Canary hills

#3 of 4 things to do in Hazaribagh

Quite rich in forests, the Canary Hills of Hazaribagh are a delight to be at. The hills being elevated, provide a great view of Hazaribagh. Among the many hilltops in the city, this is considered to be the best. Not just beautiful, the Canary Hills are aesthetic as well. There is a post office at the top of the hill which gives it very aesthetic vibes. A great place for photography, it is an ideal spot for small family gatherings and picnics. 

Along with the lush greenery, there are three lakes on the way to the hill as well. All these combined, make the Canary Hills one of the most peaceful, beautiful and soul-soothing places. 

Just around 3 kms away from Hazaribagh town, it can be reached by auto-rickshaws, cabs/taxis or even by walking.

Canary hills Photos

Captured by <a href="">Sarvochya Kumar</a>
Captured by <a href="">dev Kumar</a>
Captured by <a href="">Abhishek Ranjan</a>