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The opulent and rich way of life of the illustrious Nawabs of Rajasthan is apparent from the glorious Havelis housed in the city. A community in the region of Sikar of Shekhawati district, Fatehpur has filled in as the place of numerous illustrious families. It is otherwise called the social capital of Shekhawati. The Jagannath Singhania Haveli is generally known for the masterful works of art and hypnotizing models worked during the British rule. It has a Baithak which is a five-entryway room, assembled basically for formal procedures. Rangeen Kamra, otherwise called the bright room has dividers appearing made of compositions portraying the life of Krishna and Radha. It additionally fills in as a mystery chamber. Buran is the underground wellbeing room which went about as a security valve during the lives of the sovereignties. The house holds a lovely pool and an immense nursery with excellent and vivid ranches, much the same as the way of life of Shekhawati.

Havelis Photos

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