Pink City

#2 of 18 things to do in Jaipur

Often Jaipur is referred to as the Pink City, but actually, just a little part of the city has such characteristics and not the entire city. It is an old walled city, which has buildings made of Sandstone, which look pink during the daytime. It is inside this section, that lies the great Hawa Mahal, The City Palace, Jantar Mantar. It was actually meant for residential purposes when built back in 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The nobles of the court used to live here. With the passage of time, monarchy declined and the concept of nobles ceased to exist. Then the people living here were given permission to start their own business. But they were not allowed to make structural changes for it, thus restoring the uniformity of the pink city. This led to the formation of the most famous tourist market of Jaipur- Baapu Baazar.

It is actually the pink city which can give you true royal Rajasthani vibes. With the colourful clothes from Bapu Bazaar, the local food of Rajasthan, and the traditional pink buildings, one can truly feel the essence and magnificence of this 'land of Rajas- Rajasthan'!


Pink City Photos

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