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Jalpaiguri Tourism

Infrequently would one be able to discover a spot like Jalpaiguri that is so possibly wealthy in the travel industry. Fierce waterways doing combating out of the precarious crevasses, the huge stretches of woods spread, the undulating length of Tea Estates and the all-encompassing loftiness of the Himalayas are just a couple of gems that made the British ground their underlying foundations profound into the core of this land. Well, known attractions incorporate Jubilee Park, the Town Club Stadium and the acclaimed waterway Teesta. For youngsters, the Teesta Park along the banks of the waterway Karala is a perfect spot. The Jalpesh temple is situated around 15 km from the town and there is additionally a popular Shiva Temple in the locale. There is likewise a National Park, which is around 80 km from the town. The whole geology is confused with rivulets, waterways, thick woods, slopes and tea garden which make it a well-known goal of West Bengal Tourism. The immaculate excellence and boundless picturesque scenes make this spot a most looked for after goal for eco, wildlife and experience the travel industry. Scores of travellers from a few parts of the globe come here to encounter the spotted magnificence of nature in its immaculate structure. An across the board of stream Teesta and the nursery close by the waterway is the place you will discover your time worth spending. Jalpaiguri is renowned for its tea gardens. Danguajhar tea bequest is the closest tea nursery to the town. A lovely roman catholic church set up by Italian ministers spread over a colossal grounds likewise is a traveller goal. Jalpaiguri can be visited whenever as the year progressed, anyway the best time is October to March.

Things to do in Jalpaiguri

1.Murti river

41 kilometres from city centre

Murti is a pleasant place of interest situated on the banks of the Murti River in the D...

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2.Buxa National Park

83 kilometres from city centre

Buxa Tiger hold is a standout amongst the best and most broadened save backwoods of the...

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3.Gorumara National Park

25 kilometres from city centre

It is located in the Dooars area on the bank of River Raidak and Murti. The vegetation ...

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Jalpaiguri Photos

Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour
Jalpaiguri tour


Jalpaiguri, this restricted stretch of land lying between the Sikkim - Darjeeling Himalayas and Gangetic West Bengal has more than frequently evoked a feeling of both creepy and sentimentalism in numerous heart. Since the early British Rule, a noteworthy stretch of the region is flanked in the north by Bhutan and subsequently the name - DOOARS/DUARS which mean - 'the Door to Bhutan'. The name Jalpaiguri gets from the word 'jalpai' which means an 'olive' that develop here in bottomless. What's more, the postfix 'guri' signifies a spot which related to Jalpesh, the managing divinity (Shiva) of the whole district. The name is likewise accepted to be acquired from a Bhutanese expression, 'je-le-pe-go-ri' which means a spot where comfortable garments are purchased and sold. As a result of its land area, it is additionally called as the passage for the whole North-Eastern States and Bhutan. A few guests lean toward visiting the town during the merry season, as the energy, fervour and solidarity of the ton merit seeing at that point. During November and December, elite the travel industry celebration called Teesta Tea and Tourism fest are praised, it is an extraordinary time to visit the city as these celebrations are genuinely enjoyable to be a part of, there are various activities, water sports, social occasions occurring, it resembles the entire of Kolkata has met up at one spot to stretch out a warm welcome to its vacationers. In the long stretches of February and March, the town observes Jalpesh Mela on the event of Shivratri with amazing merriment.

How to reach

Jalpaiguri is all around associated with roadways, rail and air.

How to Reach by Flight

Bagdogra air terminal is the closest to Jalpaiguri. It is a little domestic air terminal with flights running from the main cities of the nation. Only 20kms from the town, manoeuvres and transports are accessible from Bagdogra to Jalpaiguri.

How to Reach by Train

The New Jalpaiguri Railway station is simply 4kms far from the town, it is one of the greatest railroad stations in the city and is all around associated with major cities of the nation.

How to Reach by Bus

Jalpaiguri has an armada of transport administration buses to take into account the traveller's needs. There are an extravagance and select transport buses, sitter, semi-sleeper and sleeper classes, just as government and private transports to browse.

How to Reach by Road

Jalpaiguri can be gotten to by roadways by means of State Highway 12A from Siliguri and is around 44 kilometres from the city.

How to travel within

Voyagers can utilize transport buses and shared rickshaw sawari for making a trip from one goal to the next. Since Jalpaiguri is a community and attractions are adjacent, explorers can likewise go by walking starting with one spot then onto the next.


Lying in the Himalayan lower regions and sharing its nearness to the Gangetic fields, the sustenance in Jalpaiguri is a blend of the staple decisions of Bengal and the conventional cooking of Darjeeling, Sikkim and the North-east. Fish and rice structure the staple fixings which are typically matched with a vegetable dish. Notwithstanding the unobtrusive but then zesty kinds of Bengal, Jalpaiguri cooking is intensely obliged to provincial strengths of different pieces of India and outside impacts including the Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese and Continental treats. Anyway, the most charming neighbourhood nourishment comes in its road sustenance slows down which you will discover in each alcove and corner of Jalpaiguri. They are typically joined by the quintessential Jalpaiguri tea or the bharer cha which accompanies an inebriating earthen fragrance. The mouthwatering phuchkas, puri bhaji, jhal muri or puffed rice with vegetables blended with crude mustard oil, ghugni which is a dried white peas curry, phulkopir singara or fricasseed potato loaded down with cauliflower, spread toast are a portion of the regular snacks accessible here.

Jalpaiguri Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Bagdogra airport, get a cab that will take you to Jalpaiguri which is just a few kilometres away. Getting in the town, get checked in at the hotel and freshen up for the day. Head out first to visit the Buxa National Park than the Gorumara National Park, both of them have their own unique flora and fauna to flaunt and get you mesmerized. Spend your evening in the banks of Murti River and view the sunset or enjoy some family activities. Stay overnight and head back the next day.

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