A testimony to the mighty Vijayanagara Empire

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September to February

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Hampi Tourism

Hampi is a destination earmarked for every backpacker's trail and has been a flourishing tourist spot. All this is for good reason since Hampi is considered as a prestigious heritage spot and is even recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage site. There is something truly magical about this place that is tough to pinpoint. Maybe it is the landscape composed of surreal boulders, interspersed with lush paddy fields, and juxtaposed with the ancient ruins of this place. Nevertheless, it is a place well worth the anticipation that it sets forth.  

Apart from being a feast for the eyes, Hampi shot to fame as a major tourist attraction backed with its fascinating historical background. The whole setting along with the ruins of historical value feels like a museum open to exploring. You can relish in this rustic landscape which once belonged to the Vijayanagara Empire. It was believed to a bustling metropolis and one of the most important landmarks in Indian history. It was dotted with bazaars making fortune through the trade of precious stones and other riches that attracted a number of merchants from all over the world. This beauty and capital of the Vijayanagar empire came to an end when the Deccan Sultanes ambushed this place, leaving it with nothing but the ruins of the majestic structures, as we see it today.

Hampi is also close to hearts for many Hindus who have ever read the Ramayana. Known as 'Kishkinda', it was in Hampi that we are introduced to the monkey God, Hanuman. All the relics and stories add up to the experience of embracing the mesmerizing touch of this destination. The captivating essence of this heritage clad destination is very hard to ignore. No one has ever left Hampi without awe for the architecture. 


Elephant Stables

1.Elephant Stables

2 kilometres from city centre

Elephant stable of Hampi, one of the least destructed structures here stands as impressive testimony to the Vijayanagara Empire. It was built as a ...

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Hampi Bazaar

2.Hampi Bazaar

0 kilometres from city centre

Hampi Bazaar stretches over a length of 1 km and fronts the majestic Virupaksha temple. This market area was one of the most bustling spots during ...

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Mahanavami Dibba

3.Mahanavami Dibba

2 kilometres from city centre

Famously known as Dasara Dibba, the Mahanavami Dibba is a beautiful stone platform located within the Royal Enclosure in Hampi. As the name suggest...

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Matanga Hill

4.Matanga Hill

1 kilometres from city centre

Marked as one of the highest spots in Hampi, the Matanga Hill is a perfect location to get a picturesque view of Hampi. It is one of the favorite s...

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Achyutraya Temple

5.Achyutraya Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

Being a part of the splendid array of temples in Hampi, Achyutraya Temple is located between the Matanga hills and Gandhamadana. The temple complex...

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Hanuman Temple

6.Hanuman Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

Famously known as the Yantrodharaka Hanuman temple, it gets its name from the image of the monkey warrior God as placed inside the amulet. It is kn...

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Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex

7.Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex

0 kilometres from city centre

The Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex consists of a cluster of ancient temples that sit on top of the Hemakuta hill in Hampi. The hill is situated on th...

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Vithala Temple

8.Vithala Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Vithala Temple is another architectural marvel that is easily one of the largest and prominent monuments of Hampi. This temple exhibits a fascinati...

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Virupaksha Temple

9.Virupaksha Temple

0 kilometres from city centre

Gracing the banks of Tungabhadra river, the Virupaksha temple of Hampi is a sought after destination for tourists and travelers alike. It is a perf...

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Hazara Rama Temple

10.Hazara Rama Temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Hazara Rama temple, what was once the private temple of the royals of the Vijayanagara Empire, is seated in the center of the royal area. This smal...

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Lotus Palace

11.Lotus Palace

2 kilometres from city centre

Tucked within the Zenana enclosure, the Lotus Palace is one of the unique landmarks in Hampi. Uniquely identified by the architecture style that di...

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Archaeological Museum

12.Archaeological Museum

98 kilometres from city centre

The archeological museum situated at Kamalapuram is small but a significant one. it is dedicated to the ruins of Hampi and pedagogy for the Vijayan...

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Big Shivlinga

13.Big Shivlinga

1 kilometres from city centre

Religiously known as Badavilinga, it is believed to be the largest Linga. It is located next to the Laksmi Narasimha statue and a canal runs under ...

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Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

14.Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

1 kilometres from city centre

One of the largest monolith statues in Hampi, Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is an impressive sight to behold. You can locate this beauty on the southern...

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Zenana Enclosure

15.Zenana Enclosure

2 kilometres from city centre

The Zenana enclosure was a fortified haven for the womenfolk of the Vijayanagara Empire. The enclosure is dotted with many highlights with the Lotu...

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Queen's Bath

16.Queen's Bath

3 kilometres from city centre

Located close to the entrance of Royal Enclosure, the Queen's bath personifies the class and elegance of the Royal lifestyle of the Vijayanagar Emp...

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Old Palace

17.Old Palace

4 kilometres from city centre

Located in the precious village of Anegudi, the Gagan Palace belonged to the rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire. Still retaining its old world charm...

