Modern Day Captial, Gandhinagar

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Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
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Gandhinagar Tourism

Located on the western bank of Sabarmati lies the cleanest city in Asia, Gandhinagar. It is the administrative capital of Gujrat and is the second planned city of India after Chandigarh. The beauty of this city, it is divided into thirty sectors, each sector having its own shopping and healthcare centre, primary school, community centre, government and private housing. With so many places to visit and being a city with a rich history, Gandhinagar has always been a tourist attraction. People of every age can enjoy themselves amidst the Fossil Park or the Gandhi Ashram. People on pilgrimage can visit the Hanumanji temple and the Brahmani temple.  Other tourist attraction of the city includes Blackbuck National Park, Rani Roopmatis Mosque, Capital Complex, Sarita Udyan, deer park, GIFT City Tower etc.

History of the colonial era resides in the Gandhi Ashram which is known for being a nerve centre where freedom fighters gathered and plotted some revolutionary national movements. Akshardham Temple, made in pink stone, is one of the largest temples of India.  The culture of Gandhinagar can be witnessed by the various folk dances of Gujrat such as Garba, Raas and Dandiya. During the very famous festival of Navratri, people of this city are seen flocking together to celebrate this festival and enjoy these lively and colourful dance forms. The locals, in the rural areas of Gujrat, are seen wearing typical Gujrati clothes, angrakha and dhoti for men and chaniya choli or lehenga choli for women.

Gandhinagar is a harmonious blend of history and culture and is one of the prosperous, cosmopolitan and comfortable cities of Gujrat.

City of Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is one of the well-planned cities that happen to have wide streets and each crossroad named after the Gujarati alphabet. It is one of the advanced cities with all kinds of facilities starting from schools to universities and government offices to research centre. There are many places to visit in and around Gandhinagar but one can ensure that the places in Gandhinagar won't be covered in less than three days. Places such as the archaeological museum, Somnath temple, Mandvi-Kutch palace etc will make you enchanted. The culture of Gandhinagar can be witnessed by the various folk dances of Gujrat such as Garba, Raas and Dandiya. During the very famous festival of Navratri, people of this city are seen flocking together to celebrate this festival and enjoy these lively and colourful dance forms and the different variety of food available in Gandhinagar will keep you wanting more.  

Top things do in Gandhinagar

1. Akshardham Temple

4 kilometres from city centre

2. Adalaj Stepwell

8 kilometres from city centre

3. Sarita Udyan

3 kilometres from city centre

4. Children's Park

4 kilometres from city centre

How to reach

The closest airport which is 26 mins away from Gandhinagar is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport,Ahmedabad. This airport is well connected to all the major cities across the country via airways and railways. The roads can also be taken in case of long drives.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. People can take a flight from one of the many major cities and reach Ahmedabad. From the airport, Gandhinagar is just a 26-minute drive.

How to Reach by Train

The nearest railway station is Ahmedabad railway station which is only 26 kilometres away from the city of Gandhinagar. It is linked to cities such as Ujjain, Bikaner, Guwahati, Jammu, Amritsar etc.

How to Reach by Bus

The Gujrat State Road Transport Corporation(GSRTC) links all the major cities of Gujrat via public transport. One can take a bus from the city and get to Gandhinagar.

How to Reach by Road

Gujrat is well equipped with good permanent roads that can be taken to reach Gandhinagar. It is 26 km away from Ahmedabad, 95 km from Nadiad and 134 km from Vadodara. One can take their own private car or use private travel services as well.

How to travel within

Delicacies of Gujrat

Gujarati thalis, flavoured fafda and delicious dhoklas are a few of the delicacies found in Gandhinagar. One can find authentic Gujrat food here that reflects Gujrat's rich heritage. Gandhinagar is a vegetarian-friendly city. The city includes various up-scale restaurants but the street food and stalls there give a gastronomic vibe. The locals only have vegetable-centric food and have thus made Gandhinagar a vegetarian-friendly city.  

Gandhinagar Itinerary

DAY 1:

- Akshardham temple is indeed a place to see the carvings on pink stone.

-3kms away from the city centre is Sarita Udyan where you can relax and have a good afternoon picnic with your family.

DAY 2:

-Right next to the banks of Sabarmati is the Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park.

-Around 3 km away from the city is the Sant Sarovar dam which is built to block the fierce currents of River Sabarmati.


DAY 3:

-Visit the Blackbuck National Park that is best known for breeding blackbucks, an endangered species of animals.

-The Raichur Fort is serene and beautiful; it is also one of the least visited places in Gandhinagar.


DAY 4:

- Visit the Gandhi Ashram and indulge in various activities and the history of the place.

-After a day-long trip to the ashram, you can relax in at the Sabarmati riverfront and enjoy the flower garden.