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Jowai Tourism

Situated in the Jaintia Hills region, Jowai is popular for its beautiful setting and amazing perspectives with the ideal blend of legacy and culture. The town of Jowai, which is a well-known vacationer goal, is likewise known by the name of Jwai. Jowai comprises of numerous clans and settlements that delineate the social legacy of the town. The celebration of Behdeimkhlam is a mainstream celebration when local people get ready sweets and savory delights, that for the most part incorporate meat, fish, and pork like Jadoh, Doh Khleh, Doh Jem amid this time. Jowai is the business and instructive center point of the area as a few understudies from neighboring towns come here to examine. One of the prominent attractions in Jowai is Syntu Ksiar, which is situated along the locale of the Myntdu River. The place once used to be a standout amongst the most vital spots for India's freedom battle and it was Kiang Nangbah, who drove the battle in the area of Jowai. Jowai has a landmark devoted to the memory of the freedom warrior Kiang Nangbah. Other prevalent attractions in Jowai incorporate the Thadlaskein Lake and Lalong Park.


Things to do in Jowai

1.Krang Suri Falls

20 kilometres from city centre

Krang Suri is a standout amongst the most excellent cascades in the District. It is sit...

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2.Syntu Ksair

2 kilometres from city centre

Syntu Ksiar significance Flower of Gold is a tremendous stretch of the waterway bank of...

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3.Durga Temple

1993 kilometres from city centre

A popular sanctuary of the district, the Durga temple is situated close to the leftover...

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4.Thadlaskein Lake

6 kilometres from city centre

Situated at Mukhla, close to the parkway around 20 kilometers from the locale town of J...

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5.Tyrshi Falls

3 kilometres from city centre

Tyrshi Falls on the Shillong-Jowai Road is Jowai's solution to Shillong's Elephant Fall...

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6.Nartiang Monoliths

14 kilometres from city centre

Nartiang Monoliths exist all through the length and broadness of the Khasi and Jaintia ...

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7.Stone Bridge

13 kilometres from city centre

This is an old noteworthy stone extension utilized by the Jaintia Rajas to cross while ...

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8.Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake

16 kilometres from city centre

Encompassed by the entrancing flesh-eating pitcher plants, vessel rides in this lake ar...

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34 kilometres from city centre

Situated in the East Khasi locale, this town has won the title of Asia's cleanest town ...

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Jowai tour
Jowai tour
Jowai tour
Jowai tour
Jowai tour
Jowai tour
Jowai tour
Jowai tour

Festivals in Jowai

Celebrations of the Jowai in the Jaintia Hills, similar to other places, contribute altogether to keeping up harmony between man, his way of life and his common habitat or eco-framework. In the meantime, it tries to resuscitate the soul of cohesiveness and solidarity among the general population. Celebrations of Jaintias can be comprehensively examined under the accompanying names:

Behdienkhlam: It is the most vital celebration in the financial existence of the Jaintias and the emphasis is on petitioning God for the property and great strength of the general population and on conjuring divine favors for an abundant gather.

Laho Dance: This is a celebration given to excitement. The two people partake in the moving, constantly wearing their brilliant best. Normally two young fellows on either side of a young lady, connecting arms together, move in step. Instead of the typical drum and pipe, a "team promoter", a man with the endowment of cadenced recitation, tells profane couplets, and onlookers move with giggling.

Sowing Ritual Ceremony: A religious chasing custom. A cleric breaks an egg so as to convey achievement and to realize which divine piece of the woods the seekers must go. Toward the finish of the pursuit, the "quarry" is conveyed to the special raised area and the meat disseminated among all.

How to reach

Heading out to the town of Jowai, which lies in the eastern corner of Meghalaya, can be very hard. Transportation choices are constrained to the road and other street transport. Transports to the town of Jowai keep running from every single close-by town including Shillong and different places in the adjacent towns of Tripura, Assam, and Mizoram.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest air terminal to Jowai is situated in Guwahati, which is around 104 km away. Flights and helicopters can be taken from this air terminal. You can enlist a taxi from Guwahati or travel in transports that run consistently on this course.

How to Reach by Train

The closest railroad station is Guwahati. This station is very much associated with different urban communities in the nation by ordinary trains. From Guwahati, you need to take a vehicle to reach Jowai.

How to Reach by Bus

Getting to Jowai through transport can be somewhat troublesome, as it is situated in the eastern piece of the nation. Be that as it may, there are bus transports which is kept running from Shillong Assam, Mizoram, and Tripura which can interface you to Jowai.

How to Reach by Road

This is viewed as one of the courageous drives you can set on with. In spite of the fact that the 60 km drive from Shillong is troublesome, the situations the way offers, merits all the problem.

How to travel within

You can travel within Jowai in local autorickshaws or by hiring cabs. You can also explore the place on foot as well.


Jowai will offer a rich and extraordinary side of Meghalaya's non-veggie lover luxuries. Various arrangements of meat, fish, and pork are famous and far-reaching. Chicken, crisp fish, and meat to give a variety of delectable nourishment decisions. Non-veggie lover arrangements command the platter here and vegans may not be complimented with a similar sort of decisions and lavishness in the food. Be that as it may, straightforward and fundamental veggie lover dishes are accessible in the zone.

Jowai Itinerary

Day 1: Start your journey from Shillong to Jowai. You can reach the destination by 10:00 am. Then visit Stone Bridge after having lunch. You can spend the pleasurable evening spending some time at Thadlaskein Lake. Then visit Syntu Ksair and explore the place. Pay your respect to Durga Temple on the way back to the hotel at night.

Day 2: Start your venture of the day by refreshing yourself by visiting Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake. Then head to  Mawlynnong and scout the spot. Then pay a visit to Nartiang Monoliths and Krang Suri Falls. Spend some quality time with your friends or family at Tryshi Falls. Hit the road back to Shillong. You can reach home at night.

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