Agonda Beach

#1 of 37 things to do in Goa

If clear blue water, coconut trees, less crowd or soltitude is what you're looking then Agonda beach is the right place for you.Located in South Goa, stretching for 2 kilometers, it is also sometimes called the “Silent Beach. This beach is extremely popular as a nesting place for olive ridley sea turtles and is a great spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, walking, eating and just being on your own. The beach stretch has an ancient Agonda Church, the Saint Anne's Church and few academic institutions. There are bars, restaurants, and shacks, but you can find a secluded spot easily as the beach remains isolated throughout the year. For those who want to escape from the crowd and still want to get the 'Goa Beach' experience, this beach is the perfect spot.

Agonda Beach Photos

Captured by <a href="">Neha Agnihotri</a>
Captured by <a href="">abhishek naik</a>
Captured by <a href="">Jojolapa Agonda Resort</a>
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Captured by <a href="">Jojolapa Agonda Resort</a>
Captured by <a href="">Jojolapa Agonda Resort</a>