Dabbe Falls

#4 of 6 things to do in Honnemaradu

A very profound tourist interest in Shimoga, Karnataka, the enchanting Dabbe Falls lie inside the Saravathi Wildlife Sanctuary. It got its name 'Dabbe' for its appearance as while falling, it falls on a lot of steps first, before cascading into a pool, while 'Dabbe' eaning steps. Though not as big as its sister Jog falls, Dabbe falls is unique in its own ways. It forms a very foamy and misty appearance, which can take anybody's breath away in a jiffy. 

It is quite difficult to reach these beautiful falls as there is no road or path as such. Instead, it is more of a trek downhill which is mostly perpendicular in nature. But the final destination being the magic of nature, it is worth the difficulties. 

There are also quite a few stories attached to Dabbe Falls, which trace it back to the time of Mahabharat. It is said that Bheem had visited Saravathi on his way to Sougandhikapushpa in order to get his wife Draupadi. And it was here that Bheem had worshipped Lord Shiv and obtained a boon from him. A temple situated in this region speaks for the incident.

Timings: No such time restrictions, but not advised to visit after sunset and before sunrise it can be very dangerous in dark. 

No entry fees.