The City of Murals

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Cochin International Airport
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Kottayam Tourism

Kottayam is an old town situated on a hilltop flanked with the enticing Western Ghats on east and green paddy fields and thrilling Vembanad Lake on the west. The various estates of rubber, coconut, palm, spices, and the verdure make for rich green scenes that are absolutely shocking. Every one of these variables, besides it being strikingly excellent, making it as one of the most visited destinations in Kerala. Kottayam is an antiquated city of Kerala which has a major commitment to print media and writing and thus legitimately alluded to as 'Akshara Nagari' signifying 'city of letters'. Kottayam has numerous temples and shrines of worship to be found by tourist. The Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, Pallippurathu Kavu, Thiruverpu Temple and the Saraswathy Temple are some acclaimed tourist destination situated close to Kottayam. The Subramanya Swami Temple of Kottayam is one of only a handful couple of temple devoted to Lord Subramanya in Kerala. Toward any path your eyes focus in Kottayam, you will see verdant grounds, wonderful highlands, immaculate slopes and meadows that will blow your mind. It is a superb spot for trekking and water activities, for example, boating, swimming and angling and also photography. The snake boat race is all the more famously known as 'vallam Kali' is a standout amongst the most eminent occasions in Kottayam. These vessel races are sorted out at the season of Onam celebrations amid the long stretches of August and September.


The major religions rehearsed by the inhabitant populace of Kottayam incorporates Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. In spite of the fact that Hinduism is the unmistakable religion rehearsed in Kottayam, various churches can also be found in the area. This community holds different prominent basketball competitions which incorporate Marian Trophy, Lourdes Trophy, and Girideepam Trophy consistently. Kottayam is prestigious everywhere throughout the nation as it is one of the significant trading community for rubber in India. The Rubber Board has been set up by the Government of India for the improvement of the rubber business. Amid the celebration of Flower show and food festival, an expansive number of cultural activities are held. Blooms from different parts of the locale and the wild and gentle scent of the blossoms wait in the quality of the encompassing territory. The culture of the place is rich with not only the festivals celebrated here but also due to the presence of various forms of dance practiced amongst the masses.

Top things do in Kottayam

1. Malliyoor Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple

16 kilometres from city centre

2. Saraswathy temple

7 kilometres from city centre

3. Subrahmonia Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

4. Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

5. Boat races

2 kilometres from city centre

6. St. Mary?s Orthodox Church

1 kilometres from city centre

7. Thazhathangady Juma Masjid

2 kilometres from city centre

8. Thiruvarpu Temple

5 kilometres from city centre

9. Subramania Swami Temple

5 kilometres from city centre

10. Nattakom and Panachikad

4 kilometres from city centre

11. Pallippurathu Kavu

1 kilometres from city centre

12. Bay Island Driftwood Museum

10 kilometres from city centre

13. Island of Pathiramanal

15 kilometres from city centre

14. Nadukani

30 kilometres from city centre

15. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

11 kilometres from city centre

16. Shopping in Kottayam

0 kilometres from city centre

17. Elaveezhapoonchira

37 kilometres from city centre

18. Vaikom

20 kilometres from city centre

19. Poonjar Palace

31 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Despite the fact that the place is a popular tourist destination; one can have some difficulty in reaching the place as it’s not that well connected to all the means of transport like airline facility.

How to Reach by Flight

Kottayam has no airport of its own, and the nearest airport will be the Kochi Airport which is at a distance of 51 km from Kottayam. The airport receives regular flights from all the major cities of India, and taking a cab or taxi from there to Kottayam is quite easy and affordable.

How to Reach by Train

Kottayam has its own Railway Station which goes by the code of KTYM. The railway station may not be a junction but it receives regular local and express trains from all other major places in the country.

How to Reach by Bus

Kottayam also has its own State Bus service and a State Bus Stop which provides regular bus service both within the city as well as to and fro from other cities to Kottayam.

How to Reach by Road

The road to Kottayam is very beautiful, and the place is well connected to highways so one can easily take a car to Kottayam and enjoy the scenic beauty on the way.

How to travel within

Local buses, autos, cabs, and many other means of travel are available for sightseeing within the place. One can also choose to travel by foot to nearby places.


The nourishment propensities for people from Kottayam are not altogether different from the prevalent cuisine of Kerala, in spite of the fact that they are known to make some extraordinary food things particularly non-veg lover tidbits and dishes. For individuals in the propensity for eating gently seasoned or bland flavored dishes, sambar can be pretty excessively spicy. Appam, especially Kallappams and Vellappams are colossal top choices. Kallappam is a kind of pancake while Vellappam is a crepe-like frilly edged thing. The basic food ingredient of the day by day diet is rice. Breakfast, lunch or supper, it is some rice dish or the other, served alongside with an assortment of side dishes. Fish is used in an assortment of ways - it is saved in the wake of being dried and salted or cooked in heavenly coconut sauce.

Kottayam Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam. You will reach the town at 10:00 am. Then visit Nadukani and explore the place. Then head to Nattakom and Panachikad and scout the spot. Head to Vaikom and enjoy your time exploring the place. In the evening go to the local market and enjoy the shopping. Pay your respects to Thiruvarpu Temple and Subramania Swami temple on your way back to the hotel. Take rest for the day.

Day 2: Start your morning by paying respect to Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple. Head to Poonjar Palace and explore the place around. Then head to Bay Island Driftwood Museum and discover many mysteries stored in the spot. In the evening, enjoy the adventure of the Boat race and then visit the Island Of Pathiramanal. Spend some peaceful time by visiting Subrahmonia Temple and Malliyoor Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple. Have dinner and head back to the hotel.

Day 3: Start your morning by paying your respect to Saraswathy Temple and then head to Pallippurathu Kavu. Head to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and enjoy the touch of nature. Then spend some time exploring the St Mary’s Orthodox church and then visit Elaveezhapoonchira. Hit the road in the evening, back to Thiruvananthapuram. You can reach home by midnight.