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Karkala Tourism

Karkala is a vibrant religious town and a renowned verifiable centre, situated in Udupi area of Karnataka. This is a place that is known for sculptors where one can discover the mix of devotion and nimbleness of fanatical artists drawing the stone into lively sculptures. The town additionally fills in as a significant religious place for Jains and Hindus and has been announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The rulers of that era constructed a few Jain basadis along with magnificent temples as well. These structures today draw in tourist who crowds to the town to get a look at its great past. A portion of the more renowned structures found here incorporate the extensive statue of Bahubali. The Brahmadeva Pillar that can be found in front of the statue is likewise exceptional. Karkala has 18 ancient Jain basadis that can be traced back to history. There are also a few antiquated temples including those devoted to Anantashayana and Adi Shakti. The town is additionally prevalent for its conventions like Hulivesha or the Tiger Dance and wild buffalo racing. Karkala is a town with sweltering summers which may come to the matter of being incredibly awkward for visiting. The temperatures from September to March stay cool and sufficiently wonderful, enabling you to explore the town to its best.


The small community of Karkala is a place of recorded history as well as religious essentialness. Karkala follows its history directly back to the tenth century when it was led by Jain Kings. The town was called Pandya Nagari in the midst of the era of Jain rulers and later wound up to known as Karikallu and a short time later finally to Karkala. Karkala, a town that is exceptionally rich and prosperous in its religious and recorded significance is home to a few celebrations and occasions that make this town a beneficial spot to visit. Mahamastakabhisheka is a standout amongst the most conspicuous celebrations in Karkala, celebrated by Jain enthusiasts once in at regular interval of every 12 years, amid the month of February. Another well-known celebration in February is Rathothsava (Festival of Chariots) that is held each year. Other festivals incorporate Mahashivratri – the celebration dedicated to Lord Shiva, Karthika Deepotsava – the provincial adaptation of the Diwali. The merriments incorporate local folk dances like the famous Tiger Dance, usually known as Hulivesha. Different occasions incorporate the cockfight and the exciting Kambala race which is a game in which a wooden edge with two or three wild buffalo are joined and used for racing on muddy and sloppy tracks that are rectangular in shape. Saanth Maari is a celebration celebrated by the local Christians and is also called the Attur Church Festival.

Top things do in Karkala

1. Veera Maruthi Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

2. Anekere Lake

1 kilometres from city centre

3. Shri Venkatramana Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

4. Attur Church

3 kilometres from city centre

5. Statue of Bahubali/Gomateshwara

2 kilometres from city centre

6. Chaturmukha Basadi

1 kilometres from city centre

7. Venur

25 kilometres from city centre

8. Lord Ananthashayana

1 kilometres from city centre

9. Ramasamudra Lake

2 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

Karkala is situated 380 kilometres from Bangalore and is all around associated with other cities through the state roads and the national highway.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest air terminal to Karkala is situated in Mangalore and is at the distance of around 70 km. This is a domestic air terminal. The nearest international air terminal is in Bangalore and is at the distance of 370 km from Karkala. Both of the airports are well connected with the major cities of the country and get regular flights.

How to Reach by Train

Udupi Railway Station is the closest railroad station to Karkala, which is located at a distance of around 29 km. The railroad station is very much linked with significant major Indian cities and towns. There are a number of regular trains that directly connect Karkala with the cities of Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Rajkot till Udupi.

How to Reach by Bus

Karkala is very much associated with major close-by cities areas by means of roadways. A lot of deluxe, luxury and private transport buses to Karkala are habitually accessible from Bangalore, Udupi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Mangalore. Going by transport bus is viewed as easy, agreeable and moderate.

How to Reach by Road

Karkala is a well-connected town to its neighbouring urban communities by means of a system of roads. The helpful, quickest and least expensive approach to reach Karkala is to take a taxi from Udupi and drive the distance of 36 km through the Udupi - Karkala Road which is most frequented course taken by the visitors. The distance from Mangalore to Karkala is around 52 km and can be taken by National Highway 169.

How to travel within

There aren't numerous choices in Karkala to drive within the city premises or visit the attractions. Despite the fact that the city will, in general, have a decent system of local transport buses that interfaces practically entire town, you might need to procure a taxi for your adventure if time is your imperative.


Cuisine in Karkala is tied in with relishing South Indian Malabari (West Coast) indulgences that are served in the vast majority of the eateries here. Being a Jain pilgrimage place the food served in most of the restaurants in Karkala are vegetarian delights. There are a couple of dishes that are prevalent and local to this town in light of the local ingredients that are broadly found here. Straightforward yet heavenly dishes like Potato Capsicum Upkari and Kulitha saaru, presented with rice are a portion of the main dishes you may attempt to eat here. In any case, simply be mindful as these are marginally zesty and slightly spicy in taste. There are various eateries in Karkala that been recently been opened because of the developing number of tourist visiting the spot each year. Most famous eateries and restaurants can be found close to the Karkala transport bus stand.

Karkala Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Mangalore Airport, get into a cab that will take you to Karkala which is a short drive of fewer than 2 hours. Reaching the town, get checked in at your pre booked hotel and get freshen up while resting a bit in your room. Head out in the evening to visit the ancient temple of Sri Venkataramana, located in the heart of the city. Situated just opposite of it is another old temple known as Veer Maruthi Temple popularly known for its unique characteristic idol. Spend the night strolling in the streets of this old city while tasting the delicious Malabari cuisine found in the numerous restaurants scattered around the city.

Day 2: Finishing breakfast, start up your day first by visiting the astounding Bahubali Statue for which the town is mainly popular. Spending some time viewing this glorious monolith head back towards the town and visit the Chaturmukha Basadi while walking through the rocky hill where it is situated. While being there, you can also visit Sri Ananthashayana Temple which just a kilometre away from Chaturmukha and is also one of the famous temples of Karkala known for its beautiful architecture. Getting back to town have some rest and go visit Anekere Lake in the evening to enjoy the serene environment of this picturesque place. End your day by having dinner in an authentic restaurant serving Jain vegetarian cuisine to get the feel of this religious place.

Day 3: Being the last day of your trip, startup your day by finishing breakfast and heading towards the famous Atur village to visit the renowned church of St Lawrence while attending the morning mass which leaves you in a peaceful mind enjoying the choir. Exploring the architectural miracle head up to Venur, another small yet popular destination, again known for housing the smallest Bahubali statue of the state. Getting back to town, have lunch and go ahead to visit the Ramasamudra Lake known for its healing qualities. Stay overnight, to shake off the tiredness of the trip and head back to Mangalore the next day with a refreshed mind to board the flight back home.