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Jhunjhunu Tourism

An antiquated town in the province of Rajasthan, Jhunjhunu is a standout amongst the most dynamic areas of the desert state. The empty havelis deliberately engraved design which the landmarks gladly put to a travellers' presentation, everything has stories to intrigue voyagers and exceptional history devotees. It is one of the most seasoned chronicled focuses in recent hundreds of years. One can locate a fine culture of the two Hindus and Muslim as this was led by both Hindu and Muslim rulers. Old structures, fortification and Havelis are the prime tourist spots here. The significant posts are Akhegarh Fort, Jorawarg Badalgarh Fortargh Fort and Badalgarh Fort. Khetri Mahal is another tourist spot which was worked by Thakur Singh. The popular temple is Rani Sati Dadi Mandhir which pulls in an innumerable number of devotees from great distances abroad. October to March is the greatest months to visit Jhunjhunu. Having the Aravali range to monitor it on the south-east, the rich green valley additionally premiums the vacationers for its common magnificence. Each house has a story to outline for, be it about their bold children who have for a considerable length of time served the country from the front or be it the temples and blessed places in the town. In addition, the palatial structures of the rich individuals, embellished with fresco artworks in various hues and shades are an incredible wellspring of fascination for the sightseers. The canvases of these havelies have turned into a fascination for the travellers as well as a subject of genuine investigations. They appear to portray the way of life, history and greenery and fauna of an age.

Things to do in Jhunjhunu

1.Rani Sati Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

Numerous individuals trust that Rani Sati was really a manifestation of Devi Durga. Not...

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2.Khetri Palace

1 kilometres from city centre

Khetri Mahal, a little royal residence dating from around 1770 and once a standout amon...

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51 kilometres from city centre

Found relevantly on the lower regions of Aravali, this heavenly altar of Hindus has a t...

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Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip
Jhunjhunu trip


Jhunjhunu is an ancient town of the bygone era however at this point a locale Headquarter. Shekhawati locale of Rajasthan is a standout amongst the most socially rich regions of the state. Jhunjhunu is a noticeable town in Shekhawati. The town is running towards advancement however it covers up numerous diamonds of craftsmanship and design. Jhunjhunu is an old and verifiable town, having it claim area headquarter, no bona fide confirmation up 'til now when this city was established and by whom. It is said that is was governed over by the Chauhan Dynasty in the Vikram time 1045, and Sidhraj was a prestigious ruler. In the year 1450 Mohammed Khan and his child Samas khan vanquished the Chauhans and took over Jhunjhunu. There is another story behind Jhunjhunu that Pandavas has washed their weapons here in the Surya Kund after they got realignment. There are numerous individuals during the event of Bhadrapad and Amavasya that bunches during this time in this zone and take holy dips. Jhunjhunu has well known Havelis, which hypnotized the tourist with the fresco works of art. You can without much of a stretch distinguish the way of life of Jhunjhunu in the canvases of Havelis.

How to reach

Jhunjhunu is very much associated with the remainder of India by rail and roadways. Normal transport administrations employ forward and backwards the city of Jhunjhunu; transports being worked both by private and government proprietors. There is no non-stop flight or rail availability, be that as it may, to Jhunjhunu. About 150 km away is the Jaipur aeroplane terminal, which is the closest air terminal that associates Jhunjhunu to the remainder of India.

How to Reach by Flight

Jaipur aeroplane terminal is the closest at a distance of around 150 km. Manoeuvres, taxis and state transport buses can be boarded from here to cover the remainder of the distance.

How to Reach by Train

The Jhunjhunu railroad station is crossed by two or three chose trains and the station is increasingly associated with Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner. The Jhunjhunu railroad station is crossed by a few chose trains and the station is increasingly associated with Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner. Various express and traveller trains go through this station.

How to Reach by Bus

Most transport buses to and from Jhunjhunu are controlled by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation or RSRTC. A portion of these transports starts at Jhunjhunu while others simply go through it. Other than RSRTC, Haryana Road Transport Corporation likewise handle ordinary transport administration to and from Jhunjhunu. Additionally, there are numerous private road transport organization buses, which likewise utilize ordinary transport administration in this course.

How to Reach by Road

Jhunjhunu is situated at the intersection of two significant state expressways. Among them, RJ SH 8 begins from Sikar and finishes at Lahura crossing Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh, Jhunjhunu, Bagar, Chirwa and Surjgarh in transit. The RJ SH 41 keeps running from Fatehpur to Rajgarh by means of Jhunjhunu, Alsisar and Malsisar. Aside from that, there are various local streets, which likewise come full circle at Jhunjhunu.

How to travel within

For moving inside Jhunjhunu one needs to depend chiefly on unmetered auto rickshaws and rickshaws. Visitors can likewise contract cabs and vehicles from various vehicle rentals situated inside the city.


The cooking of Rajasthan is essentially vegetarian and offers an impressive assortment of divine dishes. The food that started in Rajasthan and the encompassing district in India is known as the Rajasthani cooking. The general population of Jhujhuna have formed their culinary styles so that a large number of their dishes can be racked for a few days and served without warming. The illustrious legacy of the area just as the gastronomic eagerness among local people have prompted a wide assortment of luscious and dazzling Rajasthani dishes beginning from primary courses to tidbits to sweet dishes. The sustenance here is with the end goal that it is appropriate for the climate, accessibility of water, and other ecological elements of the zone. The treats of the state are genuinely probably the most extravagant, novel and most adored arrangements of India. Names, for example, Dal Bati Churma, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Ghevar, Rabdi and various more are prevalent the whole way across, particularly in North India, with their ubiquity spreading past the bounds of the state, while your visit to Rajasthan is just finished with a mind-blowing and real Rajasthani thali.

Jhunjhunu Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Jaipur airport, get a cab that will take you to Jhunjhunu in less than four hours. Reaching the city, get checked in at the hotel and freshen up to start up your trip. Head out after resting, first to visit Lohargal where the locals believe that sins can be washed in the holy waters there. From there move towards the renowned Khetri Palace to see the unique architecture it provides. Visit the Rani Sati Temple to get the blessing from this locally renowned diety along with viewing the magnificence of this ancient architecture. Stay overnight relishing the local Rajasthani cuisine and head back the next day.

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