The heart of Sikkim
( 4.6 )
Nepali, Hindi and English
2 Days
May to June
Bagdogra Airport
12℃ to 23℃

Gangtok Tourism

This hilltop town is the doorway to the dynamic life and culture in Sikkim. The winding roads here go up and down the hills connecting small towns running along the rocky valleys with streams. Starting with the ropeway in Gangtok to get a different perspective of the place, you can enjoy the brilliantly coloured monasteries, live and clean street markets later taking the adventure to the next level with a transforming trekking experience in the Kanchenjunga mountain ranges. The colourful festivals, calm loving lifestyle and delicious food in Gangtok can definitely quench your thirst as a traveller.

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Gangtok is an ideal tourist destination as it is beautiful and lively almost round the year. Except for two months of the monsoon season that can be a bit of a challenge, Gangtok is mostly bright and bustling with tourists. This place transforms brilliantly with seasons but each unique and better to the likes of travellers.

Gangtok in summer (May-June)

Summer season is the most crowded time and the weather is moderately warm. This is also a good time if you wish to explore the North and West parts of Sikkim which are hard to visit in winter.

Gangtok in Monsoon (July-September)

This is the least preferred time to visit. These two months can be a bit hectic to handle in Gangtok as landslides are frequent and road traffic is sometimes restricted.

Gangtok in winter (October-February)


The initial days of winter in Gangtok is pleasantly cool, but the cold gets severe by the mid of the season and temperature drops to sub-zero. But if you are ok with a bit more of cold and love winters Gangtok is perfect at this time of the year.

Gangtok Itinerary

Day 1: Acclimatize and sightseeing in Gangtok

Day 2: Nathula pass, Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir.

Day 3 & 4: Peiling attractions

Day 5 & 6: Yumthang attractions



Gangtok has a very strong culinary culture. The cuisine here is unique in how the tastes and traditions of neighbouring places are mixed to form its own flavours and variety of dishes. The food here is influenced by Indian Nepali Tibetan and Bhutanese food. Even though the dishes are similar to the ones available in the nearby places, the flavours are far more surprising and unique. once in Gangtok, one ought to try some of its specialities like:

Gundruk and Sinki soup: Homemade sour soup hard to get in restaurants.

Churpi: A fermented dairy snack.

Kinema curry: A curry made of fermented soya beans.

Momos: Steamed or fried dumpling with vegetable or meat fillings.

Thukpa: A soupy noodles

Phagshapa: A dish made of strip pork fat radish and chilli.

Sael Roti: A homely rice flour snack.

Tomato pickle: A common side dish.


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