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Karwar Tourism

Karwar is a coastal town in Karnataka which is known for its unexplored beautiful beaches. Karwar got its name from the adjacent town of Kadwad. Kade implies last and wado implies territory. Prior to Indian autonomy, the name Karwar was spelt Carwar. This is an old city significantly utilized for the ocean exchange, visited by the Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, French and later the British. Amid the eighteenth century, this city was a piece of the Maratha Empire and turned into a British domain after the annihilation of the Marathas in the third Anglo-Maratha War. Until 1950, it was a piece of the Bombay Presidency.
Karwar's serene feel had enlivened the well known writer Rabindranath Tagore and he has devoted a section of his history to this town. It is viewed as one of the well known traveler puts in Karnataka. The town has flawless shorelines, delightful sanctuaries and Forts drawing in expansive number of sightseers. Different attractions in Karwar will be Karwar Beach, Devbagh Beach, Sadashivgad, Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat, Durga Temple, Kaju Bagh Beach, Kurumgad Island, Naganatha Temple, Narasimha Temple, Koodi Bagh Beach and Venkataramana Temple. Gokarna is around 60 km from Karwar and can be visited together


Narasimha Temple

1.Narasimha Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

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Durga Temple

2.Durga Temple

229 kilometres from city centre

Timings: 9.30 AM to 1 PM and 4.30 PM to 7.30 PM.Trip Duration (Including Travel): 30 Mins - 1 Hr Durga Temple, otherwise called Shanthadurga Templ...

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Kurumgad island

3.Kurumgad island

4 kilometres from city centre

The attractions of prime importance in the island are the Narasimha Temple and the Kurumgad Beach which unarguably bring-in a huge crowd of tourist...

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Devbagh Beach

4.Devbagh Beach

4 kilometres from city centre

Go in Early morning(6 AM -7 AM) is the best time for snorkeling.Trip Duration (Including Travel): 3-4 Hours Devbagh Beach is a standout amongst th...

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Koodi bagh beach

5.Koodi bagh beach

4 kilometres from city centre

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1 HourKoodi Bagh is among the most excellent shorelines of Karwar and furthermore one of the vacationer puts in K...

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City Shopping

6.City Shopping

422 kilometres from city centre

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Venkataramana temple

7.Venkataramana temple

2 kilometres from city centre

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Sadashivgadh Hill Fort

8.Sadashivgadh Hill Fort

3 kilometres from city centre

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Naganath temple

9.Naganath temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Timings: 6 AM - 7 PM Nagnath Temple is the popular and most historical temple which is the main attraction of the Karwar. This temple is dedicated...

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Karwar beach

10.Karwar beach

2 kilometres from city centre

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1-2 HoursAt a separation of 1 km from Karwar Bus Stand, Karwar Beach, otherwise called Rabindranath Tagore Beach,...

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Majali beach

11.Majali beach

6 kilometres from city centre

Trip Duration (Including Travel): 1-2 Hours Majali Beach is a famous fascination in Karwar and is known for its ocean confronting houses and resor...

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Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism
Karwar tourism


Most of the restaurants serve seafood as the city is close to the sea. Karwar is known for its seafood cuisine. Fish curry, with cashews, coconut and rice is a staple dish. Kawar curries use ginger and turmeric but not always garlic.


There are few hotels and Resorts in Karwar.

How to reach

Goa (GOI) is the nearest airport. Karwar have a railway station. It is linked to Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore via highways.

How to Reach by Flight

Goa is the nearest airport (100km). It will take about 2-3 hours to reach by taxi.

How to Reach by Train

Karwar is a major railway station, most trains from Mangalore to Mumbai stops here. Hubli is another major station near Karwar which is connected well to cities in Andhra Pradesh.

How to Reach by Bus

There are regular buses from Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad to Karwar.

How to Reach by Road

It is 520km from Bangalore and 820km from Mumbai. Drive from Bangalore will take about 12 hours and from Mumbai it will take about 17 hours.

How to travel within

Karwar Itinerary

Day1: visit Karwar beach and Sadashivgad Fort.

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