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Faridabad Tourism

In the current times when powers in the virtual world are at par with those in real life, everybody wishes to work in this sector. And then, the IT hubs of our country come in the picture! In this virtual era, IT parks play a great role, and the cities having IT parks are given a lot of importance and are preferred by thousands of people to live and work. One such place is Faridabad falling in the National Capital Region(NCR). It is growing at a very fast rate. Situated near Gurgaon, it is turning into Gurgaon quite quickly. Even though there are families living over there for ages now, it is mostly inhabited by the working professionals of some or the other IT firm. 

Aiming to become north's Silicon Valley, Faridabad is also full of tourists in the spring. The winters, as well as summers here, are quite harsh, thus, spring is a very good time to be in Faridabad. Since it is visited by a lot of professionals regularly, there are a lot of recreational activities available. Just like any city can be broadly categorized into two, one before the development, and one after the development, Faridabad is also divided into two parts, Faridabad and Ballabgarh. Ballabgarh is more like the older version of Faridabad, before development.


Shopping in Faridabad

1.Shopping in Faridabad

2 kilometres from city centre

Faridabad being an NCR, is quite developed than a lot of other cities in the country. It has beautiful shopping malls as well as local markets cate...

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Aravali golf course

2.Aravali golf course

3 kilometres from city centre

The Aravali golf course is one of the best indulgences of the rich near Faridabad, Delhi and actually the whole of NCR. It is very very well mainta...

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Iskcon temple

3.Iskcon temple

8 kilometres from city centre

ISCKON- International Society for Krishna Consciousness has over 22 temples in the entire country. It has an international reputation and is visite...

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Le moksh restaurant and lounge

4.Le moksh restaurant and lounge

3 kilometres from city centre

Situated in the sector 12 of Faridabad, Le Moksh Restaurant and Lounge is a multi-cuisine restaurant, having North Indian, Continental, Mughlai, It...

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Sri Shirdi Sai baba temple

5.Sri Shirdi Sai baba temple

2 kilometres from city centre

Sai Baba is worshipped throughout the country and has a lot of devotees in this NCR region as well. A beautiful temple os Sai Baba is in the sector...

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9 kilometres from city centre

Suraj Kund literally translating to 'Lake of the Sun' is an ancient lake around 8 kms from Soth Delhi in Faridabad. What makes it name special is t...

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Brew N Barrel

7.Brew N Barrel

3 kilometres from city centre

Brew N Barrel is a great bar and lounge in Faridabad. To have a couple of drinks or to savour some great food, the place is good for all. The place...

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Camp Dhauj lake

8.Camp Dhauj lake

14 kilometres from city centre

Camp Dhauj Lake is a part of the Camp Wild Dhauj in Faridabad. It is an adventure valley, owned by a private company. It comprises of a lot of team...

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Baba Farid's tomb

9.Baba Farid's tomb

6 kilometres from city centre

The prime centre of attraction in Faridabad, Baba Farid's tomb is a year-round tourist destination. It is after this great saint the town of Farida...

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Raja Nahar Singh fort

10.Raja Nahar Singh fort

8 kilometres from city centre

Raja Nahar Singh was a braveheart who died the death of a warrior in the first war of Independence in 1857. The fort was built by Raja Nahar Singh'...

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Synk lounge and bar

11.Synk lounge and bar

2 kilometres from city centre

It is one of the most popular hangout places in Faridabad. Having exotic dishes on its menu it also has state-of-the-art lighting and in-house DJs....

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Development in the Recent Times

Faridabad is Haryana's largest city which is growing at its full potential. It is one of the major satellite cities of Delhi. Located 284 kilometres south of the state capital Chandigarh, the place is quite happening. Reaching new levels in the industrial sector, it has made the lifestyle of its people better a lot. Faridabad was also included in the second list of the PM's Smart City Project. It has been described as the eighth fastest growing city in the world and the third in India. This itself speaks volumes about the city's importance and rate of growth.

The place is also aiming to be self-sustained in the near future, becoming smart in truly every sense. While it has mostly found itself in the better ranks owing to its rise in the world of tech, it is also quite famous for the production of some other good like- Henna(Mehendi), tractors, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tyres and garments. For the purpose of employment, and a better future, Faridabad is quite a place to live in.

How to reach

Being an NCR it is very easy to reach Faridabad. The easiest way is to reach Delhi and then go to Faridabad. And Delhi being the national capital is one of the easiest places to reach.

How to Reach by Flight

The nearest airport is in New Delhi, the Indira Gandhi International Airport, which is 35 kms away. From there taxis, cabs, autos are available to reach Faridabad.

How to Reach by Train

Faridabad has three railway stations-

 Faridabad (FDB), New town Faridabad (FDN) and Ballabgarh (BVH).

It has fair connections with the rest of the country.

How to Reach by Bus

A lot of buses are available from Delhi, other cities of Haryana, some cities of Punjab and even Rajasthan, including Jaipur.

How to Reach by Road

It has an excellent network of roads, and can be reached by neighbouring states easily.

How to travel within

Every option is available to travel within the city including auto rickshaws, cabs, and taxis.

Staying in Faridabad

Being an NCR, it is far more developed than the majority of the country. It has a number of hotels, guest houses and PGs to stay in. Since it is also an industrial hub, there are a lot of options for tenants as well. There are a number of malls to hunt for some souvenirs. Also, the kind of different cuisines which are available can surprise any outsider.

Overall, for anybody who is looking for a place which has a history of industrial growth, amalgamed with all modern amenities, having multiple fancy places, Faridabad is the right choice.

Faridabad Itinerary


  • Take an entire day to visit the Adventure Park Camp Dhauj. It is one of the best places in the area to spend some thrilling time and indulging in a sport. There are many games and activities to choose from.


  • Visit Baba Farid's tomb 
  • Explore the beautiful ISKCON temple.
  • Visit all the other temples in the city.
  • Try out the great exotic cafes in the area.
  • Head out for some shopping!

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