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Kozhikode Tourism

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is often called the spice capital of the nation. This North Malabar district of Kerala is famous for being the food and cultural capital of the region. With significant influences of Arabic, Jewish and Portuguese culture, Kozhikode had begun trading in spices like cardamom and black pepper more than 500 years ago. Vasco Da Gama, the first European person to land on Indian Shores had landed on the sands of the Kappad beach here in Kozhikode.

Before the British rule, Kozhikode was the capital of Malabar under the Samoothiris (also known as Zamorins). Largely a trading town, Kozhikode traded with the Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Phoenicians, Dutch and Portuguese in its prime. This is evident in the fact that Kozhikode still serves as the trade capital for the Malabar districts including Kannur, Wayanad and Malappuram. Today, Kozhikode is dotted with a number of luxury hotels, high-rises and malls while the city has been transforming to become the IT hub of the region.

Kozhikode is often seen as the epitome of the Malabar food scenario. The sheer number of items available in a typical Kozhikode restaurant is enough to set your mouths on fire. A number of festivals, including food festivals, are held here all year round to celebrate the diversity and pride of the Kozhikode people. This city is also very welcoming and is known for the warmth with which people embrace visitors. A visit to Kozhikode is sure to leave your senses, soul, and tummy satisfied.


Lion's Park

1.Lion's Park

1 kilometres from city centre

Located right next to the Kozhikode lighthouse and beach, Lion’s Park is ideal for a weekend picnic with friends and family. The park is especially...

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Kappad Beach

2.Kappad Beach

15 kilometres from city centre

Kappad beach, even though it is a scenic beach, is more known for its historical importance. Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese explorer who was the fir...

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Kallai River

3.Kallai River

2 kilometres from city centre

Kallai river is a place of beauty and has found itself mentioned in various Malayalam poems and songs over the years. This river once served as the...

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34 kilometres from city centre

The Kakkayam dam site, situated around 15 kilometres away from the Kakkayam bus stop, is a site to visit if you’re keen on enjoying the beauty of t...

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Peruvannamuzhi Dam

5.Peruvannamuzhi Dam

38 kilometres from city centre

For something interesting or curious, head over to Peruvannamuzhi, where there is a crocodile farm waiting for you. For those of you not interested...

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10 kilometres from city centre

A small, beautiful little town nestled at the mouth of the Kallayi river, Beypore attains its fame from the traditional boats, Urus and Dhows, that...

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Mananchira Square

7.Mananchira Square

1 kilometres from city centre

Adorned with musical fountains, well-maintained landscapes and a wide open theatre, Mananchira Square is easily the centre of attraction in this ci...

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Vellari Mala

8.Vellari Mala

42 kilometres from city centre

Reminiscent of the streams and brooks detailed out in literary pieces, The Vellari Mala has a series of small waterfalls with rocky boundaries and ...

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Mishkal Palli Mosque

9.Mishkal Palli Mosque

2 kilometres from city centre

One of the first mosques in India, Mishkal is a symbol of India’s pluralism. Built in 14th century AD by a rich Muslim merchant Nakhuda, Mishkal mo...

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Tali Temple

10.Tali Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

The Tali temple is a one of a kind temple in the region with five different customary ceremonies being conducted every day. The temple is also one ...

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Matri Dei Cathedral

11.Matri Dei Cathedral

1 kilometres from city centre

Matri Dei Cathedral, popularly known as  Mother of God Cathedral or Devamatha Cathedral is one of the oldest churches of Malabar. Located near beac...

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Juma Masjid

12.Juma Masjid

1 kilometres from city centre

Built using a combination of traditional Malayalam and Persian architecture, this Juma Masjid has the largest floor size in all mosques of Kerala. ...

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Thusharagiri Waterfall

13.Thusharagiri Waterfall

38 kilometres from city centre

Thusharagiri is a cinematic waterfall located in a tiny tribal village on the slopes of the Western Ghats. The amazing views and the image of the w...

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Sweetmeat Street (Mithai Theravu)

14.Sweetmeat Street (Mithai Theravu)

1 kilometres from city centre

Starting out as a small street with a number of traditional sweet vendors, today Sweet Street is a trading and shopping hub in the region. Locally ...

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Beypore Beach

15.Beypore Beach

11 kilometres from city centre

Beypore Beach is located at the jaws of the Chaliyar river, around 15 kilometres away from Kadavu. Beypore is quite famous for its thriving maritim...

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Pazhassiraja Museum

16.Pazhassiraja Museum

4 kilometres from city centre

Managed by the state archaeological department, The Pazhassiraja Museum is a tribute to the great Pazhassi Raja. Known for his battles with the Bri...

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Kozhippara Falls

17.Kozhippara Falls

37 kilometres from city centre

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure and fun, head over to these beautiful falls at Kakkadampoyil. These falls are welcoming to trekking and sw...

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Kozhikode Beach

18.Kozhikode Beach

1 kilometres from city centre

Lying right next to the city of Kozhikode lies the beautiful and busy sands of Kozhikode beach. Adorned by the Gandhi Road on one side and the Arab...

