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Karjat Tourism

Karjat is a very small city, rather a village, in Maharashtra, situated around 69 kms from Mumbai. Surrounded by the mountain route of Bhor Ghat, in the Western Ghats, it makes for a very picturesque location. It is famous for its lush green hills, waterfalls, and farmhouses.  It is the origin of the river Ulhas. It is a beautiful natural location to spend a weekend. It is an unconventional location to spend the weekend at, gaining popularity slowly because of the different experiences it offers its visitors. True to its Marathi nature, it has all that you can ask for- hills, waterfalls, trekking, fort, and food. All these combined together are building up to make Karjat one of the most sought-after weekend spots near Mumbai.

One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is to just let the river flow or watch the waves in the sea fall up and down, and that is what exactly can be felt to watch the beautiful raindrops descend on Karjat's lush green beauty. It has the powers to make one naturally happy, without even thinking about it! 

So, when in Maharashtra in Monsoons, Karjat is a no-miss location.

Things to do in Karjat

1.Shopping in Karjat

1 kilometres from city centre

The best way to remember a trip is by collecting souvenirs. Handicrafts can be bought f...

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2.Kondana Caves

1 kilometres from city centre

The Kondana Caves, located around 14 kms from Karjat are a group of four caves, at the ...

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3.Peth Fort

21 kilometres from city centre

The Kothaligad fort, often known as Peth fort, as it is located near the Peth Village, ...

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25 kilometres from city centre

There are a number of trekking options in Karjat, actually, it is primarily famous for ...

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Karjat Photos

Karjat tour
Karjat tour
Karjat tour
Karjat tour
Karjat tour
Karjat tour
Karjat tour
Karjat tour

Heaven For Trekkers

Karjat is no less than heaven for trekkers, full of lush green hills at every corner. To say that is it one of the most beautiful sights a human can see won't be flattery, it would be true. It has a good altitude of 700  meters, which explains the trekking. Lying in the Western Ghats, it covers Sahyadri Range and some parts of Konkan Range too. Along with the hills, it has amazing waterfalls. The river Ulhas originates from Karjat, seen in Ulhas valley. There is so much greenery in Karjat that one would never want to go back to the boring, polluted city lives they live every day. It is such a relaxing experience which will calm all your nerves and fill you with energy and motivation. 

How to reach

Karjat is located in Maharashtra, around 60 kms from Mumbai and 99 kms from Pune. Both the cities are very accessible and can be reached from any part of the country. From there a bus or a taxi can be taken to reach Karjat.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is in Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, about 75 kms away. Mumbai airport is very well connected to almost all the cities of India. From the airport, the state govt bus can be taken or a taxi can be hired. Another way is to rent a car for the whole trip.

How to Reach by Train

After reaching Mumbai a local train can be taken to reach Karjat. This is the cheapest and most convenient option. 

How to Reach by Bus

From Mumbai or Pune, a bus can be taken to reach Karjat.

How to Reach by Road

Karjatb is connected to Mumbai and Pune with roads and they are well connected to the rest of the country.

How to travel within

A cab can be hired for a day or the local rickshaw called 'tam tam' can be taken to enjoy the place in its own style.

Experience a different side of Maharashtra

When one thinks of Maharashtra, all that comes in Mind is the ever-active city of Mumbai, always hustling-bustling and busy. It reminds one of pollution, stress, workload, and monotony. But Karjat is entirely opposite, a relaxing, soul-soothing experience. It offers Maharashtra in an entirely new flavour. It not just respects the Marathi culture but also beautifies it.  There are great places to eat, offering all Maharashtrian delicacies, and restaurants have not just great food, but great ambiance too which definitely increases the pleasure of eating. And what could be more satisfying than to eat a vada pav while enjoying nature at its best? 

Karjat Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Reach Karjat at the earliest
  • Visit the fort
  • Lunch
  • Explore the caves

Day 2:

  • See the origin of River Ulhas
  • Trekking

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