A Peaceful Adobe in the Heart of Western Ghats
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October to January
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Kudremukh Tourism

A high-range tourist destination which literally means the face of a horse, named after the famous hill that resembles the same. This small town is a masterpiece of nature, with folding hills of the Western Ghats covered with short green grass, and valleys lined with thick clusters of forests. Wild springs, seasonal waterfalls, the beautiful Bhadra River, the breathtaking cascade of Hanuman Gundi, there are many more attractions that compels a traveler to visit this peaceful town. Trekking through the Kudremukh National Park can give you the experience of a lifetime. The beautiful panorama in green and blue all around can be something refreshing. Camps, treks and wildlife spotting here are sure to meet any adventurer expectations.

Things to do in Kudremukh

1.Lakya Dam

3 kilometres from city centre

An earthen check dam built across the river Bhadra to collect the silt content from the...

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2.Kudremukh National Park


This national park is the biggest attraction of Kudremukh-a paradise in the wilderness....

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3.Hanuman Gundi Falls

12 kilometres from city centre

Hanuman Gundi falls or in otherwise Suthanabbe falls drops down 77 ft cascading over a ...

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4.City Shopping

248 kilometres from city centre

Kudremukh is a simple village, so extravagant shopping is out of the question here. But...

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644 kilometres from city centre

The folds of mountains in shades of green, covered by meadows breached occasionally by ...

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6.Janta Market

1 kilometres from city centre

A small village market and the main shopping destination of this beautiful place. It’s ...

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10 kilometres from city centre

Kalasa, a small temple town on the banks of River Bhadra is famous for the Sri Kalasesh...

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10 kilometres from city centre

Hornadu is a small holy village renowned after the Annapoorneshwari temple. The extraor...

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When to visit?

Although Monsoon brings the best out of this high-range destination; Kudremukh is most comfortable and beautiful in the winter season. July marks the beginning of monsoon and lasts till September. These hills receive heavy rainfall and can have high humidity and fog, taking a toll on the tourists. But if you enjoy getting wet, then this is the perfect time to be here, as the rain pours, wild springs and seasonal falls appear out of nowhere. The Hanuman Gundi fall swells into its mighty form and the forest is thick and greener. The winter starts in September and is accompanied by fog and cool breeze. The hill ranges ought to be explored at this perfect time of the year. Summer can be a bit difficult due to the tropical temperatures combined with the high humidity. Summer here is from March to June.

How to reach

A high-range tourist destination in the Chikkamangaluru district of Karnataka, Kudremugh is easily accessible by rail and road networks. The nearest airport is at Mangalore about 93 km from the town, from where one can catch a cab or train to Kudremugh.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is the Mangalore Domestic Airport, about 190 km from the town. And for international tourists Banglore Airport is the nearest option; Kudremukh is only 295 km from here.

How to Reach by Train

Mangalore is the nearest railway station to reach Kudremukh about 112 km from the town. This is a major railway station and has many regular trains running between most parts of the country.

How to Reach by Bus

As a developing tourist spot, Kudremukh now has a very good bus service, both State buses and private buses run regularly to and from the town to the nearest major cities like Banglore, Mangalore, Goa, Hydrebad etc.

How to Reach by Road

Kudremukh is now a well-connected town and has good road networks. Various state highways and National highways make the place easily accessible by road.

How to travel within

Hired and rental cars and bikes are the mainly opted modes of transport within Kudremukh. Both private and state buses are also reliable. Rickshaws can also be relayed on for shorter distances.

Drink & Dine...

Coffee is the highlight of the place. Kudremukh produces some of the best variety of the beverage in the local plantations. Don't forget to get a zip and also a few packets to take home. The food in this simple town is pretty much normal, South Indian meal is available in most of the roadside hotels. Dosha, Idly and such South Indian specialties are also worth a shot and can be spotted in Dhabbas and most local restaurants

Kudremukh Itinerary

Day 1: The main part of the Kudremukh trip is the trek. So start the trek early in the morning in the Kudremukh National Park. Schedule your trek so that you get to visit the major spots as the Hanuman Gundi falls, The horse shapes hill and the wild springs and River Bhadra. End your trek in the Lakya dam in the evening around the time it is open for visitors. 

Day 2: Head for Hornadu in the morning. Spend the afternoon in the temple town Kalasa. And don't forget to visit the Janta Market.

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