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Hedvi Tourism

Hedvi is a little town situated close to the town of Guhanagar in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. On the off chance that you are searching for a disconnected spot away for a long end of the week but then remain near places of interest, your answer is Hedvi. A little bay of dark sand shoreline Hedvi is essentially far from everything, even cell phone inclusion yet is exceptionally near well-known goals like Ganpatipule Velneshwar and Guhagar. It is basically a traveler goal and pulls in a lot of pioneers from the nation over. This town is especially acclaimed for its Lord Ganesha Temple and the Shri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan that is based here. The Lord Ganesha temple is one of the significant temples in the light of its recorded essentialness. Hedvi shoreline is likewise well known for its peaceful highlights and a huge dark stone monument called the Bahman Ghal around 35 feet high is one of the prime attractions of the shoreline. The last fascination got its name from the icon of Lord Ganesha and has the Dasha Bhuja – which means Ten Hands in Hindi. It is accepted that this temple was built during the rule of the Peshwas, and the marble that was utilized to make the Ganesha Idol was brought from Jammu and Kashmir. Hedvi is additionally home to the Uma Maheshwari Temple and the Brahman Ghal. The Brahman Ghal is a characteristic crevasse that is around 35 ft long and 20 ft profound. The canyon is in dark shake and is around 2 ft wide. This current nature's excellence gushes smooth air pockets during the tidal period when the ocean water spouts into the Gorge. The months from September to May is the best time to visit Hedvi village.

Things to do in Hedvi

1.Shri Dashbhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Temple

13 kilometres from city centre

Lakshmi Ganesh Temple at Hedvi is otherwise called Dasabhuj Ganesh Temple and is one of...

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2.Hedvi Beach

13 kilometres from city centre

Hedvi shoreline is located about 3km from the Ganesh Temple. It is popular due to a sto...

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Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism
Hedvi tourism


Hedvi Village, one of the conservative towns, is located near Guhagar town in the Indian province of Maharashtra. Situated in the Konkan locale of the express, the town is eminent for lodging temples, shorelines, and different religious destinations. The name of the Sri Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Devasthan is gotten from the icon of Lord Ganesha that has a dashboard, which means ten in Hindi. The temple is accepted to have been built during the rule of Peshwas. It offers perspectives on the tsunamis and its surroundings when the seawater goes into the crevasse with extraordinary weight. One of the perfect ends of the week passages for the locals of the area, the Hedvi Beach is situated along the bank of Arabian Sea. Fixed with coconut trees, the prime attractions of the shoreline is its rough shore and plantations of mango, chinook, palms and numerous different organic products. A ten-day Ganesh celebration composed during Shukla Chaturthi consistently is the most praised celebration of Hedvi. The festival happens between twentieth August to fifteenth September and draws in enthusiasts from the nation over. Aside from this, Holi, Dussehra, and Diwali are the other prevalently commended celebrations of Hedvi.

How to reach

The closest railroad station to Hedvi is Chiplun which is associated with adjacent urban communities like Pune, Mumbai, and Ratnagiri. Pune station is additionally adjacent and is around 158 km. There are transports which associate Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Guhanagar, and Chiplun to Hedvi. Then again, you can take a vehicle and drive up to Hedvi.

How to Reach by Flight

The closest air terminal is Pune International Airport, 157 km far from Hedvi. Mumbai airplane terminal, the busiest in the nation is around 307 km far from Hedvi. Practically every one of the flights from various major communities gets associated here, Mumbai being the center point of the nation.

How to Reach by Train

Hedvi doesn't have its very own railroad station. Be that as it may, you can take a train till Chiplun which is closest railroad station from Hedvi. From that point, you can take a bus or a taxi to come to Hedvi. Pune railroad station is only 275 km away and has a well-associated train network. You can employ a vehicle or take a transport bus to reach Hedvi from Pune.

How to Reach by Bus

There are local transport buses from Guhanagar and Konkan just as state transport buses which keep running from Pune, Mumbai, and Goa which get associated with Hedvi. There are Volvo transport buses alongside the state transport buses which utilize routinely.

How to Reach by Road

Hedvi Beach is found 47 KM from Chiplun which is the closest city to reach Hedvi Beach. As Chiplun is situated at Mumbai Goa Highway it is very much associated with road transport bus from all major areas of Maharashtra.

How to travel within

State transport buses interface Hedvi to Guhagar and Chiplun. There are likewise long course transport buses both open and private that keep running from Mumbai, Pune, and Goa. You can likewise profit rickshaws, be that as it may, the distance between the temple and the shoreline is only 3 km which can be secured by walking, getting a charge out of a stroll through the town.


The way of life of Maharashtra, which uncovers itself from multiple points of view, is additionally reflected in its local food. In spite of the fact that a great many people are inexperienced with Maharashtrian cooking and it presently can't seem to discover its way into five-star kitchens, there exists a huge and fascinating culinary collection. The Maharashtrian food covers a range from mellow to hot dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri, vegetables, lentils and natural product structure staples of the Maharashtrian diet. Be that as it may, unmistakably Maharashtrian street food, for example, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Vada Pav, dishes, for example, Kothambir Vadi, Kanda Bhaji, Aluchi Bhaji, and desserts, for example, Puran Poli, Modak, Karanji, Basundi, and Shrikhand stay prevalent. The local cooking in Hedvi is overwhelmed by Maharashtrian dishes with a mix of South and North Indian foods. This spot is known for its hot sustenance of curries and fries. Misal - a fiery sauce of potatoes, peas and different sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering supper.

Hedvi Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Pune International Airport, hire a cab that will take you to Hedvi in a few hours time. Reaching the city get freshen up to start your trip in this lovely place. Getting freshen up head out first to visit Shri Dashbhuj Lakshmi Ganesh Temple to get the blessing of this renowned religious place. Later spend your evening at the famous Hedvi Beach enjoying the sunset and watching the bold waters of this famous beach. End the day by partaking the famous local cuisine of this region. Stay overnight and head out the next day to board the flight back home.

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