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Karimganj Tourism

Nestled in the lap of nature resides a quaint town in Assam, Karimganj. It is One of the most beautiful, and the most important cities in Assam which presents the joys of nature at its best. It is known as the agricultural district owing to the numerous farms and wetlands present here. In addition to that, it is also the administrative headquarters and the biggest city in the district. For all those who want to find an escape from the chaotic life of the city, you have found your paradise. The verdant greenery that engulfs this place and the crystal blue rivers that flow here make it a heavenly abode.

Not only is Karimganj is a place to relax and enjoy your time amidst serenity, but also its a place for flourishing trade and commerce. There are several resources present here which are exported to many countries. The city is bestowed with a thick forests cover which is a vital source of livelihood for the locals.

Karimganj is situated at the southernmost tip of Assam and shares its border with Bangladesh. Kushiara and Longai are two major rivers decorating this town. Furthermore, the long stretch of Noti Khal canal helps to connect the two rivers in order to create a balance. Even though there aren’t many tourist hotspots but this place will definitely a paradise for nature lovers. Explore the hidden treasures of flora and fauna located at Karimganj on your next vacation.

Karimganj has an intense pool of culture associated with local tribes, languages, and traditions that are exclusive to their place of origin. 


Things to do in Karimganj

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2.Shopping in Karimganj

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Karimganj Photos

Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour
Karimganj tour


Karimganj has a lot of historical importance. The local tribes form an integral part of this place. Their long-standing traditions and values are deep-rooted within their culture and are exclusive to this part of the country only.

The early history of this town shows that it came under the Chandra Dynasty during the 10th century.

Ever since the middle ages, Karimganj has had its fair share of Muslim rulers, from the Shah Jalal to the reign of the Mughal empire. During British rule, Karimganj came under the Sylhet district. The people of this place actively took part in the struggle for freedom. The famous Bipinchandra Paul of the great ‘ Lal Bal Paul’ belonged to this place. Karimganj is a part of the Barak Valley region which comprises three administrative districts which are- Cachar, Karimganj, and Hailakandi. The Barak river runs along this valley and adds to the beauty of this place.


How to reach

Being a small town it does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is 85kms away and can be reached by taxi. There are many buses available both government-run and private from major cities as well as neighboring areas. The Badarpur Railway station is the nearest railway station and is easily accessible from Karimganj.





How to Reach by Flight

Karimganj does not have an airport of its own but that doesn’t that one cannot reach this place by air. The nearest airport is located at Kumbhirgram in Silchar which is just 85kms. Taxis are easily available on rent which takes passengers to and fro from the airport which makes this place easily accessible. You can also reach this place via Shillong airport which is 100 km away. Shillong airport is well connected to the rest of the country. Flights come in and depart from all the major cities.


How to Reach by Train

The main railway station of Karimganj District is the Badarpur Railway station. It is 32kms away and is easily accessible through auto-rickshaws and taxis. Many auto-rickshaws and taxis are available right outside the station as well which will take one to their desired destination.   This railway station is the center of the Brak Valley and Southern Assam as well.

How to Reach by Bus

In order to reach Karimganj by road, there is a network of well-connected roads. There are a plethora of state-run as well as private buses which operate from the neighboring areas. Buses are the easiest and the cheapest way to reach this place. The fare of the bus depends upon the place a person is travelling from. Many buses from major cities are available till Shillong and from there one can change the bus or take a taxi.

How to Reach by Road

The roads that lead to Karimganj are well maintained and well built. A car journey to this place is recommended owing to the scenic views one can experience. People from neighboring areas prefer to visit this place by car. For those coming in from far off areas, one can easily rent a car in Shillong and drive to Karimganj.

How to travel within

Hiring a taxi is the easiest way of traveling in Karimganj. Besides taxis, auto-rickshaws also run throughout the district to make commuting easier for tourists and locals as well. Buses from neighboring areas come into the town too.

Culture and more.

With an ancient cultural heritage which is exclusive to this place and traditions that date back to centuries, this place gives the true flavour of North East India.

The majority of people in the district are Muslims owing to the several Muslim rulers Karimganj has seen. The official language of the town is Sylheti. Apart from this Meitei is another language spoken in the region especially by the minority Bishnupriya and Meitei communities. One can also find tiny tribal communities here like Hrangkhol, Kuki, Khasi, Tripuri, and Sak.



Karimganj Itinerary

Winter time is the best time to visit Karimganj. Being a small quiet town two days is the ideal time to visit this place.

DAY1-  Reach Karimganj, check in to your hotel and rest for a while. Visit the Barak valley to enjoy in the lap of nature. Come back to the town, have dinner and indulge in some shopping.

DAY2-  Get up early in the morning and go for a trek, return and get ready to depart back home.

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