Jal Mahal

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Jal Mahal is a water palace centrally constructed in the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur. It is a fine example of engineering, art and architecture. Though the exact date of its construction is not known, the lake and palace were enlarged in renovated in the 18th century. It was built for the royal family to live in summers, as the heat in Jaipur during summers can be a bit too harsh. It is half submerged in water, thus making it a lot cooler than other parts of the city. Also, it was used for duck-hunting by the royal family.

It is extremely beautiful and sits prettily in the lake. But this was not the scene forever. During the 20th century, the palace suffered a lot of damage due to negligence and the water around it had started to take a toll on its build. It was then taken over by a business family and group of Jaipur and then renovated and restored. In around 2011 it was opened for everybody to be visited, but then later due to some issues between the company and government, it was closed and nobody today is allowed to go inside the beautiful Jal Mahal. 

Still, it is worth spending some time near the lake, admiring the beauty Jal Mahal is, surrounded by green hills and blue water! Especially during the night when the lights of the palace are on, it creates a very beautiful sight to look at and savour the moment.

Timings: Since it is not open, it can be seen from the road at any point and thus there are no entry charges. 

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