Nadine cultural centre

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A haveli was acquired in 1998 by French craftsman Nadine, a relative of lofty French painter Jean-Baptiste Le Prince. The "Nand Lal Devra Haveli" was initially worked in 1802 by a rich group of merchants, the Devras, who were officers at the court of the nearby Maharaja. From that point forward, Nadine Le Prince has totally re-established the castle and all the frescoes. She is doing a lot to save and reestablish the legacy of havelis all through Shekhawati, working with a different relationship to give the havelis a second life. In addition, she has opened a social focus where her most valuable depictions are shown alongside many French and Indian present-day specialists' attempts to blend old and contemporary craftsmanship. The Kala Dirga Gallery of Contemporary Art highlights pieces made by specialists about India; the Saraswati Gallery covers conventional topics of Rajasthan, through painting. Also, there are two minimal Tribal Art Galleries showing the aesthetic work of clans, such as Patachitras and Madhubani. The entry fee is 50 rupees per person.

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