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Kashid Tourism

A beach town, mainstreamed for its white sand and blue oceans arranged in the Konkan area of Maharashtra, Kashid is the ideal goal for a tranquil end of a week escape from Mumbai. A mitigating and quiet spot in nature's lap, Kashid is somewhat charming with its peaceful condition and pleasant area. This shoreline town is known additionally for its grand mountains and murmuring Casuarina forests. A wonderful spot for those looking for a tranquil and peaceful surrounding- Kashid has a quiet shore that stretches to a huge degree and presents itself with an entranced appearance. Kashid's perfect water and clean shoreline make it a standout amongst the most excellent spots in the adjacent regions. A drive through the region in itself is an incredible encounter. Chaul, which lies close to Kashid, has numerous Buddhist surrenders that are of open intrigue, and furthermore, some celebrated houses of worship and temples are also found in Kashid. The Korlai Fort is another delightful fascination here. The perfect time to visit this aesthetic place will be in the months between October to February.


Things to do in Kashid

1.Datta Manir

92 kilometres from city centre

Datta Manir is a red-domed sanctuary arranged on a slope, at a separation of 18 km from...

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2.Korlai Fort

11 kilometres from city centre

The Korlai Fort is a broad military fortress fundamentally involved by the Portuguese a...

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3.Murud Janjira Fort

16 kilometres from city centre

Around 21 km from Kashid Beach, this fortification is encompassed by the turquoise-hued...

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4.Kashid Beach

1 kilometres from city centre

Found just about 30 km from Alibaug and arranged on the shorelines of Arabian Sea, Kash...

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5.Phansad Bird Sanctuary

5 kilometres from city centre

Despite the fact that it is alluded to as a flying creature haven, the Phansad Bird San...

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6.City Shopping

788 kilometres from city centre

In case you're searching for a bona fide Maharashtrian shopping background, Kashid is t...

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7.Revdanda Beach and Fort

12 kilometres from city centre

The remnants of the Portuguese fortress are hidden in wild estates of the Revdanda Beac...

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Kashid tourism
Kashid tourism
Kashid tourism
Kashid tourism
Kashid tourism
Kashid tourism
Kashid tourism


Kashid is well known mostly as a result of its white sand, blue oceans, green mountains, paddy fields, and rivulets. Kashid has a 3 km stretch of shoreline tucked in the middle of two rough hillocks with Casuarina forests all around the seashore. This is by a long shot the best shoreline in this piece of the Konkan locale and however completely betrayed on weekdays, the town can pull in a considerable amount of end of the week holidaymakers. There are a couple of little inns in Kashid as the remainder of the zone is exclusive. The waves here are abnormally high and can be a heaven for surfing. The waves can achieve tallness of 5-6 feet notwithstanding amid the non-rainstorm months. Also, it is hazardously high amid the rainstorm and surfing isn't advisable for tourists amid the long periods of June to September.


How to reach

Kashid doesn't have an air terminal or railroad station. Kashid has a very much kept up arrangement of streets which interface it to Alibag and subsequently to the next real urban areas of Maharashtra, for eg Mumbai and Pune. MSRTC runs a normal transport administration on the course from Alibag to Murud which go through Kashid.


How to Reach by Flight

Kashid isn't associated through aviation routes with any of the real city. Chattrapati Shivaji International airplane terminal in Mumbai is the closest air terminal to Kashid. There is a separation of around 125 km among Kashid and Mumbai. Taxi administration is accessible from Mumbai to reach Kashid.


How to Reach by Train

There is no railway station at Kashid. In the event that you are going via train, you should deboard at Panvel Railway Station. Kashid is 90 km far from Panvel. Panvel is one of the nearest urban areas to Kashid. You can take a taxi from that point to reach Kashid.


How to Reach by Bus

To reach Kashid from Mumbai, other than amid the rainstorm season, ships are the most advantageous approach to reach Kashid by means of Alibag. There is a customary ship administration from Gateway of India to Mandwa pier and afterward Alibag, from where you can take the bus transport to Kashid from Alibag transport stand.


How to Reach by Road

Kashid's streets are associated with various pieces of Maharashtra with the principle courses being from Mumbai and Alibag. You can travel by taxi from Mumbai to Alibag. Mumbai and Alibag are at a separation of 125 km and 30 km individually. You can likewise reach Alibag by transport and contract a taxi from that point on.


How to travel within

Since the town is very tiny, any critical goal can be reached on foot. Bikes and bicycles can be leased from the nearby offices present in Kashid for insignificant rates. The charges for leasing a bike in Kashid are moderate, around Rs 200 to 300. Bikes are a less expensive choice, and leasing a bike can cost you around Rs 50 to 70 per day.



You can have an all-around flawless morning meal, snacks, and suppers here with various eating choices accessible along the shoreline. Various joints will offer a few prominent and average Indian foods. Anyway what emerges here, is the Konkan Influence on the sustenance of this shoreline town. Kombadi-Wade, Sol-Kadhi, Jackfruit bhajji, Ambole, Kelphoola-chi bhajji and Kurkuronbombeel which is a firm and singed preparation of Bombay duck is a portion of the indulgences accessible here. Other than this, you can locate the regular and lively arrangements of bananas, mangoes, and coconuts. For a dash of sweetness, attempt the prominent Maharashtrian sweet Modak. Some of the famous joints in and nearby Kashid are:


Kashid Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey in the morning. You can reach Kashid by 10:00 am from Mumbai, traveling by car. In afternoon visit Korlai Fort. Enjoy exploring there and head to Kashid beach to spend a pleasant evening. Scout the city market for shopping in the evening. In the way back to hotel pay a visit to Datta Manir. Take rest for the day by returning to the hotel.

Day 2: Start a peaceful morning by visiting Phansad Bird Sanctuary. After lunch, visit the Murud Janjira Fort and scout the ancient fort. In the evening head to Revdanda Beach and Fort to enjoy the grace of the beautiful natural views. Hit the road in the evening to reach Mumbai. You can reach home by midnight.


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