Tito's, Calangute

#32 of 37 things to do in Goa

Located off the main road, towards Baga beach, Tito’s is one of the best nightclubs in Goa.The place is made up of two levels: the lower level is a dance floor and the upper level allows people to sit and watch the activity below while enjoying their food and drinks. Tito's is a brand name when it comes to clubbing in Goa and Saturday nights at Tito’s is all about pulsating dance floor, electrifying music, and throbbing lights. Although both drinks and food are slightly overpriced, Tito's is worth your time and your money.


6 pm to 3 am

Entry Fee (Couples and Stag):
    -Rs. 1000/- for two.
    -Free entry for ladies.
    -Rs. 2000/- stag entry

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