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Jabalpur Tourism

The land of glittering rocks, Jabalpur is located on the shores of Narmada River in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. It is an extremely significant city of the state commercially and is slowly transforming into a popular tourist destination owning to its picture perfect ghats, splendid waterfalls and rich cultural structures.
The city is growing at a rapid rate and is becoming one of the premier places for sightseeing and points of interests to lure the tourists are also increasing. There are so many places which are a visual treat for the on lookers. Visit Jabalpur to bear testimony to the breath-taking waterfall that dives into Narmada from 98ft above, one of the biggest nature parks, marble mountains and what not. Jabalpur will leave you amazed and you will get to experience some surreal spectacles of nature which will leave you mesmerised. From the balancing rock to glimpses of British architecture, there is not a dull moment in Jabalpur. The city is a paradise for people looking to explore the culture and historical monuments. It is not only the house of the beautiful Kalachuri art and amazing constructions like the Madan Mahal fort but also where the remains of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed.

Things to do in Jabalpur

1.Madan Mahal Fort

9 kilometres from city centre

On top of a rocky hill, you will find an architectural master-piece in the form of Mada...

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2.Bhedaghat-marble rocks

20 kilometres from city centre

These perfect glistening rocks are situated 25kms from the city and stretch over a long...

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3.Chausath Yogini Temple

20 kilometres from city centre

Chausath directly translates to 64 in Hindi, and the temples has 64 carved figures of Y...

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4.Dhuandhar Falls

19 kilometres from city centre

One of the most famous and a major tourist attraction in Jabalpur is the Dhuandhar fall...

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5.Balancing Rock

9 kilometres from city centre

They are eroded volcanic formations which have mysteriously been shaped like a balance ...

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6.Boat ride to Bhedaghat

20 kilometres from city centre

Another one of the things that have to be experienced while in Jabalpur is the motorboa...

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7.Rani Durgavati Museum

6 kilometres from city centre

The history of Jabalpur lies safe at the Rani Durgavati Museum, which a house some of t...

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8.City Shopping

1171 kilometres from city centre

Being a city which depicts the vibrant heritage and culture, you can find so many handi...

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9.Sea World Water Park

15 kilometres from city centre

Looking for an exciting day with your family? The sea world water park is the solution....

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10.Treasure Island

9 kilometres from city centre

Besides being a artistic and culture oriented city, Jabalpur is also a commercial hub o...

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Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip
Jabalpur trip

History of Jabalpur

Named after the saint Jabali Rishi, the city of Jabalpur is a witness to some of the major events which turned history. The word Jabalpur has been derived from the Arabic word Jabal which means Mountains. Jabalpur has seen many dynasties come and go.  Many relics of King Ashoka were discovered here, it was also the capital of Tripura Kingdom in the 10th century. In the 16th century, the Gonds ruled over the city and then the Marathas took over in the 17th century. The British defeated the Marathas in the 19th century and made Jabalpur the headquarter of Nerbudda territories. To all the people who want to uncover the rich history of India, Jabalpur is one of the exotic places to visit. 






How to reach

Being a popular tourist spot, Jabalpur is frequently visited by people from all across the world. Hence, it is easy to find transportation system to get to the city. It is well connected to all the major cities in India by rail, road and air.

How to Reach by Flight

There are flights operated four days a week by Indian Airlines from Jabalpur. It is well connected to Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, Pune and other major cities of the country.
International travellers can easily reach the place as direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai are operated by airlines like Spicejet. After reaching the airport one can easily take a cab to the desired location.

How to Reach by Train

It is well connected wit the rest of the nation by rail as well. There are regular express and superfast trains from major cities which stop at jabalpur. You can also choose any station near the city including Jabalpur Junction, Madan Mahal, Deori, Adhartal or Jamtara Paraswara.

How to Reach by Bus

Jabalpur has connectivity from all major cities by bus. The fare charged depends upon the destination you are travelling from. 

How to Reach by Road

The national Highway (Varanasi-Kanyakumari Road NH7, Jabalpur-Jaipur Road NH12) passes through Jabalpur and there are daily bus services from Jabalpur to Nagpur, Katni, Jaipur, Gwalior, Bhopal etc.

How to travel within

It is fairly simple to travel within the city. There are cab services available throughout the city. For shorter distances you can always take rickshwas which charge a nominal fee.

Culture of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is the best place to witness the true essence and vibrant heritage Madhya Pradesh are famous for. The people here are mostly Hindus due to the extreme influence of the Marathas and Gond Dynasties and are very welcoming and helpful. The celebration of the festivals like Dusserha are a spectacle you must watch.
Is it possible to miss the famous Khoye ki Jalebi and the lip smacking Chaats while visiting Jabalpur? Absolutely not! In addition to this, a lot of restaurants which will cater to your every craving are available in the city. Don’t forget to try the Indian-Chinese at one of the street markets

Jabalpur Itinerary


Reach Jabalpur and check in to your hotel. Take a boat ride to bhedaghat and visit the balancing rock, dhuandhar falls and marble rocks.  You can also indulge in some shopping at this place. 


Visit the madan mahal fort, chuasath yogini temple and the rani durgavati museum. End the night by relaxing at the treasure island. 

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