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest Airport is in Bhunter, Kullu itself. It has daily flights operating to and fro from Delhi and Chandigarh. People from any part can reach any of the two airports and can take a flight for Kullu from there.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest Railway Station is in Jogindernagar, which is around 125kms away. From there a bus which is deployed by the state government can be taken, or a private taxi/cab can be hired.

How to Reach by Bus

From Delhi or Chandigarh or even Shimla, there are buses available to reach Kullu.

How to Reach by Road

Kullu can be reached by road from Delhi and Chandigarh.

How to travel within

Tourists prefer to walk around and see the tourist locations, but alternatively, taxis are widely available for the same.

Hot-spot for adventure sports

Kullu never disappoints a tourist, for the elderly, are all the places of religious importance, for kids, it has large fields full of snow for them to do all kinds of activities like building of a snowman to snow fights. It also has a lot in store for the adventure junkies- a lot of treks to choose from. Some treks are as quick as a 4-day trek, but some last longer than even 4 weeks. They are like a dream come true for all wild-sport lovers like rafting, skiing, trekking, paragliding, camping, and a lot more. Some are even a bit passive activities like fishing which is also very popular. 

Especially known for treks, Kullu has some amazing treks including the Great Himalayan National Park, The Parvati Valley trek, The Chandrakhani Pass, the trek to Bijli Mahadev temple.

Apart from natural wonders, Kullu is also a wonder when it comes to the variety of food it has to offer like- Madra, Dhaam, Tudkiya Bhath, Bhey or Spicy Lotus stems, and a lot more which can be truly enjoyed, when in Kullu having hot food and sipping hot tea.

Kullu Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Manikaran
  • The Great Himalayan National Park
  • The Parvati Valley 
  • Malana

Day 2:

  • Shopping
  • All the temples in the Vicinity
  • Pandoh Dam

If up for trekking, it would depend on the number of days given on trekking.

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