Sunset Point

#2 of 5 things to do in Jawhar

Spend a wonderful evening in the gloaming sun painting the sky with the splash of orange, yellow, blue, pink.. shimmering in every colour possible at the sunset point in Jawhar. It provides a perfect space to reflect upon the peace away from the peculiarity of hustle and bustle of the city life. The sunset point in Jawhar is a paradise of its own kind spreading sparkles of rainbows into lives of its travellers. The presence of Gramadaivat temple makes this place a spiritual spot surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Entry timings unrestricted

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Sunset Point Photos

Captured by <a href="">Dhruvil Parikh</a>
Captured by <a href="">Subha Nair</a>
Captured by <a href="">pradeep sarda</a>
Captured by <a href="">Hitesh Rohit</a>