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Art Gallery

19.Art Gallery

1 kilometres from city centre

For those of you who enjoy Indian themed art and Western techniques of painting, a visit to the Art Gallery is a must. Displayed here are pieces fr...

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199 kilometres from city centre

If you’re looking for a calm and peaceful vacation, spend a day in the calm water of the Kozhikode Backwaters. Cruise around in luxurious houseboat...

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Thikkoti Light House

21.Thikkoti Light House

6 kilometres from city centre

This lighthouse was built out of necessity when a shipwreck occurred here, the remains of which can be seen even today. Surrounded by a beautiful g...

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Krishna Menon Museum

22.Krishna Menon Museum

4 kilometres from city centre

Celebrating the Indian freedom and independence struggle, this museum is dedicated to VK Krishna Menon, as the name suggests. Popular as the right-...

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Kadalundi bird sanctuary

23.Kadalundi bird sanctuary

16 kilometres from city centre

Dotted around in the Kadalundi River lies a small cluster of islands that houses a small delight for bird watchers and enthusiasts. These undevelop...

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4 kilometres from city centre

The Kerala Institute for Research, Training and Development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, abbreviated to KIRTADS, is a celebration of t...

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Canolly / Canoli Canal

25.Canolly / Canoli Canal

3 kilometres from city centre

A frequent waterway and trade route in the British era, Canolly lake has a lot of historical importance. Commissioned by then collector of Malabar,...

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The City of Artists

The culture and heritage of this beautiful city would take a number of pages to explain in detail. Kozhikode is seen as one of the most harmonious and peace-loving places in India. Being a trading and port city, Kozhikode offers a freedom that is inculcated in its long-standing tradition of trade and commerce. People of various culture, heritage and religion live here harmoniously and thus a visit to Kozhikode is sure to change your perception about Kerala and Malayalees.

Kozhikode had begun trading with the Arabs since the 7th Century as per many historians. This is quite evident in the Arabic influence obvious around the city. Traditional dance and song forms like Oppana and Mappila Pattu have to be enjoyed once in a lifetime. Kozhikode is also the preferred habitat of a number of literary and cultural icons in Kerala like Vaikom Muhammad Basheer and M. T. Vasudevan Nair, literary stalwarts who had spent most of their lives in the city. Kozhikode is also home to festivals like the Malabar Mahotsavam (a cultural festival) and Jalolsavam (celebratory festival as a part of Onam) are celebrated with pomp and glory.

How to reach

Kozhikode is accessible by road, rail and flight.

How to Reach by Flight

Calicut International Airport, also known as Karipur Airport is just 23km away from the city. The city is connected to other cities and a number of international destinations by regular flights.

How to Reach by Train

Kozhikode Main(CLT) railway station connects the city to the rail network of the country. Passenger trains, as well as Superfast trains arrive at the station at regular intervals.

How to Reach by Bus

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation busses and numerous private buses are available.

How to Reach by Road

The road network is quite extensive in Kozhikode. National and State Highways connect the city to different parts of the country.

How to travel within

Kozhikode has an extensive local bus service that connects almost all parts of the district. Cabs and autos are abundantly available throughout the city.

Food and Dining

Food is one of the main attractions of this beautiful city. Often referred to as the food capital of the state, Kozhikode is quite generous with its offerings. With a distinct flavour, courtesy of the vibrant Musil community here, Kozhikode will cater to the hunger pangs of anyone and everyone. The Erachi pathiris (rice cakes filled with meat mixture), Kuzhi Mandis (Arabic style rice and meat dish), Arikadukka (rice cake cooked with mussels), and the wide varieties of other snacks are just the tip of the iceberg here in Kozhikode.

Kozhikode is also famous for a couple of speciality drinks like the Avil Milk (a shake with rice flakes and banana), Kulukki Sarbath (drinks, mostly flavoured lemonade, shaken together before service), Milk Sarbath and Sulaimani (spiced tea, often with a dash of lemon). The famous Malabar Biriyani also finds its roots here and is a speciality dish in most restaurants in Kozhikode. Kozhikode bakeries are also quite renowned and are among the first to bake cakes and biscuits in the country.

The food and dining scenario in Kozhikode has evolved to accommodate modern flavours and fine dining as well. Restaurants serving dishes from various cuisines like Chinese, Arabic, American and European can be seen dotted around the city. Paragon Restaurant and their biriyani enjoy celebrity status in the Kozhikode restaurant scenario.

Kozhikode Itinerary

Day 1

  • Kappad Beach
  • Krishna Menon Museum
  • Pazhassiraja Museum
  • Mananchira Square
  • Sweet Street (Mithai Theravu)
  • Mishkal Palli Mosque
  • Beypore, Beypore Beach

Day 2

  • Peruvannamuzhi Dam
  • Kakkayam
  • Kozhippara Falls
  • Thusharagiri Waterfall
  • Kakkadampoyil

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