The Abode of Lord Shiva

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Traditional Tripuri (Meitei), Hindi, Garo and English.

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From December to June

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Kailashahar Tourism

Once the royal capital of the Tripuran Kingdom, the footprints of history can be seen here. Other than its historic and cultural prestige, it is a well-known trekking destination that has tea estates spread all across the area. According to local folklore, King Jujhar Fa was a disciple of Lord Shiva and prayed to the Mahadev on the banks of river Mau and he was blessed by the Lord. It is believed to have been home to the Lord. This small municipal town resides in the district of Unakoti which is famous for its stone images. Other than many indigenous tribes, Bengalis dominate the population of Kailashahar. As it lies on the Indo-Bangladesh Border, Bangladeshi cultural influence can be noticed.

Things to do in Kailashahar

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Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism
Tripura tourism

Other places to visit in and around Kailashahar are :

1. The Lakhi Narayan Bari Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna.

2. Chouddo Devotar Mandir, the temple of 14 deities.

3. Tea Plantations

Surpassing all the above, the major attraction of the district of Unakoti is the Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava and the other stone images. Legend has it that Lord Shiva, along with another one crore deities were traveling to Kashi and stopped to rest here. Shiva had instructed everyone to continue the journey at sunrise. But as the dawn hit the land, only Shiva was awake. So he cursed all the deities to turn to stone and left.

How to reach

A private taxi or a bus is the best way to reach the District of Unakoti.

How to Reach by Flight

Kailashahar initially had an airport which was shut down in the year 1990. However, there are two airports located at convenient distances. They are the Khowai Airport which is just 50 kilometers away and the Aizwal Airport that is 102 kilometers away. Aizwal Airport is better connected to most major cities.

How to Reach by Train

Kailashahar does not have a train station. The nearest and most well-connected is Kumarghat Station. 34 trains from different cities serve this station.

How to Reach by Bus

Buses run on a daily basis from destinations like Shillong, Aizwal, Silchar, and Unakoti. Interstate buses connect it to major cities like Guwahati.

How to Reach by Road

By road is the most convenient way to reach Kailashahar. The entire state of Tripura is connected adequately only by roadways.

How to travel within

The menu of this place borrows extensively from Bengali, Bangladeshi and Chinese cuisines. A traditional meal would include rice boiled with salt, a vegetable preparation called Saumbai and fermented fish cooked with local herbs. Rice beer, prepared traditionally is also a much-consumed beverage.

Kailashahar Itinerary

Day 1:

Start the morning with a freshly brewed visit to the tea estates, then visit the Lakhi Narayan Temple and Chouddo Devotar Temple. After a rewarding lunch, visit the Unakoti Carvings and spend the evening in awe of the miraculous sculptures. You must head to the local market to fill your bags with some unique local bamboo handicrafts.

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