A spiritual and handicraft heritage that goes back centuries.

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Kanchipuram Tourism

Positioned at 80 kilometers southwest of Chennai is the Land of thousand temples Kanchipuram. It is located in the Tondaimandalam region of Tamilnadu. Kanchipuram is divided into Shiva Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi based on the temples found in the area. Also known as Kanchi, it is one of the seven tirtha kshetras of Vaishnavism other than being a famous religious centre for Hindus.
It has a very colored history with a plethora of empires and dynasties involved in its making. The city also has its mystic roots in the epic of Mahabharatha.

Other than the Pallavas, Cholas and the Vijayanagara Kingdom, there is evidence that Buddhism as a religion prevailed here at one time in the remains of some Buddhist Stupas. Most of the temples here were constructed by the Pallavas and Cholas and use the Dravidian style of architechture.

It is one of the four seats pf the great sage Adi Shankaracharya, the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. He was the one who expounded the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. The major happenings of the place are the Bramhotsavam, Garudotsavam and the Ratha Yatras.




Kachapeshwarar Temple

1.Kachapeshwarar Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Like all the major temples of Kanchipuram except the Kamakshi Amman Temple, this too is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Bramhotsavam festival...

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Kailasanathar Temple

2.Kailasanathar Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

This temple is locally known as the sand temple as it is made almost entirely out of sandstone. This houses a giant 10 feet idol of Lord Shiva in t...

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Devarajaswami Temple

3.Devarajaswami Temple

3 kilometres from city centre

Also known as the Varadharaja Perumal temple or Perumal Koil, this temple is one of the most interesting attractions of Kanchipuram. It houses a 10...

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Ekambaranatha Temple

4.Ekambaranatha Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Spanning over 25 acres, the temple is one of the largest in the country. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Prithvi Linga. The m...

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Varadaraja Temple

5.Varadaraja Temple

3 kilometres from city centre

Also known as the Varadharaja Perumal temple or Perumal Koil, this temple is one of the most interesting attractions of Kanchipuram. It houses a 10...

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Kamakshi Amman Temple

6.Kamakshi Amman Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi, the true form of Lalitha Tripura Sundari. It is one of the 51 Shakthi Peethas of the Adiparashakthi. ...

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Vaikunda Perumal Temple

7.Vaikunda Perumal Temple


An epitome of Dravidian architecture, The Vaikunda Perumal temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The inscriptions on the walls of this temple carry i...

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Kanchi Kudhil

8.Kanchi Kudhil

1 kilometres from city centre

Kanchi Kudhil is a heritage house that was created by using ancestral property and a piece of Kanchis history to intrigue and enlighten those who v...

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Local Cuisine

The way to one's heart is through their stomach. Kanchipuram is a feast to the foodie in you. The typical south Indian cuisine will be steaming ready to entice you with its aromatic spices. One of the best places to visit to quench your cravings for the true Tamil cuisine is the Saravana Bhavan. Located to the north side of Gandhi road, this place has been serving consistently yummy and authentic cuisine for decades now.

The Adyar Ananda Bhavan and Sakthi Ganapathi are the two other major eateries of Kanchipuram.

Delicacies that you cannot afford to miss are Rasam, Payassam, Sweet Pongal and Kovil Idlis.

How to reach

Kanchipuram, being the administrative capital of the district is well connected and easily accessible. The Best way to reach Kanchipuram would be to reach Chennai and then travel by road from there.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport to Kanchipuram is the Chennai Airport. From here commuting by road for the remaining journey is the best option.

How to Reach by Train

Kanchipuram has a railway station and is adequately connected to most important destinations around it. But there is no train connecting Kanchipuram directly to Chennai, but a passenger connects it to Chengalpattu (a suburb of Chennai). There are EMUs from Chennai beach to Tirumalpur that pass via Kanchipuram.

How to Reach by Bus

There are state operated buses that run everyday between Kanchipuram and all major cities of Tamil Nadu.

How to Reach by Road

At only 69 Kilometers from Chennai and 280 kilometers from Bengaluru, the Chennai-Banglore expressway is very convenient to reach Kanchipuram. Even from Tirupati, the journey by car takes only about three to four hours and is quite convenient.

How to travel within


Kanchi is colored bright in its glorious history of producing the most lustrous Silk Sarees, famously known as the Kanjeevaram Silks or Kanchi Pattu Sarees. The Borders of these hand-woven beauties are woven with pure gold and silver threads. Shopping in Kanchi is a must because of this reason as you can make sure of the authenticity of the product and also grab a great price. Make sure to look for the GI (geographical identification) tag to check for authenticity.

If you are looking for a lot of choices and are ready to compromise a bit on the quality, visit commercial stores like the famous Prakash Silks and A.S. Babu Sah.

If you are looking for pure zari and pure zari only, visit cooperative societies like Murugan Silk Society and Kamakshi Amman Silk Society.
The prices can start from 2000-3000 and go up to one lakh rupees.

Kanchipuram Itinerary

Day 1 :

Reach Kanchipuram from Chennai. The drive would take around two hours or lesser. Plan accordingly so that you can start touring the city from the early morning itself. Start by visiting the Kamakshi Amman Temple in all its glory as the sun rays highlight its beauty. Followed by the Varadaraja Temple and the Vaikunda Perumal Temple.

Take a break for lunch in the famous Saravana Bhavan.

Continue with visiting all the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Ekambareswarar Temple, Kailasanthar Temple, and The Kachabeswarar Temple.

Soak in the history and culture in the evening as the sun sets in the Kanchi Kudhil.

End the day with Shopping for the best of Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees on Gandhi Road.

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