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Kolasib Tourism

Kolasib is the managerial central command of Kolasib District, which lies in the northern piece of the territory of Mizoram. The neighbouring regions of Cachar and Hailakandi are arranged toward the north and north-west of Kolasib District. This town is deliberately found, which is well-associated by road with significant urban areas in Mizoram. National Highway-54 interfaces this town with the state capital Aizawl and different urban areas in the neighbouring states. The goal has a vast ancestral populace, with convictions in customary culture and estimations of the locale. These innate individuals are accepted to have originated from Myanmar and have particular highlights. The neighbourhood occupants in Kolasib can communicate in English and Mizo. These individuals are occupied with cultivating and locale craftsmanship works. Kolasib is arranged in the midst of rich green fields and orchids. Tlawng River streams close to Kolasib town that houses different outing spots. Angling is a well-known activity that can be appreciated at this stream, which is arranged near the Regional Rubber Research Center and the Bairabi Hydel Project. The place is located at around 83 km from the city of Aizawl, which has an airplane terminal at Lengpui that is associated with Imphal, Agartala, Kolkata, and Dimapur. Silchar Railway Station is the closest railhead to Kolasib, which is served via trains for Arunachal, Bagetar, Hilara, and Chandranathpur. Transports and cabs are additionally normally accessible from Aizawl and different urban areas to visit Kolasib. Storm months are not appropriate to visit Aizawl due to the substantial rainfalls. Notwithstanding, the post-rainstorm months, reaching out from October through February are viewed as perfect for making a trip to Kolasib.

Things to do in Kolasib

1.Tamdil Lake

61 kilometres from city centre

The biggest lake in the territory of Mizoram, Tamdil Lake is a man-made lake only to fi...

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Legend attributes the beginning of Kolasib, to a fanciful King Putraka who made Kolasib, Mizoram by enchantment for his ruler Patali, which gives it, its old name Pataligrama. It is said that to pay tribute to the ruler, the city was named Pataliputra. Gram is the Sanskrit for the town and Putra implies child. Kolasib, Mizoram from a logical history viewpoint, it is suitable to induce that the historical backdrop of Kolasib, began around the year 490 BC when Ajatashatru, the lord of Magadh, needed to move his capital from the sloping Rajagriha to an all the more deliberately found spot to battle the Licchavis of Vaishali. He picked the site on the bank of Ganges and braced the zone. From that time, the city has had a nonstop history, a record guaranteed by a couple of urban communities on the planet. Gautam Buddha went through this spot in the most recent year of his life, and he had prophesized an extraordinary future for this spot, and yet, he anticipated its ruin from flood, flame, and fight.

How to reach

Aizawl is the closest airplane terminal to Kolasib, situated at a separation of 83 km. Silchar and Lumding are the close-by railroad stations to Kolasib and have many stoppages of trains here. From the railroad station and air terminal, you need to enlist a vehicle, bus transport, or auto-rickshaws and taxicabs to reach Kolasib.

How to Reach by Flight

Aizawl is the nearest aerodrome which is 83 km far from Kolasib. Aizawl is associated with all the primary urban communities of the North and North East. You can contract a taxi from the air terminal. They charge INR 7-10 for every km.

How to Reach by Train

The closest railroad station is Silchar Railway Station, which is 90 km far from Kolasib. The Silchar station is associated with spots, for example, Lumding Junction, Arunachal, Bihari, Hilary, Bagtar, and Chandranathpur. You can employ a taxi to achieve the goal from that point on.

How to Reach by Bus

The closest bus transport depot from Kolasib is arranged in the town of Silchar which is 64 km away. Another bus transport stand is in Imphal, which is 107 km far from Kolasib.

How to Reach by Road

The city is very reachable by roads since it is well-associated with roadways. In any case, you can without much of a stretch reach Kolasib from Aizawl through different vehicles as the streets are truly safe.

How to travel within

To get around this city, the best methods of transport are auto rickshaws and the taxi or cabs. The auto rickshaws don't employ on meters and thus the costs are debatable, in the interim, the cabs are somewhat costlier than the auto rickshaws.


The eastern piece of India has it's own one of a kind touch to the Mizoram and is a brilliant spot for non-vegetarians to be in. Mizos love to gorge on non-vegetarian treats. Rice is the staple eating routine here and the cooking of Kolasib is practically not the same as every one of the parts of the nation. Kolasib is prominent for foods that establish non-veg fixings like pork and fish. Little cafés and dhabas here likewise serve bubbled arrangements that are delightful in taste. In-house cafés of different inns are likewise appropriate. Tea is the most prevalent beverage here, locally it is called as zu.

Kolasib Itinerary

Day 1: Catch an early morning flight from Delhi to Aizawl. Then take the bus to reach the Kolasib. Book a hotel and get fresh. Visit Tamdil Lake and explore the spot and scenario. Take a picture and then take the bus back to Aizawl to catch the flight to Delhi. You can return back home by midnight.

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