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Goalpara Tourism

The Goalpara region of Assam is one such travel goal which is invested with picturesque excellence and a few archaeological accumulations. The tourism to this part of North East India is said to be extremely intriguing for the voyagers who love to investigate the history and heritage of the spot. The whole city is loaded up with the beauty of Mother Nature. The quiet air abounded with green surroundings makes a brilliant spot to make tracks from city turmoil. Surya Pahar is a particular place of interest and is a conversion of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. One can observe here a few Shiva lingams made of stone and the statues of Lord Buddha being engraved in the site. The other touring spots of this goal incorporate a visit to the Dadan Hill which has a temple of Lord Shiva settled at top of the slope. The other vacationer spots involve renowned spots like the Pir Majhar, Sri Chaitnya Gaudiya Math, Buraburi Than and the Sri Joybhum Kamakhya. The Shyamrai Sattra is somewhere else at Goalpara, which is the focal point of the Vaishnavite culture and makes for an unavoidable visit during this visit. The Nandeswar Devalaya and Tukreswari are the renowned religious area of the region the two of which have intriguing legendary stories joined to them. Goalpara has two tea gardens, in particular, Moijonga and Simlitola. As we all know how well known Assam is for tea, and subsequently, visits to these uncommon spots are one of the top activities here. The best time to visit Goalpara is in the winter season from October to February since the climate is wonderful and cool at the time.

Things to do in Goalpara

1.Shyamrai Satra

12 kilometres from city centre

The centre point of Vaishnavite culture and religion, the Shyamrai Satra was built up i...

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2.Surya Pahar

15 kilometres from city centre

Sri Surjya Pahar, a prominent archaeological site located at the banks of Brahmaputra, ...

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3.Manas National Park

86 kilometres from city centre

Resting on the Himalaya lower regions in the province of Assam, Manas National Park or ...

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7 kilometres from city centre

Around 15km from Goalpara on Highway 37 is the well-known religious spot of Tukeswari. ...

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111 kilometres from city centre

Nagaon holds the qualification of being Assam's most crowded region and one of the bigg...

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10 kilometres from city centre

One of the significant major communities in Western Assam, situated around 90 kilometre...

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Goalpara trip
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Goalpara trip


Goalpara remains on the banks of Brahmaputra. It spreads over a zone of 1824 sq. km. furthermore, is enticed by the delightful and dim slope of Hulukanda. The picturesque setting of Hulakanda slope contributes to keeping the atmosphere tropical moderate. In the past occasions, it was governed by the Rajbhongsi dynasty. The name Goalpara was gotten from Gwalitippika that implies the town of the milkmen. Goalpara town was a noteworthy source of milk generation on previous occasions when the Rajbhongsi kings managed the area. In any case, after the rule of Rajbongsi kings, the spot went under the rule of a unified kingdom. At present, the imperial family lives inside the region. Goalpara is for the most part possessed by Koch Rajbongsi and the broadly spoken language is Goalpariya language, a native dialect tongue of Assamese. Bera Utsav, Diwali, Durga Puja, Gangasagar mela, Jagadhatri Puja, Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival, Basanta Utsav, Vishnupur Festival are some of the main celebrations celebrated in Goalpara.

How to reach

There is no aeroplane terminal in Goalpara. The nearest aeroplane terminal from the city lies in Guwahati. The air terminal is associated with many significant major communities in India. Normal trains drive between Goalpara railroad station and adjacent cities. There are different taxis which interface Goalpara to close-by spots. In any case, public transport is inconsistent.

How to Reach by Flight

Goalpara does not have its own aeroplane terminal. Be that as it may, the closest aeroplane terminal is in Guwahati. The distance between the aeroplane terminal and Goalpara is around 126 km. The air terminal is all around associated with numerous conspicuous cities of India. Some global flights additionally work from this aeroplane terminal.

How to Reach by Train

There are few railroad stations close to Goalpara, yet the nearest of all is the Goalpara Town Railway Station. It is situated at a separation of around 5 km from the city. The station is associated with close-by cities by means of normal trains.

How to Reach by Bus

Then again, there are two fundamental transport bus stops in Goalpara to be specific Goalpara ASTC Station and Ambari Bus Stop. In any case, public transport isn't exceptionally frequent here, and in this way, there are not many transport buses handling among Goalpara and neighbouring areas.

How to Reach by Road

One can without much of a stretch reach Goalpara through road transport. Different taxi administrations work from Goalpara to adjacent areas.

How to travel within

One can discover taxis, transport buses and rickshaws in Goalpara.


The convention and claim to fame of land are uncovered by its cooking as it mirrors the way of life of the land. The staple food, effectively accessible fixings and atmosphere of the region are prime factors that impact the food of a land. The food of Assam is a new and regular champion a nation's cooking which is loaded with flavours and expand cooking styles. The ingredients here are inconspicuous, straightforward, cooked with lesser oil and local herbs, making it a standout amongst the most regular and sound menus of the nation. In Goalpara you can either wander out and attempt neighbourhood cooking styles, for example, Laksa, Tenga, Khar, fish delights and more at the nearby road outlets or relish a similar extravagance of the sustenance of Assam in the bunch number of cafés found here.

Goalpara Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Guwahati airport, hire a cab that will take you to Goalpara in a time span of three hours. Reaching the town get checked in at the hotel of your choice and get freshen up to start your trip in this wonderful place. After refreshing up, head out first to visit, Barpeta town, famous for its numerous lakes, from there visit the Manas National Park and explore the wonderful flora and fauna it has. Later visit the Shyamrai Satra and Nagaon to know the origin of the Vaishnav culture. End your day by visiting the Surya Pahar and enjoying the sunset and its view. Get back to town to have a delightful dinner of the local cuisine. Stay overnight and head out the next day from Goalpara.

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