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Monolith Bull

18.Monolith Bull

1 kilometres from city centre

Yeduru Basavanna or Nandi marks the east side of the Virupaksha temple in Hampi. This gigantic sculpture of Nandi attracts many visitors who come t...

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City Shopping

19.City Shopping

293 kilometres from city centre

Shopping is a thrilling experience whenever you are traveling, whether buying souvenirs for your loved ones or keepsakes for yourself. It can be an...

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Daroji Bear Sanctuary

20.Daroji Bear Sanctuary

11 kilometres from city centre

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is located in Ballari district of Karnataka and the only place you can spot these honey loving sloth bears. This magnif...

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Rock climbing

21.Rock climbing

1 kilometres from city centre

Hampi is blessed with a landscape that is an unconventional exploration into rock climbing. Its boulder-strewn scenery practically welcomes you wit...

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It is easily accessible from both Goa as well as Bangalore, owing to which you can see people visiting Hampi all throughout the year. People come here from across the globe and leave fascinated by the ancient rock paintings, the intricately crafted architecture and the legends that are connected to this beautiful place. Hampi is untouched by the beam of modernity and this makes it even more special. It poses as a life-size canvas where you can let your imaginations go wild. It is almost impossible to soak in the extent of this place within a day. Every day here opens up a new portal for something new to explore and indulge in. Pamper yourself with a walk along the river through the boulder-strewn landscape. You can either walk across the stretch of the whole of Hampi or rent a bike/cycle to quench the needs of the adventurous soul in you.

There are these little coracle boats that are used as a means to cross the river by locals and travelers alike. It is an experience that you shouldn't definitely miss! It is one of the most traditional ways of transport here and cherished by many who come here.  You can use one of these little circular basket-shaped boats to cross the river and visit destinations like Anegudi. Anegudi also falls under the umbrella of UNESCO Heritage Site but witnesses a much smaller footfall of tourists. 

How to reach

The nearest airports are Vidyanagar ( 35km ), Hubli ( 140km ), Bangalore (350km ). KSRTC runs bus services between Hospet and cities like Bangalore and Mysore. Hospet has a railway station which is connected to major cities in India.

How to Reach by Flight

Vidyanagar is the nearest airport which is at a distance of 35km. TruJet operates daily flights from Hyderabad to Vidyanagar. Bangalore is the nearest Internation airport, it is at a distance of 350km.Hubli airport is at a distance of 140km.

How to Reach by Train

Hospet ( HPT ) is the nearest railway station, it is at a distance of 13km from Hampi.Overnight trains operate between Hospet and cities such as Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad. Auto rickshaws charge about Rs 200 from the railway station to Hampi. Govt buses run between Hampi and Hospet bus stand ( Rs 10 ).

How to Reach by Bus

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation runs buses from Bangalore, Gokarna and Mysore to Hospet.Auto rickshaws charge about Rs 200 from Hospet to Hampi. Govt buses run between Hampi and Hospet ( Rs 10 ).

How to Reach by Road

Bangalore: 350km; drive till Chitradurga on NH-4, take a right turn on NH-13 towards Sholapur till Hospet, and then drive another 13km to reach Hampi. Mumbai is at a distance of 800km and Hyderabad at 360km from Hampi.

How to travel within

There are auto rickshaws available to take you around, but they can be very expensive at times. Many travelers prefer to rent a two-wheeler or a bicycle to explore around Hampi. It is not only the cheaper option but also helps you to explore in your own terms. 

  • Bicycles are available from Virupaksha Temple market

Cost INR 50 to 150

  • In case you are hiring an auto for the entire day, it can cost INR 300 to 500
  • You can also walk around Hampi to explore and visit places.


The inflow of increasing tourists over the years has played a crucial role in facilitating many facilities in and around Hampi. It has opened up the choice of a number of various cuisines to cater to the tourists who come from different parts of the globe. However, it comes as a note of caution to know that since it is a temple town, non-vegetarian food is not allowed in the part of Hampi that houses these temples. You can even relish in the scrumptious delicacy of homemade food from nearby homestays.

Some of the well-known and recommended eateries here are:

  • Funky Monkey
  • Mango Tree
  • Laughing Buddha
  • The Goan Corner
  • Tibetan Kitchen
  • Hampi Roof Restaurant
  • Tibetan Kitchen

Even though the northern side of the Tungabhadra river has a comparatively varied choice of eateries, but worry not both the banks are spotted with eateries where you can spend good leisure time. The ambiance here is also laid back and meant to give you a good time when in Hampi. Some of these gems open up to a view of the river and paddy fields which adds up to the experience for anyone. 


Hampi Itinerary


  • Reach by morning, rent a bicycle/scooter
  • Start exploring the city 


  • Enjoy an early morning walk across the ruins. 
  • Spend the evening at sunset point, Matanga hill and watch the sun sinking into the Tungabhadra river


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